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Our guest in this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast is James O’Connor. He is a success and leadership coach at Elite Team Leadership where he works with a wide range of sports and athletes to help them improve their results in their chosen field. He is also host of the JocX podcast.
In this podcast, I'll interview Bevan McKinnon. Bevan is an elite level triathlete, a triathlon coach and co-host at Fitter Radio – a podcast that features professional triathletes and triathlon coaches.
Bobby McGee has 31 years of coaching experience. He started intensely coaching triathletes in 2002. He has coached the Olympic champion in Atlanta in a marathon. He also coached some age group race walkers, some amateur race walkers to world titles and then the last decade has been full on with the triathletes.
In this Podcast, we are going to talk about how Andrew Read sees strength and conditioning playing a part of endurance sports, goals versus systems, the process to building strength up for someone who’s just beginning, the habits that have the biggest impact on health and the right approach to health, fitness and well-being.
In this episode of the Effortless Swimming Podcast, our guest is Performance Coach Chris Ritter. He has worked with a wide range of athletes - youth, masters to Olympic gold medalists. He works closely with Cullen Jones - 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist and American World Record Holder. In this podcast we'll talk about: - specific exercises if you're a master swimmer or triathlete - how to improve your performance in the pool by using dry land training - how to progress through different exercises if you don't have a background in strength training - how strength training can add power without the muscle gain
In this episode of The Effortless Swimming podcast, our guest is Mark Breadner. Mark has done a lot of work with the Australian team in relation to some strength and conditioning work, some mindset training. Mark is going to talk about that and how you can implement it into your own swimming and triathlon training to help improve your performance.
Gary Barclay of is the author of Swimming for Parents – a book about how to best support your child in swimming. In this episode of The Effortless Swimming podcast Gary will talk about how to raise a champion swimmer.
In this podcast episode, I will talk to John and Bevan from The reason why I want to have them on is because majority of the listeners of this podcast are triathletes and a number of people I have spoken to who have listened to their podcast said they are outstanding so I thought I have got to check them out. They are 2 New Zealand guys talking about Ironman. Really just having a good time talking about triathlon and Ironman.
Russell Smith is the current age group triathlon world champion in Olympic distance & Asia Pacific age group champion in Ironman.  He has been using the Effortless Swimming Workouts as part of his training program.  In this podcast, he will talk about how he is using the Effortless Swimming Workouts to succeed in triathlon.
  In this episode of the Effortless Swimming Podcast, we'll find out why you run out of breath at the end of the lap and how you can change it so that you are swimming easier, you are more relaxed and you are not gasping for air every time you touch the wall.
In this episode of The Effortless Swimming Podcast, I am going to interview my friend, Jon Muller. In the last couple of weeks, he finished writing a book about swimming which explains and describes it in a way that hits the nail on the head. Jon explained how most swimmers and triathletes feel when they get in the water. So in this podcast, Jon will explain how he came about in writing his book - The Zen of Swimming...
Today’s guest is ultra-marathon swimmer, Chloe McCardel. She has successfully completed a triple crossing of the English Channel. This is something that hasn’t been done by anyone for the last 25 years. She’s the fourth person in history to do it. In this episode, we’ll look at what she did differently this time in crossing the English Channel in comparison to her first 2 attempts her day-to-day life and how she brings herself up to the pool or ocean to swim what Chloe is doing now to get other swimmers swim across the English Channel
In this Podcast, Clayton Fettell talks about technique, strength training, some of his favorite workouts and how he sees swimmers being able to breakthrough their speed barrier and really take that next step with their swimming.
In the first episode we chat with Olympic backstroker Ashley Delaney. He reveals: How he got started in swimming by accidentThe one thing he changed in his diet to drop two kilos in weight and start swimming faster times in trainingSmall things he focuses on each lap that made him one of the best underwater kickers Australia has ever seenOne change that you can make in a race to conserve your energy and have more speed and power at the end of every race Ash and I lived together for a year when he was in his final year at high school. He then moved to the Australian Institute of Sport to train and has now moved back to Melbourne, Victoria. Ash has won medals the the Olympics and World Championships in backstroke.
