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Can a career that was once fulfilling all of a sudden feel out of alignment with your values? Whether you say yes or no, this is was happened to Kevin Laylor. This guest loved his job as a business analyst, but over time he felt he needed to ma
Is it possible to feel peace even when you're life seems like complete chaos? Today's guest has felt that peace even when working multiple jobs and taking care of her kids while her husband works long hours. You might be facing feelings of mayh
Are you bound for an unsuccessful life if life hasn't dealt you a good hand? It might feel like it at times, but today's guests prove that you have it within your power to take control of your life and create success, even when life doesn't jus
How do you explain yourself to recruiters when you feel like you're unqualified for the position? This worry comes up a lot, especially when it comes to making a pivot to a new industry. But there's a better way you can talk about your experien
There's a lot of different ways to figure out what you're passionate about, but here's one perspective you may not have tried taking. It will help you to identify your core strengths that you've had from since you were young. For more resources
When I first heard the idea that your thoughts create your results, I kind of brushed it aside as if it's just another one of those "fluffy" feel-good catch phrases that people use. But there's something I read that completely changed my perspe
You might feel like you really want to make a career change, but do you actions reflect that? You'll never confidently make a career transition until you go out and do something about it. In this episode, I share about a brand new community of
You might not think about it much, but who you were as a child can give a lot of insight into what you should be doing for a career as an adult. How? Well, today's guest teaches people all around the world about the benefits of learning how to
Some people have a slightly different perspective on what a career is and how to create one. Everything I talk about in this podcast revolves around having the right definition. So in this episode, I set the record straight so that you can move
You'll never figure out your next career move until you GET OUT there and take action. In this episode, I share 5 ways you can start taking action today. I promise you that you will feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders as you start impl
What does choosing your career and choosing your wedding dress have to do with each other? Much more than you might think, actually! I learned a lot from my wife's experience when she had to choose her wedding dress and the experience she is ha
You'll never confidently choose a career until you take action. Stop window shopping and get out there! In this episode, I dive deeper into what you can do to network with people and discover a career you can successfully transition to. For mor
Why would someone leave a career on Wall Street to become a career coach? It's all in the pursuit of creating a career that brings purpose and meaning every day you go in to work. Jena Viviano has set out to help others take their career to the
Creating a vision of what you want to achieve in your life is important, especially when you encounter obstacles, challenges, or negative feedback as you progress in life. In the second step of my 3 Easy Steps to Know Your Interests workbook, y
In episode 79, we talked about the root cause of why you might be struggling to make tough decisions in your life. Now, we want to get more specific in how you can become better at making decisions so you can confidently make tough choices thro
There's actually a very good reason that you probably have a hard time making decisions, especially when it comes to those big life decisions like who to marry, what career to choose, or where to live. In this episode, we dig into the root caus
Not sure what you're interested in or what your passion is? This is what keeps a lot of people from making the switch to a new career. In this episode, and episodes 081 & 082, I will be expanding on each of the steps of the FREE workbook that w
Even when you drop out of a graduate program, you can create a successful career for yourself. When James dropped out of his PhD program, he didn't have a clear direction on what he wanted to do with his life, but he knew he wanted to do someth
"Do I really want to leave a job that I’m comfortable in – even if it regularly drains me? What if this is just a phase of dissatisfaction and I’ll regret making a permanent switch in careers?" I got these questions from someone who has been th
Nobody likes getting told they aren't doing a good job. Criticism is the worst. But if you can look at criticism from a new perspective, it can accelerate your growth in your career and your life. For more resources on careers and how to discov
This might not be something you've thought about before, although maybe you're much smarter than me. But every industry seems to have their own level of professionalism. What is seen as professional around lawyers is probably different than gra
What are you responsible for and what is the responsibility of your coach, mentor, friend, trusted family member, whoever helps you in your life right now? All throughout your life, you will face moments of tough decisions. It will feel as if y
The fear of leaving a steady career is real. There's fear of what you are leaving behind and fear of what you will encounter. But you can overcome that fear. You don't have to be special, you just have to know what you want in your life. Tanya
Do you ever feel that pressure that you HAVE to have a plan for your life? I feel that all the time! So what do we do? We fill in the blanks with a bunch of made of crap so we feel better about ourselves and we can finally explain to people wha
Staying within the realm of comfort will almost never yield the results you REALLY want for your life. It's is only when you place yourself in an state of discomfort that your mind and body are challenged, forcing it to see what you're really m
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