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037 - Exploring Epigenetics, Fitness, Mindset, and More with Julian Hayes II

Released Thursday, 5th March 2020
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Hey, what’s going on everyone? Today’s episode of the podcast is an exciting one! We’re about to dive into a ton of content that, before today, I had heard almost nothing about.

Genomics, Epigenetics, Biological Age vs. Chronological Age: we’re going to cover a ton of interesting stuff with Health Optimizer and Performance Coach, Julian Hayes II, and I’m confident that you’re going to learn a ton of cool stuff. I know I did!

If you want to feel better, think better, and optimize your health and performance for this thing called life, buckle up because this episode is going to be a wild ride.

Here we go!


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Show Notes

— Getting to Know Julian and his Origin Story – [02:07]

—Deciding to Go to (and Drop Out of) Medical School – [03:47]

—Overcoming the Safety of School and Following Dreams – [05:54]

—Using the Fear of Future Regret to Find Courage – [07:07]

—Samari’s Meditate on Death. Travel to the Future. – [08:24]

—How Julian Started his Art of Fitness and Life Firm – [09:21]

—Our Genes are not Necessarily our Destiny. Explaining Epigenetics – [11:03]

—We’re All Uniquely Us; There’s No One Way to Do Things – [13:21]

—How Do You Know What’s Best for You? – [15:12]

—Why is Health Optimization So Important – [18:43]

—Preconception Epigenetics. Optimizing Your Health for Your Kids – [20:37]

—Epigenetics and Generational Impact – [21:43]

—Instant Gratification vs Long Term Health – [23:29]

—Tips and Tricks for Getting Started with Epigenetics – [24:50]

—Changing 30% of Your Genes in 30 Minutes – [26:54]

—Combatting Bad Sleep Habits & Stress and Their Impact on Our Health – [27:24]

—Sleep Deprivation and the Effects on the Brain. Logic vs. Emotion – [29:44]

—Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain – [31:19]

—Tips and Tricks for Fixing Bad Sleep Habits – [32:55]

—Brendan Burchard’s 3-2-1 Rule for Sleep – [36:18]

—Blue Light Glasses and Apps for Better Sleep – [37:00]

—Apps and Online Services for Testing Your Biological Age – [37:52]

—Reduce Your Biological Age, Even Lower than Your Chronological Age – [39:33]

—The Biggest Improvements can Be in the Area of Stress and Mindset – [42:06]

—You Have More Control than Your Realize – [42:59]

—The Major Difference Between Health Span and Life Span – [43:39]

—Finding a Workout Style that Keeps You Excited – [44:20]

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