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EP.67 Master Property Investor, Simon Zutshi, on Creating a Bestseller, a Booming Business and an Army of Ambassadors
If you’re not familiar with the name, Simon Zutshi is something of a celebrity when it comes to property investing in the UK. This seasoned investor, author and teacher, now turned ‘property fintech’ entrepreneur, has helped literally thousands of people gain a foothold on the property investment ladder, build their portfolios and achieve financial independence.   Grab a coffee, a notebook and pen and sit back for an episode that is chock-full of golden nuggets. We deconstruct Simon’s journey as a property investor and author of the bestseller, Property Magic; how he started the hugely popular Property Investors Network group; how he built an army of passionate ambassadors for his business; and the building of his latest venture, CrowdProperty. Plus a whole heap more. We’ll get into:      How he developed his passion for educating others      How he recognised he was the bottleneck in his business      How his organisation runs 50 meetings per month and 600 live events per year      Selling by social proof      Creating an army of passionate ambassadors      The importance of quality control      Simon’s diagnostic tool for unlocking more cash for investment      His five golden rules for investing      Five key tips for overcoming a cash flow crisis      The development of the CrowdProperty platform      How micro-philanthropy and contribution led to key opportunities   Links: LinkedIn – Simon Zutshi Facebook – Official Simon Zutshi Property Magic: How to Buy Property Using Other People’s Time, Money and Experience Property Investors Network Hidden Assets Test CrowdProperty The post EP.67 Master Property Investor, Simon Zutshi, on Creating a Bestseller, a Booming Business and an Army of Ambassadors appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
EP.66 David Dugan: Optimise Your Business for Profit and Joy
You don’t often hear the word joy come up when you think about the subject of business optimisation. But that’s one of the reasons why David Dugan’s approach to business coaching and mentoring is so unique, not to mention successful. David is a former naval commander turned high-level business coach (an inspiring story of grit and transformation in itself) and founder of the business coaching and mentoring company Abundance Global. Unlike many business coaches, David and his team work very closely with businesses at a numbers level where they help control not only revenue but profitability. And the results are there for all to see. In the last 12 months, David and his team have helped their group of clients with over $84 million in revenues raise this by a combined 55%, while net profit increased 418%.   If you run an established business and you’re looking to boost profits, create more cash, and get more joy from your work and life, bookmark this episode. You’ll definitely want to listen to it more than once. In this mini-masterclass, we look at: Myths around profitability and cash flow (and bust them) The three types of business – now, future and asset Facing up to a future of disruption Why revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king Scaling your business profitably Creating intergenerational wealth and prosperity How to optimise for profit How to optimise for joy – turning a J.O.B. into J.O.Y The five levers to generate more cash in your business The SERPI method explained in detail   Links: Abundance Global David’s website – David’s email – The post EP.66 David Dugan: Optimise Your Business for Profit and Joy appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
EP.71 Using Video to Boost Your Business and the Joys of Keeping Things Small with Geoff Anderson
Video is an incredibly valuable business and brand-building tool. But do you need to have the budget and production values of a Spielberg epic to take advantage of it? As Geoff Anderson explains, quite simply, no. On The Dent Podcast, we interview key people of influence in all walks of life. We delve deep to unearth how these successful people got to where they are, their trials and tribulations, as well as their successes, and what their experiences can teach us all.   Our guest on this episode is video maker extraordinaire, speaker, author, entrepreneur and owner of the video production company Sonic Sights, Geoff Anderson. If there’s anything about creating engaging and effective video content that Geoff doesn’t know, it’s not worth knowing. Get your pad and pen ready as Geoff zooms in on what makes successful video content, and how we can produce it and use it to its best effect. But wait, there’s more. Geoff also gives us an insight into his business, how it has developed, and why he likes to keep it small. As you’ll hear, he’s full of energy and solid, practical advice for anyone looking to build their business with video. Here’s just some of what we get into: Geoff’s business journey Insights into growing a successful lifestyle business His process for niching down Simplify the message and getting cut through Leveraging through partnerships Creating a recurring revenue model Why he deliberately keeps his business small How to use video to boost your business or brand How to do it well, even on a small budget The three levels of video content Common mistakes people make Maximising your video ROI   Links: Geoff Anderson – website Sonic Sight – Facebook Geoff Anderson – YouTube Shoot Me Now: Making videos to boost business Geoff Anderson – LinkedIn Geoff Anderson – Twitter The post EP.71 Using Video to Boost Your Business and the Joys of Keeping Things Small with Geoff Anderson appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep.59 Ronsley Vaz on Content Amplification and Building a Podcasting Empire
Ronsley is an author, speaker, serial entrepreneur and founder of Amplify audio marketing agency. He’s also the creator of We Are Podcast – the first podcasting conference in the southern hemisphere, and the host of The Bond Appetit podcast and Should I Start a Podcast. He has an audience of over three million people in 133 countries.        In this conversation we focus predominantly on accelerated content creation hacks like how to create 90+ pieces of written content a month, without having to write a single word. Ronsley has build a business that specialises in exactly that – extracting well articulated ideas, stories, case studies and stories from the minds of thought leaders and converting it into an epic content ecosystem. This is the second time I’ve had Ronsley on the show.  You can listen to the first episode here. How to build a podcast with 3+ million listeners The difference between content marketing and thought leadership The biggest challenge many business owners face How to leverage audio as your primary content creation strategy The 9-stage process – ‘the content expander’ and why it’s so effective How to decide if thought leadership is for you Ways you can stop being invisible in your space Frameworks for spitting out great content and organising your thoughts Why the world needs a company like Amplify How to avoid getting sucked into the minutiae of things The reason for this stat: 93% of podcasts have 7 episodes or fewer Why Ray Dalio records all of his meetings How 72 to 150 unique pieces of content can be created off of 30 minutes of audio What Ronsley’s clients are really after Amplify’s deal with Amazon Australia Links Amplify Media Kit The Amplify book Rev APP Content Amplifier The post Ep.59 Ronsley Vaz on Content Amplification and Building a Podcasting Empire appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep.49 The 4 Magic Numbers Every Business Owner Needs to Know with Alex Rodriguez