Tim Ballantine is a full-time endurance coach and the owner of Koa Sports. In this episode, he shares about being a coach, finding your passion, not having all the answers and intensity in training. 02:56 Coaching Philosophy 05:30 "You've Got To Find What Works For You" 06:17 You Can't Be All Things To All People 07:01 "It's Not The Words, It's How You Say Them" 09:25 "If You Don't Like It, You're Not Going To Last Very Long" 10:31 There Is No Cookie Cutter Here 14:48 Swimming As A Barrier To Entry In Triathlon 19:02 Coaching Remotely 20:18 "Don't Be Afraid To Say That You Don't Have All The Answers" 24:20 Injecting Intensity In Swimming 31:19 There's Always Something To Work On
Marc Evans joins us in this episode to talk about the possible things you can do at your home during these times. In this episode, Marc discussed maintaining the feel of the water, the importance of mobility, stability, and flexibility. 00:38 Triathletes In Motion 02:40 It's Not The Strongest Athlete That Wins The Gold Medals 06:19 Functional Strength 06:58 Most Of The Triathletes Underswim In Volume 08:01 Having A High Elbow Catch 08:40 Sculling Your Hands In A Tub Of Water 10:10 Mobility Test 11:30 Technique Is Related To Mobility And Stability 12:43 Put Your Heart Monitors And GPS Aside 17:24 Using Therabands 18:55 If You Can Get It Right Out Of The Water, You Can Get It Right In The Water 19:18 Fingertip Wall Slide 22:42 Q Swim App 23:09 Swimm Specific Yoga 23:48 Cold Showers
Our guest today is Harriet Brown who is a World Ironwoman Champion, NutriGrain Ironwoman Series Champion, Australian Team Captain and Molokai to Oahu Paddle Board Champion. 01:26 Underwater Filming 03:10 Injury During Championship 05:14 Being Out For The Whole Season 07:18 Exercise Makes You Happy 07:51 Injury As A Positive Experience 08:54 Having Some Time Off 10:45 Considering A Career After Sports 11:59 Molokai to Oahu Paddle 14:32 Cut The Race Into Little Parts 16:20 "You Are Lucky To Be Here" 17:00 What Do You Tell Yourself To Keep You Going? 19:03 Good Races And Bad Races 20:10 You Have To Stay Present 21:20 What Do You Love About Racing? 25:03 Managing Three Sessions A Day, Six Days A Week Of Training 27:09 Sleep Is The Best Form Of Recovery 31:29 We Cope With Load Differently
01:50 Working On Soft Skills 02:44 It Comes Down To The Way They Do What They Do 03:58 Vibe And Connection Among People 05:23 Building A Team Culture 07:10 What Does Your Values Look Like? 09:00 Identfying The Actual Behaviors That Will Say "This is Who We Are" 10:05 Responsibility Is About Me, Accountability Is About Me 12:26 Love, Care And Consideration Are Important Words Too 17:35 What Can You Do Better? 20:42 Problem Solving Is An Incredible Learning Tool 26:23 Asking The Right Questions 27:54 Stop Being So Obsessed With The Physiology 31:38 Training Is From The Neck Down But Coaching Is From The Neck Up 32:41 It's All Mental At The Top Level 38:33 You Don't Want To Burn All Your Matches Straight Away 41:05 Watching People Grow 41:45 Developing The " I Can" Attitude 46:41 Online Course For Coaching
Our guest today is Michael Andrew, he is a competitive swimmer and has been the gold medalist for the 100 meter individual medley at the 2016 FINA Short Course World Championships. He is training in a non-traditional way and has pioneered the Ultra Short Course Race Pace Training. 02:32 Ultra Short Race Pace Training 07:04 Team Environment 08:01 Sessions Per Week 10:12 Constantly Adjusting 11:21 You Have To Enjoy It Inorder For It To Workout 15:27 International Swimming League 19:57 Consistency in training 21:53 Keto Diet
