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Sixteen year old Skylar Neese was a smart, bubbly, driven teenager with a smile that could light up a room.  As an only child, Skylar was doted on by her mom and dad. She fought for the underdog and was loved by so many of her classmates.  But
New Year's Eve in 1999 was a night of excitement and uncertainty - most were celebrating the new millennium, some were fearful of Y2K and a handful waited for the End of Days. One such group was the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Comma
Clowns: Rainbow hair, colorful clothing, big shoes, balloon animals. What's not to love? Well, for some people, plenty. On the surface clowns are seen as wacky and whimsical characters falling out of cars at the circus. So why do they cause suc
We haven't forgot about you guys! Due to unforeseen equipment malfunctions at the worst possible time, our newest episode will be a little late this week. But don't worry, it's coming. 
In the late 1800s New England, a tuberculosis outbreak killed almost a quarter of the population. While the medical community wasn't yet aware of the disease or how to treat it, some turned to religion for relief, and some had .... other ideas.
On June 12, 1912, the residents of Villisca, Iowa woke to find their small town changed forever. Sometime during the night the well-known Moore family and their two overnight guests were killed in their beds. The murder weapon: an ax taken from
In the 1950s and 60s, the United States and USSR were locked in a space race to land a human on the moon. As the Soviets excelled at being the first to launch a satellite and put the first human in space, much of the West feared the speed and a
Don't worry guys, we aren't going anywhere. But life got in the way of this weeks' episode.
Even though we have come a long way when it comes to mental health treatment and care, we still can't forget where we started. Athens Lunatic Asylum is testament to that. The sprawling building in Southeast Ohio looked more like a castle than a
Each year, the allure of Mt. Everest attracts climbers from around the world. People hope to climb the world's highest peak in a challenge of human endurance and spirit - but it doesn't always have a happy ending. Some climbers achieve their dr
On September 8, 2017, nineteen year old Kenneka Jenkins headed out to a birthday party with friends at a Chicago area hotel. At the end of the night when her friends couldn't find her, they searched for hours into the early morning hours. When
In one of our more heartbreaking stories, we cover the murder of the Rev. Carol Daniels, a woman who ministered to a small church in Anadarko, Oklahoma. She was murdered inside of her church, on a Sunday morning, and the brutal manner of her de
"Are you a witch or are you a fairy or are you the wife of Michael Cleary?" In the 1800s, Ireland had seen its fair share of upheaval and changes. But one thing that was a common thread for many on the island was the belief in the "Good People"
In the 1600s, the newest flagship for the Dutch East India Trading Company set sail to buy spices to bring back to Europe to sell. About 340 people gathered on the Batavia, ready to make the monthslong journey halfway around the world.  It got
On October 24, 1961, police in Lincoln, Massachusetts were called to the home of Joan Risch. Her neighbor had called, concerned for her friend when she entered her house and found a kitchen covered in blood and the phone ripped off the wall. Th
On Christmas Eve, 1975, skilled pilot Peter Gibbs started a plane for a flight. He was advised not to take off, as it was pitch black over the Scottish airstrip, there were no guiding lights, and a winter storm was approaching fast. Not deterre
That's right. We've found a way to combine two of our favorite things into one episode: Ghosts and true crime! In the early 1800s, the London borough Hammersmith was being terrorized by a ghost. Several people were attacked and people were scar
It's raining meat! Hallelujah, it's raining meat .... No, really. In 1876 in Eastern Kentucky, on a clear, calm, sunny day, chunks of meat began to fall from the sky. A family's farm was covered in the mysterious meat, and meat samples were sen
February 13, 2017, was a warm day in Delphi, Indiana, and friends Abby Williams and Libby German set out to enjoy a bonus day off of school. They headed to the trails at the Monon High Bridge, a popular place for locals to go and enjoy the outd
In 1590, someone - or something - began a killing spree around the village of Bedburg, in Germany. Cattle and livestock began turning up dead and horribly mutilated, and soon after, some townspeople met that same fate. The work of a large wolf
The family of Clairvius Narcisse had watched him die. His sister, Angelina, stood over his bed and cried. They watched his coffin be lowered into the ground in a cemetery in Haiti. They placed a heavy stone marker over his grave. They moved on
In 1998, a 10-year-old Austrian girl was grabbed off the street by a strange man, thrown into a van and driven to a strange house only to be put down in a dark basement cell. The cell was tiny, dark, and void of natural light and fresh air - an
Every year millions of people visit the National Parks in the United States. Families go to camp for the weekend, hikers and backpackers set out to explore the wilds of this country, photographers seek to capture the beautiful scenery of nature
Born under tragic circumstances and raised in an abusive household, Leonarda Cianculli's early life seemed to have led her down a rough path. But poverty, a bad marriage, and the death of her children - along with a fortune teller's predictions
Many of us know the story of the Pied Piper: The man in the brightly colored clothes who could make rats and mice follow him just by playing a flute. But many don't know the second, darker part to the story where children were led away from the
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