Knowing how to leverage products, events and content is key to massively increasing your revenue stream, and my guest in this week’s show is explaining how to do exactly that. Alex Rodriguez is the the multi-award winning entrepreneur and founder of YMMY Marketing. He’s also the bestselling author of Digital Bacon: Make Your Online Presence Irresistibly Attractive and Profile Mentor for the Key Person of Influence programme in the USA. Throughout his 20 years of experience, Alex has generated millions of dollars in revenue from product launches and events, and has shared his knowledge as a regular speaker on the future of advertising.        In our conversation, Alex Rodriguez shares his expertise around building digital ecosystems and measurable investment returns, explaining exactly which tech tools and strategies you need to become more efficient with your marketing. Listen to this episode to learn about mining your intellectual property for high-value content creation ideas, and how to turn those ideas into big profit. We get really into all of this too: How to reduce digital traffic while at the same time increasing results Why e-books aren’t working (and what you can do instead) How Alex increased his business conversions to over 83% The digital force multipliers that every business owner needs, but that most are ignoring How to safely and profitably outsource your lead gen The 4 magic numbers that are essential in business The hacks and tricks you need to know in order to ‘shake the ideas tree’ and multiply your content topics The art of ‘selling before the sale’ Asking yourself the question ‘Am I doing enough’ in business and in life The ROI of giving, and the ramifications it can have for everyone Plus loads more… Resources Shaking the Idea Tree by Alex Rodriguez Alex’s Email YMMY Marketing Website Alex Rodriguez Website Alex Rodriguez Book Alex Rodriguez Facebook Paul Dunn Video The post Ep.49 The 4 Magic Numbers Every Business Owner Needs to Know with Alex Rodriguez appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep.46 How Paul Lindley Grew His Business from an Idea to $120 Million Annual Revenue in Under Ten Years
If you’re how wondering how to develop your brand so that it can scale rapidly and take on competitors, no matter what their size, then you’re definitely going to want to check out this episode of the Dent Podcast. I talk with Paul Lindley, founder of the iconic brand, Ella’s Kitchen. Paul’s business has grown at an astonishing rate, now occupying 30% of the market share in the UK and selling in 40 countries worldwide. Paul himself is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, having been named in Management Today’s Top 50 Entrepreneurs to watch, and winning the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year prize in 2011. Since exiting his business, he’s gone on to write Little Wins, a book on how adults can unlock their creative potential, and set up the charity, Key is E. Listen to this episode to find out how you can harness your creative spark and apply it to entrepreneurial success.          In this conversation, we get into all of this… Why Paul left his top career to become an entrepreneur The methodology Paul followed in setting up his business – how he focused on a business plan from a financial point of view and brand from a consumer point of view How Paul pitched to some of the biggest retailers in the country to get his first deal The big mistakes that many entrepreneurs make when pitching to big corporate businesses The steps that Paul went through to doubling the business’ turnover year-on-year for the first six years Paul’s attitude towards risk as an entrepreneur and understanding the consequences of failure How to avoid being taken advantage off when getting your product onto retailers’ shelves Paul’s tips on hiring and motivating staff – how you can use more than just monetary incentives to energise your team The importance of listening to your consumer and keeping an eye on what’s happening in the marketplace The thought-process that Paul went through when selling his business and the important steps he followed while exiting Paul will also be sharing his success story at the London Brand Accelerator on Friday, 31st March. He will be going through how entrepreneurs can build a business which has formalised assets and how you can ensure your business retains it’s value if you exit it. Click here to get tickets Resources Paul’s book: Little Wins: The Huge Power of Thinking Like a Toddler The Key is E Twitter Ella’s Kitchen The post Ep.46 How Paul Lindley Grew His Business from an Idea to $120 Million Annual Revenue in Under Ten Years appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep.42 Andrew Griffiths on Using Authenticity to Becoming a 12-time Best Selling Author
My guest in this week’s episode bought his first business at the age of 18 and has since gone on to become known as Australia’s #1 small business and entrepreneurial author. Andrew Griffiths’ books have sold in over 60 countries around the world, and one has sold over two million copies. Andrew continues to write prolifically, and contributes articles for a host of illustrious companies including Telstra,, HP and CBS. He is also the Publish Mentor for Key Person of Influence in Australia, and has been for the last five years.               Andrew is a renowned public speaker, having delivered keynote speeches at hundreds of events globally, and been hosted by huge platforms including TedX, Sky Business and Good Morning NZ. His work as a thought leader and serial entrepreneur has led to him running a seven-figure business, and in this conversation Andrew explains how you can effectively communicate and engage with your audience by tapping into your authentic message and true voice.          In this episode we really get into: Andrew’s love of animals and the time he was held hostage by a monkey How everything changed when Andrew wrote his first book, 101 Ways to Market Your Business Nearly going bust and having to put his business through voluntary administration How Andrew has overseen the publication of over 300 books with the KPI programme Managing the complexity of such a vast business by using routines and rituals The benefits of old-school marketing versus new social media techniques The communication techniques that Andrew used to increase his sales by 800% in one week How Andrew leveraged the thought leadership model and measures success across his business ventures Managing time and setting aside a part of the day to deal with the unexpected The practical and rational arguments as to why you should be brave enough to listen to your intuition Using authenticity to better communicate and engage with an audience Resources Andrew Griffiths Website Andrew Griffiths Books Andrew Griffiths Blog LinkedIn Twitter Facebook YouTube Xero Trello The post Ep.42 Andrew Griffiths on Using Authenticity to Becoming a 12-time Best Selling Author appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep.54 Don’t Count the People You Reach. Reach the People That Count with Robert Gerrish
