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CNN brings back fired analyst Jeffrey Toobin in an awkward interview, meanwhile the media gets caught lying about the photo op at Lafayette Park.Please visit our great sponsors:Patriot Mobile today with promo
Kamala Harris still doesn’t know when she’s going to the border. CNN brings back Jeffrey Toobin after being fired for masturbating on a Zoom call. An anchor at The Hill says the Soviet Union ended the Holocaust. Former Chief of Staff Mark Meado
Dana is excited about Netflix rebooting a cowboy bebop series this fall, meanwhile CMT tweets out a gun violence awareness message.Please visit our great sponsors:Patriot Mobile today with promo code DANA for
Dr. Fauci does a press tour following the release of his emails. The Senate Parliamentarian kills the Democrat agenda by banning reconciliation twice. Morgan Lutrell joins us to announce his candidacy for Congress. Vanity Fair reports that Form
A Texas lawmaker compares gun laws to wild west pimps, the editors of the Babylon Bee discuss their their creative processes, and a Microsoft Word font is racist.Please visit our great sponsors:Patriot Mobile
Oregon will require proof of vaccination to be allowed for maskless entry. Ron DeSantis says Floridians can sue big tech. Kristi Noem sends The Dana Show a statement. Shots ring out in Minneapolis at George Floyd Square on the remembrance of Fl
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Gov. Kristi Noem catches fire from the Right over her comments on transgender sports, and baker Jack Phillips is getting sued, again.Tommy John now and save 20% on Tommy John Loungewear, Underwear, and Bralettes a
Health company Cigna pushes for CRT to be implemented canceling terms in the workplace that people may find offensive, meanwhile a journalism professor gets called out for citing a dated photo.Tommy John now and s
NEW: Dana Loesch's Absurd Truth. Dana’s daily dose of the weird, unusual and the hilarious. Fifteen minutes of absurd fun 5 days a week!Gov. Cuomo doesn't want you to blame for his screw-up of nursing home deaths, while the media wants the gov
NEW: Dana Loesch's Absurd Truth. Dana’s daily dose of the weird, unusual and the hilarious. Fifteen minutes of absurd fun 5 days a week!Twitter suspends a Christian organization for not describing Biden's transgender adviser the right way, mea
NEW: Dana Loesch's Absurd Truth. Dana’s daily dose of the weird, unusual and the hilarious. Fifteen minutes of absurd fun 5 days a week!Katie Couric says Trump supporters need "deprogrammed", meanwhile Joe Biden nominates a transgender woman a
President Biden begins his European tour. A new report shows that Trump did not order US Park Police to clear Lafayette Park for a photo op. Biden pretends to fight against autocracy before his meeting with Putin. Axios reports half of unemploy
The editors of Babylon Bee joins us to break down the week's most ridiculous headlines, meanwhile the New York Times defends its writer for being triggered by the American flag.Please visit our great sponsors:Patriot Mobilehttps://PatriotMobile
Biden heads to Europe while his foreign policy is in shambles. ProPublica releases tax information of wealthy Americans after it leaks from the IRS. The New York Times defends Mara Gay for saying she was disturbed by American flags. Apple pie i
President Biden's budget replaces the word women with "birthing people", meanwhile Burger King takes shots at Chick-fil-a with their chicken sandwich.Please visit our great sponsors:Patriot Mobile today with
VP Harris has a rough interview with Lester Holt after her trip to Guatemala. Dana breaks down the ridiculous spending in Biden’s infrastructure plan. Hong Kong global companies are exiting China. Biden’s budget replaces the word women with “bi
The Pentagon is at odds with flying the gay pride flag, meanwhile Jemele Hill calls Joe Manchin a white supremacist for not supporting ending the filibuster.Please visit our great sponsors:Patriot Mobile Patri
President Biden forgets to acknowledge D-Day on social media. Democrats try to pass the For The People Act to nationalize local elections. The Pentagon is at odds over the Gay Pride flag. Dana explains how Democrats are still taking advantage o
The Pentagon defends their use of diversity training, meanwhile Connecticut hospitals are applying CRT in how they treat patients.Please visit our great sponsors:Patriot Mobile to enter
Evidence reveals State Department officials were silenced for questioning the origins of the coronavirus. Dana exposes the Chinese propaganda mimicked by the US about the coronavirus on the 32nd remembrance of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. The
AOC complains about the government's lack to help her poor grandmother, meanwhile Crocs shoes are officially back!Please visit our great sponsors:Patriot Mobile to enter the Be a Patriot
President Biden gives a racist speech in Tulsa full of stereotypes, meanwhile actress Ellie Kemper gets canceled after being in a pageant over 20 years ago, that was integrated in the 1970's.Please visit our great sponsors:Patriot Mobilehttps:/
Thousands of pages of Dr. Anthony Fauci's emails were published through the Freedom of Information Act. President Biden has a bizarre speech in Tulsa including racial stereotypes and incoherent rambling. Did the NIH cover up for China? Actress
West Virginia is giving away free firearms for proof of vaccination, meanwhile a New York school was showing pornographic videos to 1st graders in SexEd.Patriot Mobile to enter the Be a
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