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The Game Awards have been announced, so we have to discuss the inevitable shoe-ins and snubs. Also, IOI and 007 join forces, initial next-gen sales numbers come out of Japan, Twitch has a record October, and Embracer Group can’t stop buying companies.00:00:35 - Corrections00:04:38 - Silver Lining00:05:30 - The Game Awards nominees announced00:30:52 - Project 007 announced00:38:47 - A Word From Our Sponsors00:41:48 - Next-Gen sales numbers from Japan/UK00:51:39 - Embracer Group buys 13 new studios01:01:37 - Twitch sees record viewership in October01:09:54 - Also This Week...01:18:29 - L&R - Could Microsoft's DRM plan return?01:23:59 - L&R - Game: New Faces in New Places01:27:20 - L&R - Genres due for a departure?01:30:58 - L&R - Australia is in a funky place01:34:29 - Time for Bets01:38:41 - ClosingGo to today to get 20% off your Raycon order!Go to and enter code allies3 to get 3 weeks of EveryPlate meals for only $2.99 per meal!
Whether you bought them and they actually shipped or not, the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S means the next-generation is now the current generation. We follow the updates and odd reports surrounding both consoles before guessing Q4’s total revenue and predicting Square Enix’s future based on their recent financial ups and downs.00:00:51 - Corrections00:02:00 - Silver Lining00:02:51 - PlayStation 5 Launch00:21:17 - Xbox Series X|S Launch00:32:00 - A Word From Our Sponsor00:34:59 - Q3 NPDs00:45:03 - Square Enix 2021 Predictions01:02:15 - Also This Week...01:04:31 - Take-Two Buys Codemasters01:09:18 - Dead by Daylight's New Villain01:15:29 - L&R - What's your playground game?01:17:30 - L&R - Language preference in games?01:24:10 - L&R - Will we ever get a slim PS5?01:25:35 - L&R - Why advertise consoles you can't buy?01:26:55 - L&R - Easing European PS5 delay frustration01:30:17 - L&R - What console would you be?01:32:37 - Time for Bets01:37:11 - ClosingGo to to get 10% off!
Only one week remains until the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S are upon us, so it’s time to grade the marketing, hardware, and games of both consoles. What wins and losses led us to where we are, and what expectations should we have for launch week?00:00:59 - Corrections00:02:31 - Silver Lining00:03:43 - Xbox Series X Next-Gen Report Card00:51:43 - A Word From Our Sponsor00:55:11 - PlayStation 5 Next-Gen Report Card01:28:34 - Also This Week...01:35:11 - L&R - What'll be in the gen, after?01:38:55 - L&R - Real or Fake: Town Edition01:43:57 - L&R - What generation is the Switch?01:45:28 - L&R - Launch titles with good vibes?01:49:15 - Time for Bets01:55:07 - ClosingUse code EASYALLIES for $5 off your first 5 orders when you download the Postmates app or sign up online!Go to to get a one-month free trial of everything you need to start your skincare journey at home!
We finally got to touch the PS5 and Xbox Series X with our bare hands, so how do we feel about next-gen now? We also cope with perhaps the nastiest Cyberpunk 2077 delay yet, contrast Sony’s latest quarter financials with its personal next-predictions, and say goodbye to the Nintendo Partner Showcase series of 2020.00:00:38 - Corrections00:02:22 - Silver Lining00:03:29 - Next-gen consoles unboxed00:17:57 - Cyberpunk 2077 delayed 21 days00:35:32 - A Word From Our Sponsor00:39:46 - Sony Q2 2020 Earnings00:58:04 - The final Nintendo Partner Showcase of 202001:17:20 - Also This Week...01:28:14 - L&R - Which horror game ranked higher?01:35:40 - L&R - Not-scary horror game recommendations01:37:38 - L&R - Do question marks incentivize exploration?01:43:18 - L&R - What games used the Dualshock 4 touch pad?01:45:43 - Time for Bets01:52:06 - Closing01:55:33 - Producer CreditsGo to and use code ALLIES80 to get a total of $80 off across 5 boxes, including free shipping on your first box!
