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Episode from the podcastThe Evolved Caveman w/ Dr. John Schinnerer

It’s Not Always Irritability, Sometimes It’s Depression (Or What’s Beneath Your Annoyance/Anger/Disgust/Contempt/Stress?)

Released Monday, 6th September 2021
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What lies beneath your annoyance? Why are we all so darn irritated? How do we get beyond it? How do we minimize the negative emotions so we can get to spending more time in positive emotions (like happiness)? 

The new science of emotions has shown that core emotions provide a clear and direct path to happiness, physical and psychological well-being. Everyone can learn to deal with emotions effectively, channel them for the good of themselves and others, and improve how they feel and live! This is a foundational piece of a happy life. 

Rather than looking at psychological symptoms as evidence that someone is "broken," we can now look at symptoms as non-verbal communications that tell us something is wrong and needs to be addressed from a standpoint of compassion and curiosity. In most cases, people have lost touch with their core essential being - their sense of self.

Why do we lose touch with our core selves? As children, we all have the job of adapting to our families, our peers, our communities and our culture. We sacrifice self-expression to stay in the good graces of those we need. This is essential for survival. But when we deny, thwart, or exclude too much of our authentic selves to maintain our connection to others, we can fail to thrive. Fearing we won't be loved and accepted as our true selves - flaws and all - we teach ourselves to hide our true feelings. All this survival behavior leads to chronic shame, anxiety and sometimes, depression. 

Our feelings are a compass for living, informing us about what we want and don't want, about who turns us on, what excites us, what hurts us. Ignoring emotions leads to stress, anxiety and difficulty finding joy and peace - a feeling of loss of self.

It doesn't have to be this way! We can all live life with greater happiness, meaning and connection. How? By getting to know our emotions. That is what The Change Triangle is all about: it's a map back to the true self, and ultimately, happiness. Join Dr. John for a transformational talk with Hilary Jacobs Hendel, author of It’s Not Always Depression. 

Hilary Jacobs Hendel Bio

Hilary holds a M.S.W. with Clinical Concentration from Fordham University. She studied at The Institute For Contemporary Psychotherapy and has a private practice in New York City. She was the mental health consultant for the hit TV show Mad Men

Hilary has a passion for helping people become their authentic selves. Being "real," or authentic leads to greater connection, compassion, calm, creativity, courage and confidence. One of her main tools is "The Change Triangle -" a map to finding the true self. It helps people become reacquainted with core feelings like anger, sadness, fear, joy, and excitement. And it has helped many people recover a vital, more engaged, more authentic self.


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