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It’s time for Jim and Sharon’s favorite podcast of the year – Tech Toys for the Holidays! In keeping with tradition, The Digital Edge hosts offer up their favorite practical and not-so practical tech toys, this year with plenty of remote work and COVID-related gift ideas in the mix. Pick up some wishlist inspiration for yourself and your favorite lawyer-nerds – a handy UVC sterilizer, the latest LegalBoard Wireless, ideas for your home workspace, a portable bug zapper (wait, what?), and so much more! Happy Holidays! Special thanks to our sponsors, Clio, Scorpion, Blackletter Podcast, Alert Communications.
In hopes of encouraging growth in their legal community in a variety of ways, Arizona has removed barriers preventing lawyers and non-lawyers from sharing fees. To learn more about what this change could mean for the profession as a whole, hosts Sharon and Jim talk with Arizona Vice Chief Justice Ann Timmer about the positive impacts they hope this new reform will bring. Along with hopes of helping law firms improve entrepreneurial success, the main driver behind this reform was to increase access to justice by encouraging creativity and innovation in legal service delivery. Vice Chief Justice Ann A. Scott Timmer has served on the Arizona Supreme Court since her appointment in 2012. Special thanks to our sponsors, Clio, Scorpion, Blackletter Podcast, Alert Communications.
The Virginia Lawyers’ Wellness Initiative is bringing even more resources and educational opportunities to help attorneys prioritize wellbeing. Digital Edge hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway welcome wellness coordinator Margaret Ogden to discuss the history and development of this new initiative and how attorneys can seek assistance, take advantage of CLE opportunities, find resources, and more. Margaret Ogden is the wellness coordinator at the Supreme Court of Virginia. Special thanks to our sponsors, Clio, Scorpion, Blackletter Podcast, Alert Communications.
Young lawyers have been experiencing more professional hardship than senior lawyers during the pandemic. With a hard-hit economy, a halt on many networking opportunities, and fewer new jobs available, the outlook is uncertain for recent graduates attempting to get their careers off the ground. Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson discuss these issues and more with young lawyer Graham Bryant. Graham outlines the unique stressors faced by young lawyers, shares coping strategies and resources, and offers his thoughts on what the profession will look like post-COVID. Graham K. Bryant is a frequent writer and presenter on the technological, legal, and social trends affecting the legal profession in the twenty-first century. Special thanks to our sponsors, Clio, Scorpion, Blackletter Podcast, Alert Communications.
Attorneys have to be thorough in their preparations for court, but in David Notowitz’s experience, audio and video evidence is often inadequately presented. Digital Edge hosts Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson talk with David about common mistakes lawyers make and his recommendations for effective, polished audio/visual presentations. David Notowitz is the founder and lead forensic expert at the National Center for Audio and Video Forensics. Special thanks to our sponsors, Clio, Scorpion, Blackletter Podcast, Alert Communications.
Sharon and Jim have reached a major milestone—the 150th edition of the Digital Edge! For this special episode, they welcome fellow veteran podcasters Bob Ambrogi, Joe Patrice, and Tom Mighell to talk shop about the world of legal podcasting. They share favorite memories and horror stories and offer invaluable insights for aspiring podcasters. Special thanks to our sponsors, Clio, Scorpion, Blackletter Podcast, Alert Communications.
Until now, the legal profession has largely viewed technology as a thing that should be grafted onto the very traditional practice of law, but the onset of the pandemic has forced this opinion to change rapidly. Lawyers and judges who once eschewed the idea of online legal practice–and particularly online courts–are now working to find ways to innovate legal and court services to continue providing access to justice. In this edition of the Digital Edge, hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway welcome Professor Richard Susskind to survey the new landscape of online courts and discuss changing views toward technology across the profession. Professor Richard Susskind OBE is an author, speaker, and independent adviser to major professional firms and to national governments. Special thanks to our sponsors, Clio, Nexa, Scorpion, and Blackletter Podcast.
The pandemic has caused rapid changes in the legal profession, and many lawyers are struggling to weather the storm. What can you do to bring your firm through this crisis? In this Digital Edge, Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway survey the new landscape of legal and discuss what you can do to keep up with important transitions in the practice of law. They share tips for cybersecurity, video conferencing, obtaining financial assistance, and future pandemic planning. Also, check out Jim’s recommendation: Brett Burney’s video on working remotely with kids at home. Special thanks to our sponsors, Clio, Nexa, Scorpion, and Blackletter Podcast.
Is your current technology setup really working for your law firm? And with new challenges to the practice of law during the coronavirus crisis, are you able to do remote work effectively? Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson talk with Richard Ferguson about the types of tools all lawyers should have at the ready in their tech tool boxes. They tap into Richard’s wealth of knowledge on practical tech solutions for law firms of all sizes. Richard Ferguson practices law in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with the business law firm Lynass, Ferguson & Shoctor and is a current member of the ABA Techshow 2021 Planning Board. Special thanks to our sponsors, Clio, Nexa, Scorpion, and Blackletter Podcast.
