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Episode 175: Neuromarketing Through Photography with Roger Dooley
Photographs, they can make or break a business. Roger Dooley explains why photographs are so important to the profitability of a business and explains all the neuromarketing techniques that make photographs drive profitability in your business. But there is more. Learn extraordinary neuromarketing techniques from our repeat guest, Roger Dooley.
Episode 163: Embracing the Spectrum with Kyle Graden
In this episode we interview Kyle Graden. There is over $1 trillion of untapped profits waiting if your business will embrace the opportunity of the spectrum. Kyle Graden teaches us why embracing the spectrum of people allows your business to grow profits like never before.
Episode 164: The Importance of Support with Mike Manning and Shannon Simmons
Not every business has a smooth implementation of Profit First. At least that is Mike Manning's experience. He implemented Profit First for his gym and found it wasn't working so he dumped it and found that was working even worse, so he started with Profit First again. Follow Mike's formula to properly implementing Profit First once and for all.  
Episode 177: Finding a Gap in the Market with Sarah Jones
The Introverted Alpha. Sarah Jones saw a business opportunity to help introverted men get back in the dating scene and developed a program that is wildly successful. Sarah tells us how she made her business profitable, not just by seizing an opportunity, but doing what's right. Yes, sometimes the nice guy can win.
Episode 167: Find Profit in a Competitive Industry with Ryan Ketchum and Nick Barry
Ryan and Nick explain that, even in the extraordinarily competitive industry of fitness, you can make extraordinary profits. They walk us through a special way to build a funnel that attracts the best clients and keeps them coming back for more. Improve your fitness business, or any business, in this episode of the Profit First Podcast. 
Episode 159: Elevate Your eBay Business with Betsie Bolger
In this episode we interview Betsie Bolger. There is money to be had on eBay. There is also money to be lost. In this episode of the Profit First Podcast, eBetsey, also known as Betsie Bolger, walks us step by step through the process of becoming a highly profitable eBay seller.
Episode 156: Bringing Integrity Back with Larry Winget
In this episode we interview Larry Winget. Larry shares what's wrong with damn near everything. His new book reveals the degradation of integrity and values. Larry shares specific strategies for how to bring integrity back into your business and your life and, as a result, ensure the greatest profitability your business has ever achieved.
Episode 155: Managing your Number One Client with Susan Vernicek
In this episode we interview Susan Vernicek. What if you went all in with one client? What if the profit was streaming into you for three consecutive years? Would you try to diversify or would you do more with that client? Well Susan had that exact experience and the outcome was a little different than expected. Today, Susan is more profitable than ever before. She shares the secret for managing that one client you depend on fully and a strategy to diversify to protect yourself from the potential downfall. 
Episode 152: Partnering with a Profit First Professional with Ramona Rice
Ramona Rice had a business that was growing but not profitable. She made the decision to hire a Profit First Professional and her company proudly posted its first profit within the first quarter of hiring a new coach. Ramona Rice walks us through her experience of bringing on a Profit First Professional and how she specifically implemented Profit First in her Spapreneur business. You can do the same by following Ramona Rice's profitability method.
Episode 201: What It Takes to Create a Sustainable Business with Josh Patrick
Josh Patrick joins to talk about his book Sustainable and what it actually takes to create a business that is sustainable. Listen and learn the five areas of business sustainability, why most businesses hire so poorly, and why profit is a result..not a goal.
Episode 221: Gaining Total Control of Your Money with Jesse Mecham
With the effective implementation of a budget, you can gain total control of your money, get out of debt and stop living paycheck to paycheck. Jesse Mecham will teach us the rules for thinking about your money in a whole new way in this episode of the Profit First Podcast!
Episode 214: Taking Control of Your Business with Profit First with Brittany Conner
Do you love paying your sales tax? Our guest Brittany Conner can honestly say she loves paying her sales tax. Since implementing Profit First she's excited to pay her taxes because the money is already set aside and she doesn't have to worry about incurring late fees because she doesn't have the money to pay them.  The other bonus? PROFIT! Yes, she can finally use her profit to do fun things like take her family to Disney World.  Learn how she did it on episode 214 of the Profit First Podcast!