Gaming’s bottom line is looking good, with another NPD that brings record-breaking results for multiple games. But your average streamer’s bottom line is in jeopardy, with Twitch purging video collections that use licensed music. Also, Ubisoft Connect follows a trend of service updates, and Devolver Digital buys Serious Sam.00:00:00 - Opening00:00:53 - Corrections00:03:29 - Silver Lining00:04:23 - September 2020 NPDs00:28:59 - Twitch DMCA videos deleted00:46:15 - A Word From Our Sponsor00:48:32 - Ubisoft Connect01:00:06 - Devolver Digital acquires Croteam01:06:30 - Also This Week...01:12:13 - L&R - How should Dead Space return?01:16:26 - L&R - Game: K-pop or DS?01:21:10 - L&R - Is Godfall the Knack of this generation?01:23:04 - L&R - Is GoT Legends like other loot games?01:25:35 - Time for Bets01:29:37 - ClosingGo to to get 15% off your order!
To celebrate our Patron Party event, here's a bonus hour of questions from our $5 tier on Patreon. Moving past the week's headlines our panelists discuss the importance of back-of-the-box art, Sony fatigue versus saving Xbox's reputation, the future of the Ring Fit peripheral, and a few standout co-op releases from this year.00:00:00 - Opening00:01:15 - Does the back of the box matter anymore?00:07:57 - Is there such a thing as "next-gen" for PC?00:16:16 - Game: Deluxe Edition Doozie!00:20:15 - Sony fatigue vs Xbox reputation00:24:54 - Other uses for the Ring Fit peripheral?00:28:49 - Should game casts get more recognition?00:40:44 - Game: Dollar Duel00:44:59 - Standout co-op releases of 202000:49:42 - Lengths to preserve your own head canon?00:54:48 - Game: Find the anomaly
We recently learned of the 30 games officially launching on Xbox Series X, and also 10 PS4 games that won’t run on PS5, so we discuss what we will and won’t be playing. Also, the PS5 UI reveals itself, SEGA celebrates 60 years, and Amazon’s Crucible halts development.00:00:00 - Opening00:00:36 - Corrections00:02:04 - Silver Lining00:03:32 - Xbox Series X|S Launch Lineup00:18:04 - 10 PS4 games not on PS500:21:18 - PS5 Surprise UI State of Play00:38:52 - A Word From Our Sponsor00:41:11 - SEGA's 60th Anniversary Games00:52:04 - Amazon's Crucible halts development01:02:49 - Also This Week...01:09:40 - L&R - Opinions about StarTropics01:12:44 - L&R - Game: Console Love, Not War01:16:13 - L&R - Game: Zombie Mascots01:20:30 - L&R - Interested in backwards compatibility?01:26:34 - L&R - From Software Platinum update01:27:28 - Time for Bets01:31:32 - Closing01:33:26 - Second Extinction Bet GameplayGo to to get 10% off.
Brandon's on the move so Bloodworth picks up moderating duties for a week as we look inside the PS5 and look ahead to all the big releases in the next three months.00:01:21 - Corrections00:03:07 - Silver Lining00:03:54 - PlayStation 5 Teardown00:15:51 - Fall Game Preview: October00:51:37 - A Word From Our Sponsors00:54:15 - Fall Game Preview: November01:43:34 - Fall Game Preview: December01:50:00 - GameSpot Layoffs01:51:24 - Also This Week...01:57:03 - L&R - Does industry experience diminish your excitement for new games?02:01:09 - L&R - Underappreciated jobs in games02:07:41 - L&R - Game: Timesplitters!02:14:03 - Time for Bets 02:20:55 - ClosingGet $100 of free delivery credit for your first SEVEN days when you download the Postmates app and use code EASYALLIES.Head over to to learn how you can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G for free or the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G for $299.99 for a limited time!