For the past twelve years, Robert Gerrish has been Australia’s leading small business advocate, providing support and resources to entrepreneurs who are going it alone through his company Flying Solo. The membership of the Flying Solo community has surpassed over 100,000 small businesses in Australia, which is quite a significant feat, as there are only 2.2 million businesses in Australia. If you add in the numbers of the company’s social media networks, it’s clear Robert has positioned himself as the go-to man in the small business world.        What’s striking though is Robert has designed his company to be a lifestyle business, dedicating himself to helping other solopreneurs become successful, but on his terms. In our conversation, we focus on his philosophy of pursuing work that you love and why he firmly believes in meaningfully impacting a smaller niche rather than scaling up his work to grow a larger practice. If you have a small business or are looking at leaving the corporate world to do so, you will get serious value from this episode. We get really into all of this too: Building a business with a clearly designed objective, not through randomness Why it’s necessary to evaluate the value of clients How Robert came to find his niche audience of supporting solo entrepreneurs The logistics of managing a nonlocal team, without losing a member in 12 years Understanding where your return on investment comes from The only statistical number about your audience that a business should care about Why a Facebook post that had 47,000 comments and 165,000 shares is meaningless The common struggle of business owners who do not promote the outcome of their work How Robert’s role has evolved from front-end marketer to removing himself from the center of attention Why leaving a personal legacy through your business should not be the end goal Plus loads more… Resources Flying Solo website Flying Solo podcast The post Ep.54 Don’t Count the People You Reach. Reach the People That Count with Robert Gerrish appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep.48 Jon Hollenberg on Building a 7 Figure Business and His Brand as a Thought Leader
This week, my guest is a guy who can tell you how he differentiated himself from competitors to emerge as the authority in the web design industry. Jon Hollenberg is the owner of the Five by Five company that builds high-performance websites, which has grown to a seven figure business with 30% year on year growth. He is also the author of Love at First Site. In his nearly 20 year career, Jon has developed a business philosophy that is not just centered around his product, but thought leadership, which has driven powerful results in business.        In our conversation, Jon shares his tips on all aspects of running an efficient and profitable digital business, like how he accelerated production time with the result of his team completing projects 30-40% faster. He also explains how he increased his products’ prices three times, yet still managed to better his conversion rate from 1 in 5 people to 1 in 2 people. But we also talked about more personal things like work and relationship balance. Jon is a leader and knows about building business that is meaningful but he shared what you can do to spend time with the things and people that really count. In this episode, we get really into: How Jon has become a thought leader in the globally monetizing industry of web design Targeting the right types of clients for the business he wanted to create How he used his book to take his conversion from 1/5 to 1/2 How Jon increased his prices 300% The process he used that reduced the time it takes to complete a site by almost 50% Building a strong culture and the tools and challenges in managing non local teams Trends in technology and the future of the website How he uses team incentives to build a better business Resources Five by Five Website Jon Hollenberg Book Jon Hollenberg LinkedIn The post Ep.48 Jon Hollenberg on Building a 7 Figure Business and His Brand as a Thought Leader appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep.45 Richard Triggs on Using Community and Networking to Build a 7 Figure Lifestyle Business
Have you ever wondered how you can rapidly expand your network to promote your brand and reach out to key influential figures? If so, you have to check out this conversation with Richard Triggs. Richard is an executive search specialist and the bestselling author of Uncover the Hidden Job Market: How to Find and Win Your Next Senior Executive Role. He is also a successful podcaster and has leveraged his entire content ecosystem to build a business generating $1.2 million in revenue with four employees.   Richard began harnessing the power of LinkedIn before it really took off in the recruitment industry, and built 14,000 connections networking him into every ASX company in Australia. He’s also used the platform to create groups with over 10,000 members, which he leverages to promote his brand and the brands of his partners. This episode is a must-listen for anyone in business struggling to tap into the right networks and promote their company successfully.          In this episode, we get into all of that, plus loads more including… How Richard was rejected time after time by a particular CEO and what he did about it that got her to engage straightaway Vipassana meditation and the positive impact it’s had on Richard’s life How Richard leverages his book to be able to protect his time while still being able to give back and provide service How Richard has built an entire career out of helping people position themselves as influencers in a corporate career The importance Richard places in community, and how things naturally flourish in his life and business from doing so How Richard’s book empowers candidates to take responsibility for their own job searches and circumvent the need to work with recruiters The process Richard went through to create 14,000 LinkedIn connections, and how it allowed him to build powerful networks within his industry Richard’s use of Daoist philosophy, and how it helps him to reflect calmly on his business and interactions with clients The key activities that are the best ways of generating revenue   Resources Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Arete Podcast Uncover the Hidden Job Market: How to Find and Win Your Next Senior Executive Role by Richard Triggs Built to Sell by John Warrillow The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer The Path of Love Retreat The post Ep.45 Richard Triggs on Using Community and Networking to Build a 7 Figure Lifestyle Business appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep.39 Katrina McCarter on Building Her Business and Brand by Targeting Australia’s Biggest Powerhouse Demographic
