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Welcome to the final episode of the Energy Edge Podcast. We wanted to do one last podcast to share the five lessons learned from doing this podcast:1. We’ve grown personally and professionally as the result of bi-weekly content development2. We
This is an interview with Rob and Devon Dionne of Open Sky Fitness and we discuss The Big Three of Health: Sleep / Nutrition / Fitness. Question One – 3:39 Can you walk us through some of your fitness hacks to kick start your health? Q
What comes to your mind when you hear the word REST? To most, it's a passive, have to do activity that's just part of life. A necessary evil. But what if we looked at rest as the way we look at work, what could happen if we learned to get b
So just how important is reading in the grand scheme of things especially in regards to personal development? We answer that question and many more in an interview with Jeff Brown of the Read to Lead Podcast this week. Question One – 5:
This week on episode 57 of the Energy Edge Podcast we dive into the topic of an Anchor Day. Why is it important and what it can do for your energy. We'll define an Anchor Day, three aspects of an anchor day, give numerous examples of possib
This is an interview with John Ayo and we discuss business travel, natural health, and of course, energy! John is an author of a popular business travel book that gives practical means of travel routines that make a huge difference to be ef
Energy Quarters. What are they and why do you need them? This is the question of the day. Sports uses Quarters, timeouts, and halftime to maximize the game and we're going to analyze, unpack, and apply this quarterly system to our day. He
This episode is an interview with Dr. Keith Giaquinto who specializes in chiropractic care, stress, and digestion. Mechanical care of your body is critical to have an Energy Edge but most either have misconceptions, a bad experience, or jus
When was the last time you were healthy and I mean really healthy? How long ago was the healthiest year of your life? What would you be willing to do to get back to that level? This episode we challenge you on how to get back to that very p
This episode is an interview with professional speaker, Thom Singer. We discuss the following How did you get into professional speaking? How many days a year do you speak now? You also EmCee events as well, correct? How does the ener
The holidays can be one HUGE challenge to your energy. So, what do you do? In this episode we'll discuss six ways to avoid holiday regrets at the end of the year and offer some suggestions to make the most of this season. 1. Be Realistic
Today's guest is Jeff McMahon of Total Body Construction. We dive into the topic of fitness and answer the following questions: What are the biggest excuses you hear from people in regards to fitness / physical activity? If someone
There has been more talk about adult sleep but rarely kids and sleep. We have Terry Cralle, co-author of the book, Sleeping Your Way to the Top, join us as a co-host and talk about kids and sleep. We discuss the following: 1. Why
Even numbered episodes mean one thing: Interviews. And this week, I sit down with Harriet Turk, She's had quite the journey of jobs through the years which has brought her to the point of an amazing professional speaker. We talk about
This episode is ALL about Energy Drinks. Ever had one? Do you have any idea what's really in them? How many should you have a day? Are there any long term effects? We'll dive into all the details from how large is the Energy Dr
This is an interview with David Vasquez who is the Director of International IoT Business Development at a global communication services provider. We discuss his international travel, connecting with his kids while traveling,1st day travel
We have cues or triggers all around us that alert us to do something. But what if we had triggers that remind us to do an energy giving activity? This is what this episode is all about. Trigger - a reminder or cue to take action. It’s an a
Why in the world would a traditional pharmacist completely change his style of practice? What is a 100X Life? We dive into these questions and so many more with Stephen F. Skinner in this episode. You can find Stephen at: http://www.stephe
Many people take some form of supplements even if it's a multi-vitamin. Few add some other supplements but we guarantee almost nobody is taking this certain supplement that aids in our body's digestion of food: Probiotics. In this episode
Today's episode is an interview with productivity and business travel expert, Marcey Rader. In this conversation we discuss how to travel with energy and still be productive. This author and professional speaker brought both the energy and
So, what happens when you burn yourself, whether you know what happened or not, now do you live your life from now on? Both Treva and Bryan have medically blown ourselves out and have to continue to live life after we've blown our "Energy
Welcome to Episode 040 of the Energy Edge Podcast which is an interview with Alan Stein. Alan is world-renowned basketball performance coach, corporate speaker, executive leadership coach, podcast host, and social media influencer. He
There is a momentum killer that overtakes every single one of us and it’s no respecter of persons. Someone’s age, gender, race, and nationality is subject to this momentum killer. And it shows up almost always when you’re making progress a
Sleep Problems. Can you relate? Author Dr. David Brown from Sleeping Your Way to the Top offers incredible insight on one of the few things we do almost every single day but the main difference is the quality which is often affected by sleep p
All too often, we just run out of gas at the end of the day and do little to nothing to set our day up for tomorrow. In fact, we dread starting all over tomorrow. This episode is to challenge you to end your night right to you don’t start y
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