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Death is both the greatest taboo and one of the most common fears within our human lives and societies. Yet it is also one of the greatest certainties any of us ever face. But to ignore or fear death is to do ourselves a disservice because it i
We've talked a lot over recent weeks about the outside factors we must overcome as we take that journey from restriction to liberation. But what about the inside factors that keep us feeling small and stuck?In this week's episode of the Divine
It's so easy to think that this journey from restriction to expansion is a simple, linear path. But in reality that's rarely the case. We have all experienced our fair share of frustrations, disappointments and unexpected outcomes along the way
Having broken free of our restrictions and moved into a place of our own expansion, this week's episode of the Divine Feminist asks us all to consider what comes next? Or, more specifically, what could come next?  After all, when it comes to ex
What would it mean to take up proudly and unapologetically space?That's something we're so often deterred from; from the childhood conditioning that tells us to stay quiet; to the societal rules that remind us to look, think and behave a certai
Fresh from our deep dive into the subject of restriction, The Divine Feminist moves to focus on where we find ourselves outside of those walls, and invites you to consider what the idea of expansion means to you.After years, generations and lif
Continuing the theme of restriction from our last episode, Ceryn invites you to consider what it takes to break through (/ fly over/ escape from) those walls that have for so long been placed around us... Not to consider what we may find when w
What if the world was always meant to be more than we've been told? More than that, what if each and every one of us was always able to be more than we've been told?Our societies are often all-too-keen to give us the blueprint of how we could b
In this first episode of Cancer season, we reflect upon one of the qualities of water, specifically its ability to show our reflection in its fullness. Within this episode, Ceryn invites you to reflect upon yourself, considering who you are and
As we venture into  Gemini season, it is time to talk about all things air. And with Ceryn having finally completed the manuscript of the Divine Feminist book, it seems the perfect time to talk about the subject of using your voices.  No, this
As we continue to move through the Earth energies of Taurus season Ceryn jumps straight into this week's episode and invites you to come back to nature by getting Earthed and connecting with the planet. Take a deep dive on the subject of why an
As we move into the Earth energies of Taurus season, Ceryn invites you to journey with her around the idea of beauty.That word in itself may trigger something in you around a concept that has for so long been weaponised against us and used to p
As we continue our Aries season journey with the qualities and concepts associated with fire, Ceryn invites you to consider the power of your own creativity.So often we're told that creativity is a label which references only a limited number o
As we navigate our way through Aries season, when better to connect with the elemental energy of fire and with one of the emotions most closely associated with fire: Rage.Rage is and can be a powerful force, and maybe that's why our world is so
Trigger warning: The introduction to today's episode contains mention of recent news around Meghan Markle and Sarah Everard, including a content trigger warning for racism, suicide and violence against women.Fresh from a journey into the idea o
Trigger warning: The introduction to today's episode contains mention of recent news around Meghan Markle and Sarah Everard, including a content trigger warning for racism, suicide and violence against women.Fresh from a journey into the idea o
TRIGGER WARNING: Within this episode is a brief mention of abortion, which is spoken about for approximately two minutes at around the 36 minute mark. The world we live in likes to set us very clear expectations. Wherever we are and whatever ro
Putting boundaries on our time and energy is one of the most important things we can do to care for and respect ourselves. But in a world that so regularly tells us we should be caregivers whose worth is judged by their productivity and by how
Once something heard only in the most spiritual of conversations, those from all walks of life are increasingly realising the importance of grounding themselves and their energies. In a world so full of noise and mistruth, it's never been easie
Happy New Year from the Divine Feminist!As we move into a new year, not to mention a new Aquarian age, Ceryn discusses the importance of pausing to re-connect and consider the intentions that will help us to move forward. She then discusses the
After a little break, the Divine Feminist is back for a whole new chapter!And as we approach the end of the calendar year and the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, when better to talk about the endings and beginnings that we encount
What does the word power conjure up for you?For so many of us it's something that the chosen few have access to; the prize offered to those who won the lottery of privilege or checked off the qualities on a list that immediately gives them perm
The world likes to tell us our fears are bad.   It likes to tell us they're unnecessary and evil and more than likely need to be vanquished like some sort of beasts that are actively working to keep us from our full potential. But what if that'
At the start of each episode I ask "how are you? How are you really?"This week with my hand on my own heart the answer came through plain and simple: "Exhausted." I'd like to tell you I listened first time around, but as you'll hear, that wasn'
It may be the only place we can truly call home for the whole of our stay here on Earth, but how many of us feel completely connected to our bodies?The societies we live in are so keen to disconnect us from those bodies, to encourage hatred of
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