Episode 187: Amplify Your Mind and Your Income with Kelly Ruta
Therapist turned Mindset Master, Kelly Ruta walks us through the money mindset. Get ready to amplify your mind and amplify your income. Welcome to Episode 187 of the Profit First Podcast! 
Episode 208: The Profitable Side of Conflict with Liz Kislik
Conflict may be an inevitable part of life, but you don’t have to give up on new opportunities and growth when employees don’t get along — you can accelerate your company’s progress and profitability instead! Liz Kislik helps us understand why conflict happens and how to prevent, alleviate and learn from it.
Episode 203: Using Systems to Rein in  Profit with Marina Darlow
If your business is a creative business, you can surely still be profitable.  our guest Marina Darlow explains how creative entrepreneurs can channel their ADHD gifted selves to become permanently profitable by using all things systems in their business.
Episode 245: Scaling Nonprofits with Kathleen Janus
Are you frustrated with the lack of growth of your nonprofit? Do you fear your nonprofit will never make the difference you intended it to? Our guest Kathleen Janus shows us how to successfully scale your business to have the most impact.  Welcome to episode 245 of the Profit First Podcast!
Episode 122: Write a Profitable Book with AJ Harper
AJ Harper explorse how to write a book that will be profitable because it has impact on your readers.  You are not about to discover the 20-minute method for how to write a book. Instead you are about to discover the method to writing a book that has permanent impact and will bring permanent profits to you.
Episode 118: The Youngin' in an Old Mans Business World Ft. Kieran Lynch
Kieran Lynch talks about his experience of working in the family business, the challenges he faces, the advantages his age in his company provides and everything in between
Episode 128: Drive your Profit with Storytelling with Elizabeth Barry
Elizabeth Barry talks about the power of personal brand development through storytelling.  Stories about your business can and should evolve over time to keep your audience always engaged.  As Elizabeth says, if you can’t tell it you can’t sell it. That’s how important storytelling is and there is no question that storytelling is a main driver of profit.
Episode 114: Profitable Mistakes with Josh Patrick
 Josh Patrick gives us the elements of mistake making and why they actually help make business more profitable. Discover the can do, will do, fit in rule, along with other rules to make mistakes the most profitable opportunity in your business to date.
Episode 109: Surging Towards Growth with Greg Scully
Greg Scully believes using the Surge strategy will help him since he is in a hyper niched business in Alaska and is struggling to grow. Mike Michalowicz lays out a simple formula to grow, which Greg is aware of, but doesn’t think about one element, which may be the game changer. Could it be England?
Episode 71: Online Sales and Profit Margins with Carole Rains
Carole Rains is an amazon seller facing the challenge of growing a profitable business where there is a high volume of inventory she needs to purchase. One major roadblock for Carole arose when Amazon lost her order and she had to quickly replace her inventory. In this episode we also discuss some novel approaches to addressing inventory that cost literally nothing and will make those amazon lost shipment problems dissappear. In addition we talk about profit margins and how Carole can dictate at least a 4x markup (or more!) by using simple things like a name change or packaging her products with educational components too.
Episode 96: Momentum Towards Profitability with Jason and Jodi Womack
Jason & Jodi Womack, Authors of Get Momentum: How To Start When You’re Stuck, join Mike Michalowicz and Chris Curran to talk about the importance of momentum in the workplace. Jason & Jodi discuss how having a business partner who is the polar opposite of you can be both your biggest strength and your Achilles heel, depending on how you choose to use both of your skills. They also challenge us to try the 30/30 rule: Work 30 mins/day on something that’s 30 days or more away. If you don’t have time to prioritize building profitability into your business now, what makes you think you’ll have time to do it later?
Episode 90: The Adversity of Profitability with Dr. Rob Garcia
Dr. Rob Garcia explains his life story of how he navigated out of an adverse upbringing and was able to make a extraordinary success of himself. Chock full of tips and strategies that are applicable to any entrepreneur of any level, regardless of your background.
Episode 87: Profit First in Style with Caitlin P.
Caitlin implemented Profit First and found that her business was not going the way that she anticipated… so she shut it down and decided to start up a brand new business. On this episode we coach Caitlin through a proper and quick shutdown of what’s not working, and explain how to ramp up a new business – and do it in a very successful way even you don’t have a penny to spend.
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