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Episode from the podcastThe Evolved Caveman w/ Dr. John Schinnerer

Why Are We Feeling So “Bleh” Right Now?

Released Monday, 18th October 2021
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Dr. John on languishing on The Evolved Caveman Podcast

Most of us are feeling frequently “bleh” lately. It’s an epidemic. This feeling of bleh is known as languishing. And it pays to know about it. So you can get out of it more quickly.

Languishing is defined as to lose or lack vitality; grow weak or feeble; or suffer from being forced to remain in an unpleasant place or situation. It’s not that we are completely drained of energy. We can still do things. It’s not being depressed. We still have hope. We just feel aimless, wandering, adrift, joy-less. Things feel empty. It’s feels a bit dissociative, as if we are walking through a dream, as if we are not entirely in our body, as if our reality isn’t quite real. As we languish, many of us turn towards quick fixes to feel some sort of positive emotions. So, you may be drinking more booze or smoking more weed or watching more porn or eating more food and exercising less. So, what is it and what can we DO about it?

Join Dr. John on The Evolved Caveman Podcast talking about the Emotion of the Year for 2021 - Languishing. A 17-minute solo cast. 

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