If you’re interested in finding out how you can market to the ‘mum demographic’ for your business, then you’re definitely going to get a lot out of this episode of the Dent Podcast. I’m talking with Katrina McCarter – founder of Bubbler and Marketing to Mums, and bestselling author of Marketing to Mums: How to Sell More to Australia’s Most Powerful Consumer. Katrina has won awards for Best Social Media, Best Customer Service and Best Boss in Business. She’s also been featured on Today Tonight,, The Age, Perth Now, Smart Company and Sydney Morning Herald. In this episode, we get into how Katrina built an online community of 150,000 mums across Australia, the 6.2 million mums in Australia being responsible for spending $132 billion per year, how Katrina improved one client’s direct sales by 655% in a year by using her simple, unique methodology, and the fact that thanks to her public profile, Katrina has built some killer partnerships and been able to advise organisations like Twitter, Google and Mumbrella. So, give the episode a listen, take notes and enjoy.      In this episode we really get into: Tips, tricks and hacks into how Katrina funded the production of her book How she was able to leverage partnerships to grow her profile while also being able to leverage her clients’ businesses and her clients’ profiles as well The huge influence that mums have on the market, and the diversity of their spending How Katrina built an online community of 150,000 mums across Australia The 6.2 million mums in Australia being responsible for spending $132 billion per year Katrina improving one client’s direct sales by 655% in a year by using her simple, unique methodology The #1 thing that influences mums in making a purchase Steps on how to find who your ideal client is, and strategies to implement in targeting them The eight pillars of success – Katrina’s eight-step framework, and how it provides success and creates tangibility for clients and their services How Katrina used partnerships to add 7,000 email sign-ups to her database over a three-week period Choosing potential partners for your business Resources Marketing to Mums website Bubbler LinkedIn Marketing to Mums Facebook Marketing to Mums Twitter Katrina’s Facebook page Marketing to Mums: How to Sell More to Australia’s Most Powerful Consumer The post Ep.39 Katrina McCarter on Building Her Business and Brand by Targeting Australia’s Biggest Powerhouse Demographic appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep 10. Anneka Manning on starting from scratch and finding your unique proposition
Anneka’s an incredibly inspiring Australian foodie right at the top of her game. Having worked for 25 years for leading food publications and building a significant television and radio profile as an expert, she’s since gone on to create the BakeClub – a wildly successful baking school based in Sydney. If that wasn’t enough she’s also written two highly acclaimed books – Mastering the Art of Baking and BakeClass – where she puts her passion and expertise onto paper. Anneka’s ultimate goal is to bring about a baking revolution! She fervently believes that baking can bring people together and her mission is to inspire home cooks with simple and delicious recipes. And you have to say she’s making some serious progress! Having started from scratch three years ago, the BakeClub and Anneka’s personal brand are off the charts, and they’re only getting bigger!      Anneka’s someone who’s constantly pushing forward and throwing herself out of her comfort zone, and there’s no doubt in my mind that she’s going to continue shifting our attitudes towards food, helping to enrich our lives and connect with the people we love!      In this episode we get really deep with: Anneka’s top tips of refining and crafting a pitch Anneka’s story of building partnerships that helped the BakeClub to hit the ground running How she created resources without money using clever and creative strategies Getting past the “fear of the startup”!   Anneka’s publishing strategy and why it works for her and her business As well as… Anneka’s first dollar and her rural childhood Her immense experience in food publishing The last three years as a metamorphosis for Anneka Her long and passionate relationship with food Baking and the five senses How she found her niche and marketed from there How she rose to the top and developed her TV and radio profile How the BakeClub inspires confidence by providing skills and knowledge The BakeClub’s six month programme that’s become a huge success How Anneka leveraged her books to create partnerships Anneka’s role as a brand ambassador and why it’s so important Making the most of opportunities when they come your way How she surrounds herself with inspiring people and why that’s so important Learning to overcome problems as they come Anneka finding the time and resources to do what she does best   Resources The BakeClub Anneka’s personal website Twitter LinkedIn Anneka’s book, Mastering the Art of Baking Anneka’s book, BakeClass     The post Ep 10. Anneka Manning on starting from scratch and finding your unique proposition appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep 16. Unpacking Marketing and Converting Prospects into Customers with Justine Coombe
In this episode of the Dent Podcast I talk with Justine Coombe. Justine is an uber-geek when it comes to digital marketing – she’s an expert at devising and implementing strategic campaigns for all types of businesses. In 2011, Justine founded her very own specialised marketing agency, Ignite Digital, which has gone on to become the #1 Leading Australian partner of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Her amazing energy and determination has seen her work with over 200 brands (including Citibank, Staples and Pernod Ricard), and earn in excess of $160 million dollars of revenue for her clients in less than 5 years. When Justine’s not killing it in the industry, she’s passing on her years of experience in marketing and sharing top tips at various conferences in Australia and internationally. She’s also recently finished writing her debut book, Conversion: How to Convert Prospects into Customers Using Targeted, Personalised Marketing Automation. In it, Justine provides entrepreneurs and business owners with a step by step framework for automated marketing programs.     As you’ve probably figured out, Justine really knows her stuff and this episode is packed with tons of actionable techniques that have been tried and tested with large and small businesses. She’s so great we’re also hosting a series of keynote talks for the wider business community on how to apply these techniques and get oversubscribed – details are here.      