In 2019, CD Projekt RED promised they wouldn’t crunch their employees, and two years ago Insomniac introduced us to their new Spider-Man, but this week we learned that things change. Also, how did the latest Smash fighter reveal go, and what led to Genshin Impact’s incredible success?00:00:00 - Opening00:01:18 - Corrections00:03:59 - Silver Lining00:05:24 - Cyberpunk 2077 Launch Crunch00:28:14 - Spider-Man's new face on PS500:40:39 - A Word From Our Sponsors00:45:21 - Minecraft in Smash Bros Ultimate00:58:32 - Genshin Impact's success01:09:37 - Also This Week...01:20:00 - L&R - Mario Kart or Diddy Kong Racing?01:21:56 - L&R - Game: EZ-est 10 out of 10 Review01:29:02 - L&R - Communities supporting old games01:31:32 - L&R - The backlog of a doctor in Asia01:33:21 - Time for Bets 01:39:54 - ClosingFor a limited time, at they’re offering our listeners 10% off select products. Use code EASYA for 10% off today.Head over to to learn how you can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G for free or the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G for $299.99 for a limited time!
Xbox was busy buying up Bethesda this week while its community was trying to buy up the remainder of Series X|S pre-orders. Amazon also made a big move by announcing their own streaming platform, Rayman-creator Michel Ancel leaves game development entirely, and at the drop of a shadow Kirby is fighting himself again on the Switch.00:00:00 - Opening00:01:24 - Corrections00:03:58 - Silver Lining00:05:41 - Microsoft buys ZeniMax Media00:27:14 - Xbox Series X|S Preorders00:50:51 - A Word From Our Sponsors00:56:30 - Amazon's Luna Announced01:09:11 - Michel Ancel quits Game Dev01:16:11 - Kirby Fighters 2 Shadow Drop01:21:02 - Also This Week...01:29:19 - L&R - Game: Skyrim's the Limit!01:33:10 - L&R - A Gaming Quantum Leap01:34:28 - L&R - Microsoft's Smash Bros?01:35:53 - L&R - Konami/PlayStation partnership?01:39:15 - Time for Bets 01:45:10 - Closing01:47:01 - Producer CreditsFor a limited time, Logitech G is offering our listeners 10% off select products at when they use code EASYA.Go to to get 15% off your order!
Microsoft just made a surprising deal, and we have to talk about what it means for the future of Xbox.News sources referenced:
The PlayStation 5 Showcase had so many updates this week, we spend more time covering those than the actual games. Nintendo shares another round of new Partners on Switch and finally discontinues the 3DS, Facebook premieres the Oculus Quest 2, and August is another record-breaking month for the NPDs.00:01:11 - Corrections00:03:28 - Silver Lining00:05:36 - PlayStation 5 Showcase00:37:03 - Nintendo Partner Showcase00:45:33 - A Word From Our Sponsors00:49:58 - August NPDs01:03:55 - Oculus Quest 2 Announced01:17:51 - Nintendo 3DS Discontinued01:22:52 - Also This Week...01:27:01 - L&R - Ian lost a bet01:28:33 - L&R - Hoops jumped for a console?01:33:33 - L&R - Game: Know Your Platinum01:37:58 - L&R - Weird old cross-gen games01:40:03 - Time for Bets 01:46:17 - ClosingLogitech G is offering our listeners 10% off select products at for a limited time. Use code EASYA for 10% off today.See why Upstart has a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot and hurry to to find out HOW LOW your Upstart rate can be. Checking your rate only takes a few minutes!
