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Split is one of Matt's favorite movies, simply for the concept of how our mentality can directly affect the physical manifestations that take place in our body and our life. If you've been listening to this podcast at all over the course of the
Our listeners who have been with us since the beginning likely recognize this name, and anyone who is involved in the traditional masculinity space definitely knows this name. Ryan Michler was episode number 13 on the Essential 11 and it was a
If you've ever wanted to hear a conversation between two Matt Beaudreau's, this is the episode for you. Matt has been in the education space for a long time and has seen how the game is played. If you've listened to any of our other episodes, y
When it comes to creating the perfect day- the perfect routine- we often think we need to go above and beyond. We think our diets have to consist of green juice and waking up at obscene times to fit in all that we hope to accomplish. But today'
Despite the stereotypes, extremely jacked men are often so much more than meatheads. As we've seen previously with former guest, Mark Bell. Today's guest is another prime example of how discipline, hard work, and self-awareness translate into i
Perspective and leadership are everything on today's episode. It's easy to fall into feeling sorry for yourself. It's easy to avoid putting in the work because you're afraid of failure. It's easier to blame someone else. So that's the route man
The pure trap of life isn't when you're in a situation that feels like hell. Life's biggest trap is when you're comfortable. When you're in a position where you could achieve your potential if you applied yourself, but where you're at seems "go
The state of today's education system has left a lot of parents wondering what happened to allow us to get here, and what do we do moving forward? Today's guest is fighting to make a change for the kind of information that our young people are
Even at a young age, today's guest knew he wanted a real-life mission and a challenge that created real change. Grit, hard work, determination, work ethic, discipline, all things this man embodies. Mike Glover is a fighter who has an incredible
There's a lot to be said for those who manage to maintain their child-like curiosity. And that is definitely true of today's guest as you will quickly find out. This is a woman who truly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and is using a challe
There tends to be an association that culture has around incredibly muscular men that assumes that's all they are- meatheads. But today's guest very clearly defies that stereotype, being one of the biggest dudes, but also by far one of the most
Today's guest is another bucket-list mentor and this recording did not disappoint. Not only is he extremely well-accomplished, perhaps the most accomplished of any of our guests, but he also is a mission-motivated man. And that mission is to ma
Today's episode is another you can add to my list of favorites, and the young men of Apogee agree. A man inspired by comic book heroes Erin Alejandrino is a savage gentleman who exemplifies the character traits of his favorite characters and ha
Warriorship is a mindset. It is a mindset refined by action, self-awareness, self-mastery, and challenge. Few know that better than today's guest, Rafa Conde. Apogee seeks to bring back intentional refinement of masculinity, and Rafa is on a si
When it comes to winning, some people just have a mindset that the vast majority of people don't understand. Because winning repeatedly requires- not just a willingness- but an eagerness to face challenges again and again that most people can b
For some, entrepreneurship is just in their DNA. But in the case of today's guest, his DNA set him up to be a record-breaking endurance athlete. Zach jumped on a call with the young men of Apogee and talked about how having the right mindset, a
In a day and age where "Entrepreneur" has become the trendiest thing to be, today's guest affirms that not everybody is cut out to be an entrepreneur. In fact, the traits that make someone best-suited to be an entrepreneur are things that we're
Today's guest really poured into the young men of Apogee. He talks about his experience growing up without a father and how that got him searching for a tribe in all the wrong places. That set him down a path that took some hard-hitting experie
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"Pivot" is the name of the game in today's episode. Our guest certainly has a deep understanding of what it's like to not have things work out the way you planned them. Phil Daru from a young age had wanted to play professional football and som
Listeners, you will not find a better masterclass on fear than this episode of The Essential 11. Today we are joined by the absolute master Tony Blauer and it is not an understatement when I say the men of Apogee and I were absolutely enthralle
Today's guest is a man who truly embodies the American dream. Bedros Keuilian came to America at a young age, escaping a communist country, and has lived his life in pursuit of challenge and growth. When he had his son, he saw a gap in the deve
There is no kind of mentality quite like the mentality of an athlete. And that is exactly the kind of guest that we have on today. Jason Khalipa is a huge voice in the world of Crossfit and it was an incredible privilege to have him on the podc
Today's guest is not only arguably one of the best- most innovative artists in the world. But he is also a spectacular human being. A local of Sacramento, David Garibaldi has raised over 6 million dollars for charity through his art. And he's n
Bryan Callen brings so much energy to this call with the men of Apogee. This episode goes on my list of top 5 episodes. I'm also not afraid to admit it. I messed up. And as a result, the audio quality of today's episode is not up to par with wh
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