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What You Need to Know is Nancy Pelosi is feeding the frenzy of the feminist left with a pure political show. This is all about unrestricted abortion at taxpayers’ expense. ERA is a terrible idea that would destroy women’s sports and organizatio
What You Need to Know is the true believers in Team bernie world are winning (thanks to AOC) and they won’t give in to Bloomberg’s billions. New Hampshire has sealed the deal: Biden and Warren are done.  Mike Davis of the Article 3 Project tel
What You Need to Know is the biggest loser is Joe Biden. New Hampshire has made clear: Joe Biden is done. Bloomberg is done (except for cheap ads he can air). The old guard is losing the Democrat Civil War and getting beaten badly. Also, visit
What You Need to Know is Trump is surging and the GOP is united on policy and politics. By contrast, the Dems are a mess. A report on New Hampshire and the current state of the parties and their primaries.  Dr. Brett M. Decker talks about Chin
What You Need to Know is everything is going in the right direction, but there’s still evil in the world. Another jobs report, more above-average numbers to end a winning week. From Pelosi to the coronavirus cover up in China, evil is afoot acr
Today is a great celebration of winning against the Deep State and wicked people in Congress who hate America and the Constitution. BUT — What You Need to Know is they won’t stop and the Constitution is supposed to protect us … but what if our
What You Need to Know is Trump keeps winning: SOTU and Impeachment. However, there are some really bad actors on the other side of “we the people” - Pelosi and Romney. Unfortunately, they are evil geniuses!  Shak Hill gives us an update on Vir
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What You Need to Know is the impeachment fails — many Senators deserve our thanks in stopping this waste of time. Romney, however, has solidified himself as a traitor and a loser. The American people don’t want to see these games anymore — it’s
What You Need to Know is America is great because of her people!  And there is nooone who is more Pro America than Clarence Thomas. Michael Pack joins me to talk about his film Created Equal - Clarence Thomas in his own words.  Steve Mosher of
What You Need to Know is Brexit is spreading into a worldwide movement. And it’s not stopping! Raheem Kassam joins us to talk about about Brexit Day — a promise made, promise kept.  Calvin Freiburger tells me about a Missouri bill would let pa
What You Need to Know Mitt Romney is a traitor and must be stopped. He is privately and even openly campaigning to keep the baseless, sham impeachment going to damage President Trump. All hands on deck.  Gary Glenn — former head of AFA Michiga
Andrea Kaye discusses impeachment, John Bolton, and what’s going to happen this week in the Senate.  Steve Cortes, host and spokesman for Trump’s America First PAC, walks us through the whole Charlottesville hoax gives us the truth. Years late
What You Need to Know is Pro America means Pro-Life, and today was a big pro-life day! Of course, the media doesn’t cover it, but it was an extraordinary gathering of people. President Trump made a historic appearance and a wonderful speech. Ab
What You Need to Know is impeachment is a distraction — a shiny object. The real story is the Civil War within and implosion of the Democratic Party. The new left radical socialists — are gunning for Biden and the old guard. Hillary, Biden, and
What You Need to Know is this impeachment is a shame. It’s dragging a great institution and our great republic through the muck. BUT while we watch this stupidity, we are being over run - we are losing our nation. Immigration is still the most
What You Need to Know is this impeachment is an act of political revenge. It’s not based on the Constitution, facts, or the law — it’s pure political revenge. The good news: looks like Republicans are sticking together. Even IF everything Dems
Andrea Kaye talks about the Senate and Trump’s impeachment trial. What You Need to Know is the media is trying to protect Biden by attacking Trump’s wealth, but it’s a lie. Trump and his company have lost billions since he took office. The Bide
What You Need to Know is the Senate impeachment trial kicks off. Sen. The Dems wanted a spectacle, and they’re about to get one — Trump wins… again. Their dog and pony show transmitting the articles of impeachment to the Senate was met with fac
What You Need to Know is an explanation of Trump’s Deals Deals Deals! - a mutually beneficial way toward progress. President Donald Trump is the first president in our lifetime who knows how to negotiate with nations around the world, to Americ
What You Need to Know is first half of China deal signed today — directionally right, but lots to do. It’s a good start to stop currency manipulation and intellectual tech theft. Also, impeachment is so lame that even Pelosi can’t explain it. T
  What You Need to Know is today we had two major impeachment announcements from Pelosi and McConnell, and no one seemed to care. Meanwhile, we’re seeing the first volleys of the Democrat Civil War. The remaining candidates are taking their co
What You Need to Know is we should dislike cheaters and like it when they get caught. Margot Cleveland uncovered a previously unnoticed bombshell from the Inspector General report. The FBI and Department of Justice may have themselves worked wi
What You Need to Know is the economy is up, up, up! Jobs numbers Friday were spectacular, and the media is struggling to find ways to criticize it. Numbers to watch as economic indicators are four total: Dow Jones Average, unemployment rate, co
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