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Are you part of a community? It seems as if there has never been a more important time for us to come together as a community. In the past year we have seen so much divisiveness and have almost been forced into having to choose sides that we do
Do you feel a little out of place? I understand the feeling. The last three years I have been all over the world, nomadically exploring experiences, people, and countries with one goal in mind. To get to know myself better. After a breakup with
Are you worried about the vaccine? I don’t think I need to clarify which vaccine I’m referring to, it seems to be on everyones mind these days and it’s hard to go anywhere without overhearing conversations about it. The question on everyones li
Should women be held accountable for sexualizing themselves?  Well, yes I’m aware that this title should come with a trigger warning and I don't find it hard to guess where a lot of people’s minds might go when they read this question. It is a
What’s wrong with men? I’ll start by saying this; Mens work is real, and mens work is necessary in this day and age. As a man I know that I’ve been affected by the trauma of a wounded masculine dynamic, I know many brothers that have been as we
Do you believe in absolute truth? On the surface this topic is already a pretty complicated one. But if you start to peel away the layers around this question, I promise you, it starts to go much deeper. It depends on who you talk to, it depend
We’ve all heard the saying; Money can’t buy happiness. It’s an age old debate centered around the value of material wealth verses peace and contentment. The idea that money not only can’t buy you happiness, but in fact distracts from true happi
Are you still holding on to something that doesn’t serve you? I talk about relationships a lot on this podcast. Lately you may have noticed that the subject has been around breakups and healing, moving on. No surprise there, I’m pretty committe
Are you finding it hard to trust and surrender? It’s discussed in different spiritual practices and pretty much any religion; how to surrender and have faith in a higher intention for our life. Some of us call it a Gods path or will, some call
Do you really know what you want? Everyone has their tips and advice on manifestation. How to do it better, what not to do, or what to avoid. It’s a deep process, one that has been studied and talked about much longer than we know. Calling in t
“Do in need to invest in myself through pain, agony, sadness, and defeat, In order to allow myself the sweet taste of victory? “ This week I’m releasing another freestyle. Spoken word, poetry, straight from my heart and my own personal experien
Do you trust yourself? Trust is truly one of, if not the most important thing you can build if you want to have a healthy relationship. Now, most of us equate trust as something that we have with one another. Your partner, your boss, your paren
How much responsibility do you take for your breakup? Yep, that’s a tough question and probably a bit of a touchy subject. But it’s an important one, especially if what you want is to heal from the often uncomfortable and painful experience of
Is your partner experiencing the best version of you? Sexuality is more than just…sex. It’s an energy that exists in us that can be harnessed as an amazing tool to experience more joy and passion in all aspects of our life. I’ve been talking la
Do you think that men are really ever going to be enough for women? I realize right off the bat that this question might be an immediate trigger for some, but I hope you’ll hear me out. There are many different views and understandings on who,
“You asked, how can I know you love me? How can I trust in us? I said don’t you worry my dear, I will give you the heavens above, I wanted to give you the moon, But you said it was not bright enough, So I tried to give you the sun, But you said
I have an exercise that can help you shift your negative thoughts into positive ones. Let me start by saying, it’s not your fault. We experience so much in this life time that it’s hard to not be influenced by the thoughts in our mind that may
Do you believe in the “honeymoon phase”? It’s likely that most of us have experienced it on some level; that period at the beginning of a relationship where you feel drunk in love, passionate, and committed to being your best self for your new
What does it take to really live the life of your dreams? Everyone has their own definition of the “dream life”. For some it’s a comfortable life with a couple kids and a loving partner, for some it’s a location based dream like living by a bea
“Part of you desperate to let go, the other part desperately holding on. In some moments you’re dodging a bullet, in others you’ve made a mistake, Sometimes you’ll smile and it’ll be genuine, sometimes you’ll know that it’s fake. But the tears
Are you really aware of the effect your parents had on who you have become? It seems simple enough. Whether you’ve always had a good relationship with your parents, a challenging one, or like so many; maybe didn’t even get to have a relationshi
“What is it about me that needs to know? Looking for certainty in a world that’s so uncertain, Lurking behind every corner there’s something that you can’t see, And yet there's this part of me that feels incomplete, Or maybe just scared, if I d
Do you find dating difficult? Unless it’s that rare “love at first sight” story, dating is an integral process to finding partnership, romance, and ultimately love. There are thousands of books, podcasts, or movies, all stuffed full of advice o
Are you afraid of being yourself in relationship? Being aware of who we are is so important in all aspects of our life, and its a journey of discovery. But, it’s so important when we’re in a relationship. It can be easy to lose ourselves in the
What is the difference between anxiety and excitement? Have you ever noticed that the reaction to both is quite similar? Our heart rate may go up, or our palms may get sweaty, and we definitely start thinking ahead. But where anxiety is mostly
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