Here are a few things we talk about: How Justine helps organisations to generate hundreds of thousands of new leads every month How automated marketing programs can be leveraged to produce incredible results The importance of packaging a product well Why you and your business need to provide a good service and delivery Breaking apart the complex word marketing into five simple areas Justine’s love for what she does and why that means she continually rejects multimillion dollar acquisition offers The importance of keeping clients in the loop when it comes to areas of her business that are specific and relevant to them Converting from charging by the hour to fixed rates Justine’s onboarding program: how’s she greets new members of her team and why it’s important to develop a connection with employees The consistent problems faced by small businesses and how to overcome them Justine’s unique approach to marketing technology and the importance of focusing on the aspects that interest you Creating a genuine and personalised contact with clients by email, SMS and through other channels Justine’s awesome take on mapping customer journeys How to analyse customer behaviour in order to predict a market’s next purchase Creating the perfect strategy for customer retention Implementing strategies: what to do and not to do How Justine came up with a strategy to reactivate 30% of dropping clients Advice Justine would give to her younger self if she could go back in time Justine’s grand plans for the future: more books, online masterclasses and live workshops   Resources JUSTINE COOMBE WEBSITE IGNITE DIGITAL CONVERSION BOOK KPI OVERSUBSCRIBED TWITTER MAILCHIMP INFUSIONSOFT   The post Ep 16. Unpacking Marketing and Converting Prospects into Customers with Justine Coombe appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep 15. Predicting Trends and Building Solutions with Simon Williams
My guest in this episode is Simon Williams, better known as “The App Man”. Simon is one of the leading legends in the App world. He started his company, AppManSecrets, from the ground up and has overseen its rise to now generating a six-figure revenue. AppManSecrets is one of the most prolific App development and consultancy companies in the world, and has worked with clients across 30 different industries and four continents. Simon may be a master of Apps, but amazingly he’s not a techie. Instead, he’s a genius when it comes to observing trends, creating ideas and leveraging all of that to achieve unbelievable success. He’s passionate about helping businesses to utilise Apps to master their industries, and goes about sharing his incredible knowledge and insights in his role as an International Speaker, and in his bestselling book, Rich App Poor App.   It was awesome to talk with Simon because not only is his company wildly successful, (raking in a six-figure income) he’s also a total rockstar when it comes to analysing the marketplace and leveraging content – two things that are incredibly important no matter what your business is.      Here are just some of the practical and tactical topics we talk about: How to go about predicting trends in the market Pushing your thinking in terms of products and services that you can deliver The client sell and client nurture process How to nail major partnerships Converting prospective clients into full-time customers The art of analysing the industry Combining industries in order to fully maximise on profits The Ideal Final Solution – how to achieve the impossible Making sure you’re aiming your product or service at the exact right market The context of your client, and why it’s key when growing your brand How to maximise feedback from clients Understanding insights in order to build solutions Developing intellectual property and then commercialising it Top tips on creating the perfect idea for your business How to plan for the future Why content creation is so important for your business How to effectively innovate in your industry   Resources Appman Website Rich App Poor App LinkedIn Twitter Facebook   The post Ep 15. Predicting Trends and Building Solutions with Simon Williams appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep 19. Clarity in Communication and Business Philosophy with Brad Beer
My guest in this week’s episode of The Dent Podcast is Brad Beer – a real trailblazer in the physiotherapy industry. Throughout his career Brad has delivered more than 25,000 physiotherapy consultations, and has attracted an A-list clientele, working with Olympic medalists, world title winning triathletes, an explorer who’s trekked 3,000km across Antarctica, and even Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters. In 2015 he released his first book, You Can Run Pain Free, which quickly became an Amazon bestseller, and he’s killing it in the podcast world with The Physical Performance Show. Brad’s been competing in sport since the age of nine, in tennis, martial arts, triathlon and distance running. He’s also been involved in physiotherapy from a pretty young age too, having founded My Back Physio in 2006, starting a franchise for Back in Motion in 2009, before setting up POGO physio in 2014. This company’s allowed Brad to flex his entrepreneurial muscle too, and his unique approach and delivery of content across a variety of mediums have seen the company become a seven-figure business as well as disrupt the industry in a really positive way.      Brad’s experience as a serious triathlete means that he’s able to apply his first-hand knowledge of competitive sport to his career in physiotherapy. He and his team at POGO Physio specialise in helping people to perform at their physical best, using innovative strategies such as his “finish line percentage” to make sure clients leave pain-free and at the top of their game. There are plenty of gems in this show and it’s sure to be really useful for anyone in the lifestyle business or building a business and brand around personality. In this episode we get really into: • The first dollar Brad ever earned – selling mangoes door to door! • How niching has helped Brad become an established authority in a variety of different areas • How he needed the creative freedom to do his own thing • Creating an innovative business model in a traditional industry like physiotherapy • Why Brad started creating content across loads of different mediums • How he leveraged that content toward his business and recently achieved his first viral video • Why Brad gives information away for free • How he attracted A-list clients to his business • The importance of working to your strengths in business • Aligning fees with values • Brad’s measure of success in business • The three core values used by Brad and his team • Why you need to communicate clearly with clients • How Brad views delegation in business • The first retreat he went on with his team Resources Brad Beer Website POGO Physio You Can Run Pain Free Book Podcast Blog YouTube LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Recommendations – Books StandOut by Marcus Buckingham Boundaries for Leaders by Henry Cloud The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni Recommendations – Podcasts Small Business Big Marketing Entreleadership Your Move Leadership The post Ep 19. Clarity in Communication and Business Philosophy with Brad Beer appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep. 23 Building a franchise empire, killer personal brand and vibrant team culture with Tina Tower