Xbox had a week of price and launch date announcements they didn’t plan for, but somehow managed to still pull off with impressive results. In the midst of this historic week in the battle for next-gen supremacy, Ubisoft tries to steer the focus away from their internal mistakes and on to a few big end-of-year releases, and Nintendo drops some musou news worth celebrating.00:00:58 - Corrections00:03:23 - Silver Lining00:04:32 - Ubisoft Forward00:21:40 - Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity00:33:07 - A Word From Our Sponsor00:36:17 - Xbox Series S Announcements00:48:37 - Xbox Series X Announcements01:00:07 - EA Play Coming to Game Pass01:04:47 - Also This Week...01:09:56 - L&R - Too Good at Tony Hawk01:16:38 - L&R - Game: Guess That Gaming Engine01:20:24 - L&R - What games need random dice rolls?01:24:17 - L&R - What gaming memoirs do we want?01:29:05 - Time for Bets 01:34:31 - ClosingGet $100 of free delivery credit for your first SEVEN days when you download the Postmates app and use code EASYALLIES.Go to to get a one-month free trial of everything you need to start your skincare journey at home!
Nintendo wants you to buy more Mario games on the Switch (in the next 6 months, specifically), Sony hopes you’ll pick up more PS4 games on PC, and Nvidia has new graphics cards to put on your shopping list. To celebrate the prospect of these new purchases we revisit Press Release Me and the language we use to make a quick buck.00:01:01 - Corrections00:03:43 - Silver Lining00:05:01 - Mario's 35th Annivesary Direct00:41:22 - A Word From Our Sponsor00:47:20 - Nvidia's new graphics cards01:06:30 - Sony wants more PS4 games on PC01:13:47 - Press Release Me01:21:39 - Also This Week...01:27:49 - L&R - Ever had accessibility issues in a game?01:36:17 - L&R - Game: Avenger or Not-us League?01:41:12 - L&R - Obscure memories, literally01:43:02 - Time for Bets 01:49:00 - ClosingGo to and use code EASYA for 10% off today!Go to to get 20% off your Amazon Smart Lighting Bundle!
gamescom Opening Night Live kicks off a big week of gaming updates while also sun-setting the Summer Game Fest. We run through most of the 40+ games of the show while still reeling from finally seeing the 2 big Batman announcements, coping with Rocksteady’s ongoing allegations, and understanding Nintendo’s sneaky Directs. 00:00:48 - Corrections 00:02:11 - Silver Lining 00:03:28 - gamescom Opening Night Live 00:54:48 - A Word From Our Sponsor 00:59:55 - Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights 01:14:21 - Rocksteady Studios harassment accusations 01:24:37 - Nintendo Direct August Partner Showcase 01:37:06 - Also This Week... 01:45:27 - L&R - Opinions on damage numbers 01:51:26 - L&R - What IPs would you want to buy? 01:53:49 - L&R - What do you watch in the background? 01:56:06 - Time for Bets 02:03:18 - Closing 02:04:50 - Producer Credits Go to and use code EASYA for 10% off today! Go to to learn how you can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G for free and go to to download the MARK AR app!
Some of our favorite franchises are in danger as Bloodlines 2 lets go of its Lead Writer and Forza Horizon 3 gets de-listed. After learning we’ll someday have to turn our Oculus accounts in for Facebook profiles, we have to cheer ourselves up with some jolly Nintendo Indies and an extra helping of Love & Respect. 00:00:41 - Corrections 00:03:51 - Silver Lining 00:06:42 - Bloodlines 2 Lead Writer Fired 00:19:00 - Facebook required for Oculus 00:29:49 - A Word From Our Sponsor 00:32:03 - Forza Horizon 3 to be de-listed 00:42:57 - Nintendo Indie World 00:56:00 - Also This Week... 01:04:09 - L&R - Flight Simulator mapping in other games? 01:11:45 - L&R - Pitch It or Ditch It? Hardware Edition! 01:16:26 - L&R - Your last 2 games fused into one 01:19:34 - L&R - Furthest you've gone to play a game? 01:25:26 - Time for Bets 01:30:57 - Closing 01:34:14 - Battletoads Bet Get 15% off your order at
This week we weigh the financial impact of some big plays in the industry. Epic Games goes to war with Apple, Halo Infinite sets a new course for 2021, EA Executives ask for way too much money in raises, and Control shows us how not to announce a next-gen version of a current-gen game. 00:00:43 - Corrections 00:03:25 - Gaming Gladiators 00:08:46 - Epic Games vs Apple 00:30:23 - Halo Infinite Delayed to 2021 00:46:20 - A Word From Our Sponsor 00:48:56 - Control Ultimate Edition 01:02:51 - EA Execs voted out of getting raises 01:11:08 - The Story of The Weddle Grab 01:16:07 - Also This Week... 01:24:23 - L&R - What's up with Monster Hunter? 01:27:53 - L&R - What demos made the wait harder? 01:30:03 - L&R - Game: Eventually Great? Or Just Real Late? 01:33:06 - Time for Bets 01:39:04 - Closing Go to to get a one-month free trial of everything you need to start your skincare journey at home!