Higher instances of depression, stress, substance abuse, and even divorce amongst legal professionals continues to call attention to the need for an increased focus on lawyer well-being. Digital Edge hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway talk with Stewart Levine about how his ABA-published book, “The Best Lawyer You Can Be: A Guide to Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness,” helps lawyers engage with their own well-being in healthier ways. Stewart Levine is the founder of ResolutionWorks, a consulting and training organization dedicated to providing skills and ways of thinking needed to build strong organizational cultures. Special thanks to our sponsors, Clio, Nexa, Scorpion, and ServeNow.
Today’s consumers want services faster than ever, and the traditional legal service delivery model is no longer appealing to many in need of legal help. Erin Levine saw the need for her family law clients to have access to a simple, DIY approach to divorce that would save time and money and thus her successful platform, Hello Divorce, was born. The Digital Edge hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway talk with Erin about how lawyers can develop their own sustainable approaches to online legal services that meet the demands of the changing legal market. Erin shares insights on establishing a brand, staying relevant to today’s legal consumers, and avoiding burnout. Erin Levine is the founder and CEO of Hello Divorce. Special thanks to our sponsors, Clio, Nexa, Scorpion, and ServeNow.
ABA TECHSHOW 2020 is right around the corner! Digital Edge hosts Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson talk with the conference’s co-chairs, Heidi Alexander and Catherine Sanders Reach, about what attendees have to look forward to at the upcoming TECHSHOW. They delve into the variety of topics the conference will focus on: new takes on well-being, practice management, academia-focused content, and more! They also share info on the special events at this year’s conference and highlight their exciting keynote speaker, Mary O’Carroll of Google. Special thanks to our sponsors, ServeNow, Nexa, Answer1, and Clio.
It’s that time of year again! Get ready to make some quirky additions to your wishlist. Digital Edge hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway bring you their much-anticipated annual episode – Tech Toys for the Holidays! This year’s list includes another healthy variety of practical and not-so practical gift ideas, ranging from Rocketbooks to flash drives to your very own Death Star fire pit–just what you didn’t know you needed! Tune in for ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Special thanks to our sponsors, ServeNow, Nexa, Answer1, and Clio.
Success isn’t just about numbers! If you are operating under continuous stress with little meaningful connection to the work you do, it might be time to rethink your approach. In this edition of The Digital Edge, hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway are joined by Katy Goshtasbi to explore some of the more intrinsic challenges lawyers face in the process of business development. Katy explains the importance of reducing stress and defining your values in order to create business goals that serve both your personal and professional needs. Katy Goshtasbi is a change and branding expert and founder of Puris Consulting. Special thanks to our sponsors, ServeNow, Nexa, Answer1, and Clio.
In the cybersecurity world, ransomware and business email compromise are the two most commonly seen issues. Is your law firm safe from these attacks? If you’re not sure, tune in to learn cybersecurity basics from John Simek, vice president of Sensei Enterprises. Digital Edge hosts Jim and Sharon talk to John about the ways cyber attacks happen and the essential security practices needed to protect your law firm. Check out That One Privacy Site, John’s recommended resource for unbiased VPN comparisons. John Simek is vice president of Sensei Enterprises, Inc., an information technology, digital forensics and information security firm located in Fairfax, VA. Special thanks to our sponsors, ServeNow, Nexa, Answer1, and Clio.
Are you up on the latest from the ABA’s Law Practice magazine? In this edition of the Digital Edge, Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway are joined by contributing features editor Lance Johnson to talk through recent articles in the magazine’s Big Ideas Issue. Lance shares the process the magazine goes through when choosing these “big ideas,” and gives an overview of its current focus on automation, AI, and emerging practice areas. They also discuss developing trends in the delivery of online legal services, current issues in the cannabis industry, and the quickly growing practice areas of privacy and data breach-related law. Lance Johnson is an IP attorney and the principal of Johnson Legal PLLC in Fairfax, VA. He is also the contributing features editor of the ABA’s Law Practice magazine. Special thanks to our sponsors, ServeNow, Nexa, Answer1, and Clio.
What does it look like to operate an entirely web-based law firm? Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway talk to Brooke Moore about her expertise as a virtual practitioner. She explains the advantages of moving to this highly tech-driven method of practicing law, including greater efficiency, flexibility, and convenience in interactions with clients. Brooke also gives listeners a rundown of how her firm operates and addresses common concerns lawyers may have about starting their own virtual law firms. Special thanks to our sponsors, ServeNow, Nexa, Answer1, and Clio.