My guest in this episode of The Dent Podcast is the unstoppable Tina Tower. From reading Tina’s bio, you’d be forgiven for thinking that she was a lot older than 32. She invested in her first property at the age of 18, started her first business aged 20, and by the time she was 30 had built and sold two businesses, had two kids, and set up a national franchise network. In 2014, Tina was named the Telstra Australian Young Businesswoman of the Year and in 2016 was named one of ten Australian entrepreneurs to watch. One of Tina’s greatest successes has been launching and overseeing the amazing growth of Begin Bright – a company of school readiness and primary tutoring centres that pride themselves on creating happy, smart and confident children. Tina founded Begin Bright in 2008 and when she began franchising the business in 2011 she became Australia’s youngest female franchisor. There are now 30 franchises across Australia.      Tina’s journey is one of learning curves, overcoming adversity and figuring out how to balance family life with business. She’s amassed plenty of wisdom along the way and in this episode really opens up about some of her greatest highs and lows. It’s a great conversation and is incredibly useful for anyone interested in the inner-mechanics of franchising, how to build a strong personal brand and approaching team culture. In this episode we talk about: How Tina went about building her brand in the early days of her business Tina’s method for breaking every day into 15 minute increments to save time and improve efficiency How Tina devises her five year plans Why building a personal brand is the cheapest way to build a business How Tina evolved her business model early on to meet the needs of her clients Promoting a business by writing articles How Tina targeted certain markets Going about curating your company values How Tina developed her own unique leadership style Tina’s complex and rigorous screening process for hiring and looking for franchisees How to scale your business through franchising Thoughts on team culture in recruiting and performance How Tina balances her family life and business Taking her business from zero to $3 million in less than five years How to handle having a strong media personality The importance of profile when selling a product or service The moment Tina realised she wasn’t the best person to take the business forward Tina’s work with The Hunger Project and Room to Read Resources Begin Bright website Tina Tower website LinkedIn Twitter The post Ep. 23 Building a franchise empire, killer personal brand and vibrant team culture with Tina Tower appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
EP.78 Tim Ray on Building a Prominent Brand With Confident Pitching and Investing Your Capital In Tactical Marketing
Embarking on a new business venture can be a difficult affair. Without a wad of cash in your pocket or investors clambering to buy-in, it might be time to get clever with your advertising, creative in your outreach and refine your pitching technique.  On The Dent Podcast, we interview key people of influence in all walks of life. We delve deep to unearth how these successful people got to where they are, their trials and tribulations, as well as their successes, and what their experiences can teach us all.   On this episode, you may want to take notes because we’re getting into the specifics and tactics behind starting, managing and marketing a multi-million dollar business.  Mike Reid, Dent Co-Founder and CEO of Dent Canada, speaks with Tim Ray, award winning serial entrepreneur and the man behind Carnivore Club – the world’s first cured meats subscription service and JetSavvy, the new technology based company that focuses on private aviation.  Tim pulls back the curtain on what it takes to develop creative marketing campaigns that actually get results for an eCommerce brand. Why his initial business FoodScrooge, was acquired in a 7 figure exit after just 10 months and how he conquered the room – twice  – on Dragon’s Den. Here’s just some of what Tim shares with us: How Tim’s pitch impressed David Chilton at Dragon’s Den From MBA student to business owner – The FoodScrooge origin story Tim’s advice on refining the perfect pitch Got funding? Where you should be investing your money Why podcasts hold the key to the perfect advertising campaigns How much you should be spending on your marketing The process behind successfully selling a business – is it just down to luck? The value in cold calling – the soft pitch The scientific approach to advertising Expanding your business geographically  LINKS: Tim Ray : LinkedIn Carnivore Club Website Visit Dent’s website to get your free copy of Become a Key Person of Influence The post EP.78 Tim Ray on Building a Prominent Brand With Confident Pitching and Investing Your Capital In Tactical Marketing appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep 11. Combining Vision and Implementation with Paul Higgins
Paul is an absolute mastermind of efficiency in business and timesaving techniques. Having spent 18 years working at Coca-Cola where he rose to General Manager, Paul had to take a step back and change his lifestyle due to the impact of an inherited kidney disease. He set out on a new business venture, removing himself as the “bottleneck” and surrounding himself with an incredible, high-performing team at Build Live Give. Thanks to Paul’s genius and tenacity, he’s been a riot success and now helps others to maximise their resources by bringing together people and tech. And while Paul works with entrepreneurial businesses, he also deals with some serious players including NASA, Apple and BMW.          Outsourcing, organising and optimising team performance is critical to success in business, but often overlooked by the founder. Paul’s system and the techniques that he employs allow entrepreneurs to focus on core business and profit drivers, and less on admin. He totally blew my mind with his tips on the inner-machinations of team optimisation, and was kind enough to share some awesome new tech systems that I’d never heard of. I’ve included all those as links below, but seriously listen to the show because it’s an absolute crash course in increasing revenue and saving time, whether you’re running an established business or just starting out. In this episode we really get into: How to find highly talented and affordable people anywhere in the world How Paul uses collaboration software and tools to organise and optimise team performance The importance of balancing value and quality when building your team Why Paul chooses Podio as his go-to organisational platform The importance of time optimisation, particularly in terms of profit And if that wasn’t enough… Paul’s journey to the top, working at Coca-Cola for 18 years His experience running teams at billion dollar business levels His work with entrepreneurs How Paul goes about helping businesses style themselves globally The importance of the global business network Paul’s research into web-based, collaboration platforms Paul’s work with the Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) charity Which apps Paul uses to improve his efficiency and why How and why Paul trains his clients in inbox management Easy ways to triple your revenue through organisational strategy Which is the best internal team chat software The importance of having an assistant as a business owner and entrepreneur Links Build Live Give LinkedIn PKD Australia Infusionsoft Active Campaign Ontraport Apps Say it mail it Timebuddy Lastpass Zoom Headspace Downcast Quora Turboscan Way of life The post Ep 11. Combining Vision and Implementation with Paul Higgins appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep.55 Finish Strong: Geoff Green’s 5 Year Plan for Your Successful Business Exit