Sony had a wild week, pulling our attention between Spider-man, PS4 controllers, and a fully-stacked August State of Play. Also GDC goes online, xCloud goes offline on iOS, and Nintendo reports more record hardware and software sales. 00:00:42 - Corrections 00:03:22 - Gaming Gladiators 00:05:08 - August State of Play 00:24:03 - Spider-man's Avengers Exclusivity 00:38:55 - PS4 controllers won't play PS5 games 00:48:30 - xCloud won't work with iOS 00:57:02 - Game Developer Conference 2020 01:03:45 - Also This Week... 01:12:36 - L&R - How do you practice music? 01:15:24 - L&R - Game: Timesplitters 2 01:20:14 - Time for Bets 01:25:25 - Closing Get $100 of free delivery credit for your first SEVEN days when you download the Postmates app and use code EASYALLIES.
This week was full of success stories to celebrate: Eiyuden Chronicle’s breakthrough Kickstarter, Ghost of Tsushima’s record-breaking sales, the mesmerizing chaos of Fall Guys, and the entirely unpredictable return of G4. 00:01:11 - Corrections 00:03:52 - Gaming Gladiators 00:06:14 - Eiyuden Chronicle Kickstarter 00:21:38 - Ghost of Tsushima Sales 00:33:21 - G4 is back in 2021 00:57:56 - Grounded 01:09:06 - Fall Guys 01:15:34 - Also This Week... 01:26:28 - L&R - Difficulty vs Load Times 01:30:20 - L&R - Game: Which Game Currency? 01:34:07 - Time for Bets 01:39:39 - Closing 01:41:32 - Producer Credits
Halo Infinite gameplay has finally been revealed, leaving goofy memes and jumbled expectations in its wake. We parse through the last of the summer’s E3 events including the rest of the Xbox Games Showcase, the first Nintendo Partner Direct Mini, and a second Day of the Devs. 00:00:51 - Corrections 00:02:14 - Gaming Gladiators 00:04:40 - Xbox Games Showcase 00:45:27 - A Word From Our Sponsors 00:49:07 - Day of the Devs July 01:03:33 - Nintendo Partner Direct Mini 01:22:50 - Also This Week... 01:19:14 - L&R - Let's talk scotch 01:21:15 - L&R - Tsushima NPC walking pace 01:22:37 - L&R - Ben's purchased games update 01:24:24 - L&R - Game: DOOM Trophy or Rock Song? 01:27:32 - Time for Bets 01:31:52 - Closing Get 15% off your order at Get 20% off your first monthly box when you sign up at and enter the code ALLIES at checkout!
Ubisoft had a busy week, letting go of a few executives and leaking some announcements. Devolver, Valve, and Stadia all showed us what projects they have on the horizon, and there are plenty of updates from Xbox for xCloud, the Xbox One console production timeline, and a “couple of years” of cross-console promises. 00:00:42 - Corrections 00:04:31 - Gaming Gladiators 00:07:26 - Ubisoft Executives Resign 00:14:18 - Ubisoft Forward Games 00:25:32 - Devolver Direct 2020 00:35:43 - Xbox Series X Updates 00:50:43 - What's Next for Valve 01:00:12 - Stadia Connect Games 01:11:47 - Also This Week... 01:21:21 - L&R - Candy eating habits? 01:25:12 - L&R - Game: July 2020 Predictions 01:30:06 - L&R - Old Conference Reactions 01:31:50 - Time for Bets 01:37:22 - Closing Go to to get a one-month free trial of everything you need to start your skincare journey at home!
