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The Destiny of Special Agent Ace Galaksi

A weekly Comedy podcast
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Episodes of The Destiny of Special Agent Ace Galaksi

Join the cast for some laughs and fun as we discuss creating and producing Season 4 - Protesting  The Future - including a quick interruption for a whole other stand alone episode  for the Toronto Fringe mid-way through. 
The judge of eternity passes sentence on Gaudium for her crimes against Destiny. Finding her way back to herself, the Editor takes on the ultimate questions of life.   Episode 6 of Season 4, Protesting The Future
With the editor poisoned and completely out of commission, the Copy Aide takes over her duties. Gaudium the last surviving being of a planet consumed by goo demonstrates a knack for getting people to do what she wants. She does a lot more than
Fungal fuel, a revolutionary new self-replenishing power supply is heralded as a planetary savior.  But of course nothing is as good as it seems.   Episode 4 of Season 4, Protesting The Future
With the editor unable to remember who she is or what she does, her duties fall to the Copy Aide. Problems running rampant in the Destiny offices, Ace is called in to help. He arrives with an unexpected visitor.   Episode 3 of Season 4, Protest
Ace and his ship Phoenix pick up the last surviving being from Beta Gama, a planet randomly and inexplicably gooed out of existence. Meanwhile at Destiny, the editor can’t quite keep track of – much of anything.   Episode 2 of Season 4 Protesti
Protesters have shown up outside the Destiny offices. The Editor is making unprecedented, unauthorized changes to the book. For once no one knows what tomorrow will bring! Episode 1 of Season 4 Protesting The Future
The Editor in Chief at the Giant book of Destiny is losing her marbles, making unauthorized edits to Destiny. If Ace Galaksi can’t help her find them soon, the future will be edited out of existence – for good. (That would be bad)
After receiving unwanted news, Earth's most famous Nick extricates himself from the pages of Destiny - and nicks Christmas out of the book in the process. What's going to happen to all that milk? All those cookies? What about the children? Re-i
During a routine upload Phoenix inadvertently picks up a virus, transforming a regular space odyssey into a terrifying Ace Oddyssey – updated for this virus plagued world - just in time for HAL-oween!
In Space Dick At Large, specially re-conceived for the Toronto Fringe, the back-up copy of the Giant Book of Destiny has been stolen! Ace Galaksi has 24 hours to locate it before Destiny itself is REWRITTEN. The action plays out in a 1930s styl
Back in 2020 the timeline broke and everything went awry. The same thing happened inside of Destiny. Who broke time and how did they fix it again?  Get up close and personal with Ace’s creators and cast as they discuss the bandages and superglu
The lists had been checked, naughty and nice. Then St. Nick got unwanted advice. A disaster at Destiny wiped Christmas off the page. Not a toy was left on the holiday stage! Will this year’s Christmas be empty and stark? The only clue we have -
During a routine upload Phoenix inadvertently picks up a virus, transforming a regular space odyssey into a terrifying Ace Oddyssey - just in time for HAL-oween!
It is determined that the only way to stop the senseless sucking machine from syphoning the life out of system after system, is to blow it up. Phoenix’s self-destruct program Dee starts the countdown to her long awaited, final destiny.
While Ace and Phoenix work against time to stop the space shark from its ceaseless, murderous, mindless sucking, Fran and the Copy Aide track down the invisible hand that wrote the unauthorized, random weapon of mass destruction into existence.
Swimming into existence from no one knows where, an immense space shark starts siphoning the energy out of Acrux, the first star it sees. If Ace can’t figure out how to stop the shark from sucking so badly, nineteen billion souls on the three i
With timelines all broken and distorted, Ace, and Phoenix’s previous captain, Captain Peddleserp, need to figure out how to get WHERE they want go WHEN they need to get there – before all of existence crashes to a halt. 
With events across Destiny happening out of sequence, everything is crashing all over the place in the Destiny traffic department. Faced with so many unanswered questions about the nature of determinism, pre-determinism and a total lack of dete
All biblions, multi-tentacled beings with eyes all over their heads must report in to the Destiny library on their eighteenth birthday for their unending tour of duty. Why are multiple copies of the same biblion piling up in Destiny reception?
The backup copy of the Giant Book of Destiny has been stolen. Space Dick Ace Galaksi and his shape changing ship, Phoenix have 24 hours to locate it before Destiny itself is re-written.   Space Dick At Large was recorded in front of a live audi
All beings, throughout the known and unknown universe are put into great peril because of a small clerical error at the Giant Book of Destiny. Part 6 of 6.  Music inside Maddy's house, Sittin' Pretty, courtesy of The Elwins Action music, Nerves
Spy union headquarters issues a requisition for Ace Galaksi's death to prevent him from sharing his outlandish discoveries about shape changing aliens, the inherent equality of everyone, and tap shoes, with the rest of the world.  Part 5 of 6.
While Ace Galaksi helps archeologist Alexander Van Dijk search for a lost burial chamber in the great pyramid of Giza, the answer to who really built the pyramids is revealed. Part 4 of 6 Palace music Mighty & Meek by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech
A fashion mishap on the part of a visitor to Earth initiates the growth of a new branch on the planet's tree of life. Ace Galaksi accompanies Yasmeen to Egypt to search for the lost dinosaurs. Part 3 of 6 Groovy tune inside Karen's headphones:
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