Have you ever thought about selling your business or acquiring another business? My guest in today’s episode is an expert exit strategist who has facilitated hundreds of transactions for exits, floaters, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity buyouts over his 30-year career. Now, over the last four years, Geoff Green has shifted to the development side of the equation to help business owners position their companies to be more valuable in a strategic exit. Geoff himself had his first business, an alternative stock exchange called Bendigo, initially valued at $140,000 that sold a few months later for $7.75 million.        In our conversation, Geoff explains how business owners can build and create new value, and how to ensure your business has transferable value for new ownership with a five year plan. Additionally in this episode, we get really into… How Geoff became interested in the concept of business exit strategy The story of how Geoff’s first business increased its value from $140,000 to $7.75 million Unpacking the ideas of building, creating and transferring value Being clear on your expectations of what you want the legacy of your business to be Defining the three types of business owners and their advantages/disadvantages What makes a business valuable and the process of valuation The common challenges that owners face when trying to sell Why earnouts are to be avoided unless it gets you the full value of your business Evaluating the net promoter score Leaning on fellow business owners for advice and wisdom And much more Resources Geoff’s Website The Smart Business Exit Book Personalised Consulting Services LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter The post Ep.55 Finish Strong: Geoff Green’s 5 Year Plan for Your Successful Business Exit appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
EP.70 Build Your Story Brand with Nicole Hatherly
There’s something innate in us as human beings that responds to stories. That’s why story and storytelling is such a powerful tool for building a company or personal brand.   Nicole Hatherly is a great believer in using the power of story for building a personal or company brand. Her results have been astonishing. On the Dent Podcast this week she shares her secrets for finding and sharing your story for greatest effect. Make sure you have time to take away what you can from this episode. It’s a jam-packed episode full of practical, tangible, brand-building goodness, so make sure you have a pad and pen handy.   For more than 25 years Nicole has been a branding strategist, speaker, commentator and founder of consultancy Brand True North. Her expertise has helped companies stand out from the crowd and truly connect with their prospects and customers. We delve deep to unearth how Nicole got to where she is, her trials and tribulations, as well as her successes, and what her experiences can teach us all. Here’s just some of what we get into: Defining what a brand is The 7-step strategy for creating your brand true north Story-selling and the six archetypes for entrepreneurs Understanding the 12 brand archetypes Unearthing your brands archetype (it’s personality) Getting your product or service into the hearts and minds of customers The importance of your story (Why are you in business?) Bringing your business to life through your story-selling archetype Overcoming sales objections with story How to make your PR and advertising zing with a human face   Links: Brand True North Nicole Hatherly – LinkedIn Iconic Fox The post EP.70 Build Your Story Brand with Nicole Hatherly appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep.51 Chris Gray on How to Live a Life of 5-Star Luxury without Being a Billionaire
This episode of the Dent podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in designing and growing their business to create a first-class lifestyle. My guest is Chris Gray – CEO of Your Empire, a company that builds property portfolios for time poor professionals. Chris is undoubtedly one of Australia’s leading independent property experts, hosting Your Property Empire on Sky News Business Channel, the Property Expert on Channel 9′s MyHome TV and and Financial Judge on Channel 10’s The Renovators.        Chris started out in the industry when he worked out how to buy his first $100,000 property at the age of 22 with an income of just $25,000. Now he owns $16 million in property. Chris has increased his wealth and achieved business success through developing and reiterating tactical methodologies, all the while living his dream lifestyle. Listen to his story to gain an in-depth understanding of his approach as well as the knowledge you need to achieve similar results. In this episode, we get into all of this too… How Chris has built his life around living the dream of luxury Chris’s personal investing strategy The buying agency, Your Empire, that he runs The mindset of Chris putting his lifestyle first and how he makes that work in business How he refined his niche Why he moved away from just being a speaker and trainer, working with people who want to do it themselves versus building a complete do-it-for-you solution Chris’s fear of speaking yet why he still hosts a weekly show on Sky News Specifics around his philosophy on outsourcing His focus on how he has evolved his pitch and publishing strategy How Chris went about raising his profile online and in media Philosophies on creating joint ventures, partnerships and alliances Resources Your Empire Website The Effortless Empire Book   The post Ep.51 Chris Gray on How to Live a Life of 5-Star Luxury without Being a Billionaire appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep 17. Collaboration and Client Growth with Brad Krauskopf
Brad’s a star in the entrepreneurial world and his story is an awesome inspiration for people from all walks of life. Starting from scratch, he founded Hub Australia in 2011 – a co-working business dedicated to providing community working spaces to small and large organisations across a huge number of different sectors. Now, Hub is Australia’s largest co-working space with over 800 members. Brad’s also founded CoAtiv8 and Platform3, under the umbrella company, Third Spaces Group. His businesses bring in a seven-figure revenue and in 2013 he was named Australia’s Small Business Ambassador.      Brad’s mission is simple: to create spaces that drive innovation by allowing for collaboration between different businesses. Third Spaces Group goes much beyond just providing working spaces; they also offer marketing and technology services as well as opportunities for businesses in learning and creating. Brad and his team are making a serious dent but they go way beyond simply making profit. Third Spaces Group is also committed to making a positive environmental and social impact, and is helping to redefine success in business in a big way! In this episode we get really into these areas: • What you can do when you find out you’ve got a product that’s not profitable • How diversity can help to innovate your business • Creating a valuable product and commercialising it • The boom of the freelance economy • Loads of different ways of keeping revenue ticking over As well as… • Being a leader in your industry • Using trial & error as an entrepreneur • Creating a company rhythm and why it’s important • How to manage a team of employees spread out over the world • Top tips on leveraging your personal brand • Ways in which you can maximise profit from a growing team • The art of delegation • Using events to activate word of mouth marketing • How Brad’s successful at retaining clients • How his mission and values have evolved over time • Resourcefulness in small business • The importance of figuring out your business model • How to love what you do and find value in it   Resources HUB AUSTRALIA COACTIV8 BRAD KRAUSKOPF B-CORPORATIONS (GLOBAL AUDITING PLATFORM) TWITTER LINKEDIN FACEBOOK The post Ep 17. Collaboration and Client Growth with Brad Krauskopf appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep.38 Tim Dwyer on the Strategies He’s Employed to Raise his Clients’ Valuations by over One Billion Dollars