One estimate claims the number of lawyers with digital addiction could be as high as 40%, and lawyers’ need to constantly engage with technology makes it difficult to set boundaries. What can they do to unplug? In this edition of The Digital Edge, hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway talk to Roberta Tepper about digital addiction in the legal profession and her tips for spending less time on mobile devices. Together, they discuss the signs and symptoms of addiction, caution against “text neck”, and talk about ways lawyers can mindfully put their phones down and reduce dependence, step-by-step. Roberta Tepper has been the lawyer assistance programs director at the State Bar of Arizona since 2013. Special thanks to our sponsors, ServeNow, Scorpion, Answer1, and Clio.
Many lawyers are curious about chatbots but have little knowledge of how they can be applied in their legal practice. In this episode of The Digital Edge, hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway talk to Tom Martin about how chatbots are being put to work in the legal industry. Tom talks about his background as a lawyer and shares what spurred his interest in developing chatbots. They discuss how this technology frees up lawyers’ time and helps them connect with more clients. Tom also offers his advice for lawyers interested in getting into the legal tech space. Tom Martin is CEO and founder of LawDroid Ltd. Special thanks to our sponsors, ServeNow, Scorpion, Answer1, and Clio.
The legal industry is transforming—what does this mean for lawyers in the future? In this episode of The Digital Edge, hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway welcome Stacey Caywood and Dean Sonderegger to discuss the Wolters Kluwer 2019 Future Ready Lawyer Survey. They discuss the trends and findings of the survey, highlighting the things leading organizations were doing that boosted their future-readiness. The survey found that law firms that lead in leveraging technology outperformed others across all categories and were also more profitable. They talk about how trailing organizations in the survey can catch up, offering strategies and encouraging them to invest in technology to better prepare their firms for the future. Stacey Caywood is the CEO of Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory, a leading provider of information, software and integrated workflow solutions for legal and business compliance professionals worldwide. Dean Sonderegger is the VP and General Manager of Legal Markets and Innovation at Wolters Kluwer’s Legal & Regulatory U.S. Special thanks to our sponsors, ServeNow, Scorpion, Answer1, and Clio.
If your law firm’s digital marketing plan isn’t working for you, consider changing your tactics! In this episode of The Digital Edge, hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway talk to Gyi Tsakalakis about how to be successful in digital marketing for small and solo firms. They also advise lawyers to have ownership for all of their online content, caution against being overly self-promotional, and encourage lawyers to track and measure their marketing efforts to effectively evaluate success. Gyi Tsakalakis is a former lawyer and the founder of AttorneySync, an online legal marketing agency, to help lawyers be where their clients are looking. Special thanks to our sponsors, ServeNow, Scorpion, Answer1, and Clio.
How are lawyers budgeting for technology in their firms and where do they need to catch up on legal tech? In this episode of The Digital Edge, hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway talk to Sofia Lingos about the ABA 2018 Legal Technology Survey. The survey and its subsequent report gives lawyers current statistics on the state of technology implementation in law firms. They discuss how lawyers can use this information for ideas on what their firms need to do to stay level with emerging technology. Sofia Lingos, Esq. is the founding and managing attorney of Trident Legal, a Boston based law firm that provides innovative transactional legal services to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups in diverse industries throughout all stages of growth. Special thanks to our sponsors, ServeNow, Scorpion, Answer1, and Clio.
How can access to justice technologies be developed through a game? In this episode of Digital Edge, hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway talk to David Colarusso about the Learned Hands project. Learned Hands is a game in which lawyers spot possible legal issues in real people’s stories about their problems. This machine learning game identifies text classifiers for developing a new taxonomy that can be used to connect people with public legal help resources. Play the Learned Hands game at David Colarusso is the Director of Suffolk University Law School's Legal Innovation and Technology Lab. Special thanks to our sponsors, ServeNow, Scorpion, Answer1, and Clio.
ABA TECHSHOW is right around the corner! In this episode of The Digital Edge, hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway give a preview of ABA TECHSHOW 2019 with guests Lincoln Mead and John Simek, co-chairs of the conference board. They share how the conference stays current on tech for lawyers and give tips on how to best prepare for attending the show. There will be some new elements for attendees this year, including a new app for the conference, greater cooperation with educators for the academic track, and more focus on involving young lawyers and law students. Lincoln Mead is the project manager for Canon Discovery Services and co-chair of the 2019 ABA TECHSHOW board. John Simek is the Vice President of Sensei Enterprises and co-chair of the 2019 ABA TECHSHOW board. Special thanks to our sponsors, ServeNow, Scorpion, Answer1, and Clio.
Get ready to geek out over this wishlist of tech toys for the holidays! In this episode of The Digital Edge, hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway share their complete list of picks for the best new technology -- some serious and some just plain fun. From a PhoneSoap sanitizer to a Marvel Thor’s Hammer tool set, there’s something for everyone on your list! Special thanks to our sponsors, ServeNow, Scorpion, Answer1, and Clio.
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