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This week's recipe isn't so much a soup as it is more a kind of dirty rice concoction backed by plump shrimp and hearty potatoes. One thing is certain about our pal Shimmy's recipe: you won't walk away without a full belly and pleasant disposit
This recipe comes from Alex C, a quick and easy pepper-based open-face concoction packing the flavor and crunch. Think of it as a variation on the traditional bruschetta -- instead of predominant tomato taste, you've got peppers, garlic and cre
We'll be honest: this week's show is kind of a train wreck. Nobody gets hurt, mind you, just without proper instruction, Alexander and Dave are pretty lost when trying to prepare this recipe from Dave's Aunt Beth. Then the panic sets in -- luck
This week, the boy's tackle Richard's easy chili recipe, a dish that sounds as easy as it's titled. In short, it's a bunch of great fresh ingredients dumped into a pot, left to simmer in their own juices. It's like a piping hot sauna of delicio
This week's recipe comes courtesy of Dave's cousin, Kristen. It's a different take on the traditional Jalapeno Poppers recipe -- no frying, no breading and an addition of parmesan and crumbled sausage help this variation stand out. If you're an
This week, the guys prepare a gooey, comforting dish submitted by listener Stephanie: Chicken Cordon Bleu. Alexander and Dave take different approaches to the recipe originating from Stephanie's grandmom, but in the end the road only leads to o
This week, the guys prepare a Scott family recipe: the Bobotie. Frankly, we thought it was a made-up word, but it's actually a South African spin on the classic Shepherd's Pie recipe. It's heart, hot and gooey delicious that you lay over rice.
Come, weary travelers, and stop a spell. This week on the DnA Foodcast we tackle The Gourmet’s signature recipe, Potage le Magnifique. If you’re kinda lost, The Gourmet isn’t so much a person as a virtual person in a video game — specifically,
You know, we all take sauce for granted. Whether it comes in a jar or a can, it seems we've all become content with popping a top and dumping sludge on our pasta, calling it a day. Well, not anymore; not the DnA Foodcast. Listener Amanda's hear
We don't really discover why Justin McElroy's Chess Bars recipe is called that, but one thing we can agree on is that this delicious, danish-like recipe is trying to kill us. Surely man was not meant to taste the nectar of the gods. [iTunes] Cl
Believe it or not, this week's recipe for pecan pie might be the easiest thing in the world to make. Also, believe it or not, we got the recipe from the back of a corn syrup bottle. [iTunes] Click to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes [Zune] Cl
Robert M's hearty casserole-like recipe will please any fan of Mexican and Latin cuisine. Chika Chiles is a gooey, delicious stack of tortilla, meat, beans, cheese and other goodies. Enjoy! [iTunes] Click to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes [
You guys know the drill: it's been another 12 recipes, so it's time we did another Baker's Dozen Review! Alexander and Dave go over the previous 12 dishes, discussing some of their favorites and the ones that have affixed themselves permanently
This week, we put on our baking aprons and prepare a delicious banana cake, submitted by Nan in Florida. It's a simple dish that every aspiring chef out there should know how to make -- easy to prepare and even easier to eat! [iTunes] Click to
This week, we tackle John P's Rigatoni alla Carbonara, a deceptively simple little dish. It's not a saucy italian dish -- it's muted and deceptively simple to prepare. [iTunes] Click to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes [Zune] Click to subscri
This week, Alexander and Dave tackle John L's self-professed odd Rice Krispie Treats recipe, one that doesn't have the traditional marshmallow innards. Instead, it's all about rich, creamy peanut butter, some melted chocolate and a bit of butte
You're pressed for time, but you want to look like you put some real effort into dinner. Enter: Quickie Quiche, a recipe Alexander got back in college from the girl across the hall. It's almost a blank canvas -- with just a few core ingredients
This week, Alexander and Dave tackle a staple of Greece, a tasty spinach-and-feta-filled dough concoction the locals call Spanakopita. It was sent in by Ben from North Carolina, whose own variation on the classic recipe incorporates bacon. As y
What's more American than a burger? Well, this isn't your normal burger -- inside, it hides layers of onions, peppers and so much flavor. It's the perfect meal for the fan of spicy foods in your life. (Or, the perfect meal to serve your most wu
This week's recipe comes to us from Alexander's aunt, Christie. It's also a very special episode for Dave, because he's found his most perfect food on this planet: imitation crab meat. Try it for yourself in the Crab Crumpets, an easy-to-prepar
It's a short show this week because this recipe for teryaki ribs, submitted by Tyler C., has been our easiest recipe yet. It requires 24 hours of simply marinating the meat, cooking it then simply pigging out. These ribs pack quite a bit of fla
Our latest episode continues the summer trend of cool, creamy goodness -- and, more importantly, not having to cook! It's potato salad, Bjorkman Style, submitted to us by our pal Ian McC. Enjoy! [iTunes] Click to subscribe to the podcast in iTu
This week, we cook something without actually cooking it. Er, actually, it is cooked, in a sense -- we just ditch the oven for another cool summer treat: the Ceviche! It's a tasty dish that's sure to impress company, just maybe let them try it
It's full-on summer out there right now, guys -- don't bother to check; just take our word for it. The heat very well may burn you up alive! Instead, we suggest trading the heat of the scorching sun for the far-less lethal heat of the oven as w
We're back to our weekly schedule! In our latest episode, we tackle Greg M's crepes (or crêpes) -- no, they're not just thin pancakes from France. Crepes have a storied legacy all their own (which we in no way get into) and deserve to be treate
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