Do you ever wonder if there’s a way that you can increase your business’ capacity, making it more efficient and effective? If so, I think you’re going to get a lot out of this week’s episode. My guest is the Global Director of Shirlaws Group and Product Mentor on the Dent Key Person of Influence Programme. His name is Tim Dwyer and he’s a master business coach, strategist and advisor who specialises in helping larger business commercialise intellectual property for scale. He’s also an expert when working with business’ valuations and has an outstanding record of being able to unlock growth in companies of all shapes and sizes. In this conversation, Tim gets into the precise details around time and money management, and the capability and capacity that all businesses need in order to scale. So, if you’re interested in learning specific methodologies that you can employ to help your business grow and increase capacity, then grab a pen and paper because this episode’s packed to the rafters with gems.          In this episode, we really get into: The steps you need to go through to go from zero to 12 employees and create a multi-million dollar lifestyle business How to colour code your time to become more efficient and more effective Managing changing ratios of your time The importance of money management and understanding your business’ current capacity and what your run rate is currently against that capacity Focusing on processes, skills and bringing more energy into your business, and what each of those means Tim’s formula for hiring a team. The mathematical principles on the how and the when that anyone can understand. Going from concept to strategy to implementation Understanding what the true capacity of your business is to generate cash and profit Understanding capability and skill set Six ways to grow your capacity Tim will also be presenting at Dent LIVE in Melbourne and Brisbane in early August. Resources Shirlaws Group Email Twitter LinkedIn Diagnostic Heatmap   The post Ep.38 Tim Dwyer on the Strategies He’s Employed to Raise his Clients’ Valuations by over One Billion Dollars appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep.50 How Nicole Eckels Built a $50M Candle & Fragrance Empire
Have you ever thought “there’s something missing in this market” and think you could be the entrepreneur that finds a profitable solution? My guest in today’s episode did just that and developed a world-class product and brand that earns $50 million in revenue. Nicole Eckels came over from the States to the north shore of Sydney in 2006 when she noticed a significant gap in the fragrance space, namely candles. She was passionate about fragrance, lifestyle and fashion, so she launched Glasshouse Fragrances, which has gone through 50% growth year on year to this day.      In our conversation, Nicole explains how she expanded her product lines and why she believes creatives must be involved in the product development process. We also talk about the challenges of a fast-growing company and how you can navigate establishing your company’s culture as your team grows larger. Additionally in this episode, we get really into… Nicole’s approach to culture and how fast growth has had a significant effect on culture The challenges of handling 50% year on year growth How Nicole gets her ideas, innovations and inspirations around product development The recognition that it wasn’t about the product Her philosophy on winning How her ‘W.A.C.I” team culture evolved Where she draws her product inspiration from And much more Resources Nicole’s Twitter Glasshouse Fragrances The post Ep.50 How Nicole Eckels Built a $50M Candle & Fragrance Empire appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
Ep 32. InDent – Become a Key Person of Influence
Welcome to the third episode of the InDent series – a collection of shorter podcast episodes where I have a detailed look at sections of my business partner Daniel Priestley’s book, Key Person of Influence, dissecting the core principles and philosophies that our business and many others are built on. If you’re not already caught up, go ahead and check out episodes one and two before diving into this one.      In this installment, I’m getting into the real concept of what makes a Key Person of Influence. These are people whose names come up in conversation,who attract opportunity and earn more money. Most people think it takes decades of hard work, academic qualifications and good luck to become one of them. We’ve proven them wrong over the last six years with our Key Person of Influence Accelerator – a programme that’s been featured on the BBC, The Financial Times,, The Huffington Post and Forbes, just to name a few. So, go ahead and check out this episode if you’re looking for a way to take your skills, talents, expertise and existing business, and accelerate that into the inner circle of your industry, creating cut-through, differentiation and a scalable business. In this show I talk about: Becoming a Key Person of Influence and stepping into the inner circle of your industry How to have more income mobility by becoming the type of person that gets closer to the top Steps someone takes to making an exponential increase in their earning How making small shifts has helped certain people to find themselves in the top 1% of their industry in under 12 months Insights into representing yourself as a key person of influence at events The five questions to uncovering a Key Person of Influence Outlining the explicit five-step method that builds clarity, credibility, scale, transparency and commercial viability The Key Person of Influence methodology across all industries The five things that you need to have in place to demonstrate that you’re a key person of influence How to turn your service business into something that can be scaled quite rapidly Why having visibility online is crucial to becoming a Key Person of Influence Using both social media and traditional media to create a powerful online presence The results that come from having all five steps of the Key Person of Influence process in place The Key Person of Influence scorecard Resources The Key Person of Influence Scorecard   The post Ep 32. InDent – Become a Key Person of Influence appeared first on Key Person of Influence.
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