Sony is investing millions in Epic Games, and Microsoft is hoping the hype surrounding their next Xbox Game Showcase pays off. Also, is it our fate to be purchasing $70, digital-only, games in the near future according to recent decisions made by 2K and Capcom, or are these just signs of further change coming to the industry? 00:00:40 - Corrections 00:02:17 - Gaming Gladiators 00:05:03 - Sony invests $250m in Epic 00:12:47 - Xbox Games Showcase dated 00:28:06 - The prospect of $70 games 00:40:39 - Capcom's Game Sales are 80% digital 00:52:59 - Also This Week... 01:07:54 - L&R - How important are new assets? 01:12:52 - L&R - Game: Real or Fake Wonders 01:15:22 - L&R - What games will make you cry? 01:16:45 - L&R - A 100% dynamic future? 01:22:14 - Time for Bets 01:28:10 - Closing
The news that Xbox is going to let us try out 60 or more upcoming games from the comfort of our own homes, and Sony is re-investing in independent games with a new initiative for the PlayStation, helps brighten our spirits after Evo 2020 is canceled following yet another allegation of sexual misconduct in the games industry. 00:00:50 - Corrections 00:02:34 - Gaming Gladiators 00:05:30 - Xbox Summer Game Fest Announced 00:26:30 - PlayStation Indies initiative 00:50:02 - New Video Game to TV Adaptations 01:11:35 - EVO 2020 Canceled 01:29:31 - Also This Week... 01:37:03 - L&R - Message to Publishers/Developers? 01:39:17 - L&R - Game: Timesplitters 01:44:17 - L&R - What game would make a good musical? 01:46:40 - Time for Bets 01:51:45 - Closing
It’s a season of big change. Xbox ditches Mixer for Facebook Gaming, a wave of abuse accusations rattle the industry, and more events introduce more games coming in 2020. 00:00:50 - Corrections 00:02:14 - Gaming Gladiators 00:03:56 - Mixer dissolves into Facebook Gaming 00:24:39 - Abuse allegations across the industry 00:35:58 - A Word From Our Sponsor 00:40:04 - Q3 2020 Preview - July 00:55:28 - Q3 2020 Preview - August 01:08:58 - Q3 2020 Preview - September 01:16:12 - Summer Game Fest 6/22 01:22:44 - New Game Plus Expo 01:29:20 - Also This Week... 01:32:34 - L&R - Still wearing pants? 01:34:32 - L&R - How much game is too much? 01:40:32 - Time for Bets 01:46:59 - Closing 01:50:58 - Sponsor Credits Get 20% off your first monthly box when you sign up at and enter the code ALLIES at checkout! Get 15% off your order at
The last 7 days it finally felt a little like E3. Guerrilla Collective, PC Gaming Show, Future Games Show, and EA Play Live show us more games than we can count. We look at each event and try to figure out what worked and what didn’t, before asking how many billions we’d spend on WB Games. 00:00:56 - Corrections 00:02:54 - Gaming Gladiators 00:04:08 - EA Play Live 00:18:40 - Guerrilla Collective 00:32:16 - PC Gaming Show 00:49:53 - A Word From Our Sponsor 00:54:01 - Future Games Show 01:01:59 - AT&T Plans to Sell Warner Bros Interactive 01:14:00 - Also This Week... 01:24:48 - L&R - Other Sony IP to get smaller games? 01:28:13 - L&R - Do Wishlists help Developers? 01:33:35 - Time for Bets 01:38:36 - Closing Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code ALLIES20 at That’s 20% off with free shipping at, and use code ALLIES20.
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