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Harrow and Goodbye

Released Wednesday, 25th December 2019
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The opening episode takes a second to get started, but once we got into the exploration of characters I really enjoyed the GM and cast as they made their way through Reign of Winter. My biggest plus here is the audio quality. Top notch across a
The Dimension Door PodcastThank you for your review! Our audio editor, Zac, is awesome and we're glad his efforts are being noticed. Things only get better as we go!
That cold open killed me, instant like. The sound mixing and SFX work are v-pleasing, Zac, I have so much to learn! Love the player and GM intros, it was nice learning a little bit about all of you before the game started. James, your narratio
The Dimension Door PodcastThank you so very much! It's really great to hear that we started strong, especially since our audio quality as only improved as Zac has gotten even more experience and started to compose original ba…
Great hook into the podcast! The players all have a great energy, with each character lending interest and motion to the story in-game as it progresses. Norm and Marge are SUCH a cute pair, and Vasilisa and Valdeen have some great interpersonal
The Dimension Door PodcastI can't believe I missed replying to this one! Thank you so much for the kind words. We've all been very pleasantly surprised by how much the Harrow mechanic has added to our story; what started as f…
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