In today's episode, we sat down with the author of the book Your New Prime, and promoter of men's health and wellness, Craig Cooper! We talked about the active approach to maintaining your physical and mental health as you age, how to get out of complacency, and how to start thriving and making steady forward progress in life. 3:40 Passion For Health 7:06 Adjusting Your Fitness As You Age 11:40 Cultivate The Friendships In Your Life 17:58 Break Free From Complacency 21:55 The Element Of Uncertainty 23:20 Live In The Moment 25:08 Good Friendships Are Key To Positive Mental Health 28:55 Life Is Challenging For Everyone 30:03 Get Together 33:45 What's Next for Craig Cooper
My guest today is Nick Jankovskis from METS Performance. METS Performance is a Melbourne based company that help athletes with a whole range of tests that you can use to then use some data to incorporate that into how you're training, particularly for endurance athletes. Nick and I will be talking about how we easily can get caught up with all this information and how we can use this data effectively in our training. 03:22 Philosophy of METS Performance Consulting 04:45 Working With Athletes 09:52 Common Mistakes Among Athletes 17:30 Stepping Back 22:08 Variable Pace Swimming 27:59 Data and Training 34:40 Macro Perspective 40:21 Don't Get Too Caught Up with Data 48:04 It's Good To Have A Back-Up Sports 1:01:14 Making it Simple
Our guest today is Trever Gray, In this episode, we discussed about Heart Rate Variability and how you can use that to know when to be able to push yourself in training and when to back off. We've talk about how to breathe properly and how to train yourself, how you can improve your swimming performance using respiratory muscle training. And we've also talked about blood flow restriction training. 00:59 Trever Gray Introduction 02:22 What is Heart Rate Variability? 04:01 How do you measure HRV? 05:20 Overtraining or Undertraining 06:27 Using HRV Data in Training 08:17 Skepticism from Coaches 08:59 Managing HRV Data as a Coach 11:16 Is it for Everybody? 13:32 Respiratory Muscle Training 14:39 Breathing Exercise to Strengthen Respiratory Muscles 20:29 Breathing Exercises During Downtime 21:02 Blood Flow Restriction Training 23:57 How Often Can You Use BFRT? 25:25 How Safe is BFRT?
In todays episode we have Jason Key who is an age group triathlete based out of Texas. Jason shares his journey towards achieving his 1:30/100m mark.In todays episode we have Jason Key who is an age group triathlete based out of Texas. Jason shares his journey towards achieving his 1:30/100m mark. 00:56 How Jason started with Effortless Swimming.02:01 Jason's focus as an athlete. 04:54 Time Trial Average pace.05:58 Flexibility.10:21 Next Stage of Improvement.11:55 2 Beat. 4-Beat or 6-Beat Kick.14:25 Training Frequency.16:24 From 1:50 to 1:30.
Our guest today is Taren Gessell of the YouTube Channel Triathlon Taren whom we had two analysis videos. The video analysis was six months apart and over that time he really made some impressive improvements continues to get better. 01:07 How Taren started with Triathlon and YouTube 04:07 What viewers get out off from the Triathlon Taren YouTube Channel 06:05 The Hero and the Guide 07:02 Interviewing Lucy Charles 09:08 Pool and Open water swimming 09:53 Stroke Changes for Openwater Swimming 13:29 The Kick 21:46 Letting It Go 24:27 The Way You Do One Thing Is The Way You Do Everything 27:42 Focus On One Thing 33:40 " I Had To Get Slower Before I Got Faster" 43:38 Have Some Adventure 47:42 What To Expect With Triathlon Taren Taren's swim analysis on Youtube:
Our guest for today's episode is Carl Reader who is a Functional Movement Coach and a Biokineticist (Exercise Therapist). He's been helping athletes and clients move and exercise better or what is known as functionally. Join us as we discuss warm up, squats and functional movement.
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