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Andrew and Simon return triumphant after having a sneaky week off, both from the pod and (in Andrew's case) work in general. There's Scottish heroes, strategies for removing mother-in-laws and toilet seat discussion. You name it and its there, except of course if you name 'good fake accents' because they definitely aren't there.
In this episode of The Dad Zone, we answer the age old question of how much porn is too much porn? We debate public v private schools and go DEEP into the flat earth society. Andrew has an anecdote and riding high from the success of The Ronk (tm), Simon attempts to create a new wrestling persona with, wait for it.... MIXED RESULTS!
This week we talk about people speeding, bacon raffles, prostitutes and if thats not enough, a pizza Simon had once. Strap yourselves in!
This week, the pod has special features including but not limited to..... recording issues. Also we talk about light sabres, lost wedding rings, the dark web and children going mental in electronics stores. Buy Andrew's old car at
This week Simon simultaneously holds the show together and keeps Andrew awake. We discuss movie and tv role models, partially born babies and we launch a call to arms. Tweet #nomemewatch to combat the insidious #promemewatch movement on twitter. We also make bad dads feel better for the second week in a row.
Well, Howdy Pilgrims! In honour of the release and our subsequent addiction to Red Dead Redemption 2, we have dedicated a whole episode to the Wild West, and it's totally spectacular. So strap on your chaps, spurs and six shooters as the Dad Zone takes you on a marvellous journey into the dangerous 1800's. Oh, we also review Netflix's The Duel and of course Red Dead Redemption 2. YeeHaw!
Simon sprays his Christmas cheer all over the face of this episode like it's the inside of a penthouse forum magazine (he prefers the stories). We talk about gift giving, suspicious activity and how best to teach your kids about nazis and robot dinosaurs.
Controversy Alert! We chat about the NFL's anthem protest and Nike's new ad campaign. We also discuss what our dying wishes would be and surprise surprise they are very #NSFW. We review new spooky movie The Nun, Netflix's Ozark and classic family movie The Dark Crystal. Spiderman PS4 gets a good score and NBA 2K18 doesn't. We also check in with Andrew for an update on his weight loss journey.
You have downloaded the newest episode of the dad zones week off, CONGRATULATIONS! This week we chat about hot topics like "Does having long fingernails make you a bad parent?" and "Are 911 operators good at maths?" We also review Horror movie Tumbbad, Netflix's The Punisher season 2 and Velvet Buzzsaw. Enjoy it you lucky listeners.
We lied! We said we were having a big break! But guess what! We had a slightly smaller break! You lucky... lucky... cuuuuuuuuu@ts! We talk washing machines, we have new segment ideas, we have approximately 30 less minutes of content. Simon loves theme parks. Andrew doesn't as much. Game of thrones gets a mention (again). Listen!
Have you ever wondered how Aussie kids survive such a deadly, dangerous and unrelenting environment like Australia? Well this week we peel back the curtain on the special elite training that all children down under have to go through just to survive to adolescence. Andrew gives us the low down on life aboard a cruse ship, and we chat about Venom the movie, time wasting iOS games what you should do if you steal a laptop.
In the triumphant return of The Dad Zone, we talk extensively about Andrew's balls. We pump out sage advice and feature the WORLD'S GREATEST EVER MEME. Brownie Pointers is mercifully short and we also answer the age old question: "Attack your child's bully or..... do something else?".
Single dads guiding girls through puberty, cleaning up the back yard, two out of three actual memes, a hero, a bad dad segment, a yahoo answer. What else do you guys want? Because we have it all. Whats that? Oh you wanted other things? There's probably a couple of items I haven't mentioned here. Oh yeah, Harrison Ford! We have Harrison Ford...... related chat. HARRISON FORD.
This week marks the first ever fur baby special. We decided that marketing the show to only those with human babies is CRAZY. So we are throwing those of you with non-human dependents a freaking bone. We talk about dogs, cats, snakes... other dogs... a hat maybe. PETS! Also we have a new regular segment: The Apologise for Crappy Audio Quality Corner! We think its gonna run and run.
Ben is back after his long weekend of single parenting and is mostly unscathed. Although, we won't be able to say the same thing about your ears after listening to the misfortunes he endured. Other than that, we mostly talk about a photo of Andrew's arse which he doesn't remember existing.
Do you remember Michael Richards, TV's Kramer from Seinfeld? Well he said some insensitive stuff and we kinda make fun of him a bit in this ep. We also help with your poker strategies and Andrew launches a crusade against delicious pizza!
This is the summary of the episode of this podcast where I write words summarising it's content. Simon is a bad man who tells horrendous jokes, but as he always says, don't hate the player hate the game. Put a hashtag in front of that and you have our theme for this week. Byeeeeee
Milk Coke! it's a thing that people drink, of their own free will, and in this episode The Dads taste it live on air. We also talk about the Hulk Hogan Biopic, review the wrong escape room, Mandy, Netflix's Umbrella Academy and cheesburger spring rolls. Andrew also discovers the only thing Simon can't do, what is it... listen to find out.
Hello! It's us! We are back after a surprise week off. This time its #firstworldproblems that are solved... by us. This podcast is the first one that has been enhanced by special techniques, used by award winning comedians, to highlight and magnify comedy!
In this episode we discuss a variety of ways to give the mother of your newborn a break, when to turn down the special cuddles from your significant other and how to quit nappies at night. Also, Simon introduces two new (and terrible) segments through a haze of snot and coughs.
Welcome back DZoners! This week we tackle the most difficult Meme Watch submission ever, but witness the birth of an exciting and terrible twitter profile from its ashes. We talk about what was in the briefcase and kids with mobile phones. Simon demands more sexy voices and we get the definitive answer to happy new year wishing etiquette.
This week Andrew and Simon find time for sex... not like that. They also get to the bottom of when it is appropriate to decorate shit at different times of the year (well xmas anyway). What do you do if someone dresses your kid in team colours you don't agree with? Who cares? (Simon). An in-depth and nostalgic analysis of stuff kids don't have to do now days is also included! Beat that for value for money! You can't is the answer.
Congratulations you bloodsucking freaks! Here's a bonus episode. It's the first of our series of 'every now and then' episodes where we are joined by occasional (and very new) dad, Ben. We recap some old advice and provide more clarity while helping Ben on his journey as the father of a three month old. Shuddup and listen. Also, we experience some audio issues. Sue me.
In this episode we talk about territorial takeaway, sex education fruit, piercings and baby sleep. Simon carries the show as Andrew potentially suffers a minor stroke, gets distracted during question time and forgets all the things.
In this weeks episode we reclaim the Dad Zone from the clutches of those dastardly Hi Hungry, I'm Dad boys and discuss the birth of Simons marriage and Andrew's cat's trip to Valhalla. We give sage advise about how best to introduce kids to the new girlfriend and we baby proof the shit out of a house.
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