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Join Katie, Chase, and Juliana in this one-time-only reunion of the Talking Tolkien crew!
I am glad that you're here with us, listeners, here at the end of all things. Join Katie and Jonathan as we discuss what it means to have read the Silmarillion, the Hobbit, and the Lord of the Rings—what we've discovered that we never noticed b
We finally watch the last movie in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, and Katie and Jonathan have a lot to talk about. The movie makes a lot of changes—some good, some bad, and some just for the sake of movie magic.
The final chapter of the Lord of the Rings has been read and Jonathan, Katie and Chase have completed what they set out to do. They follow Frodo and Sam as they rebuild the Shire after the events of the pervious chapter and tie up the loose end
growing in the Shire. You can find more episodes on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. Also, please check out our Patreon page.
The hobbits and Gandalf continue on towards the Shire. However, they have to make a stop in the village of Bree to talk with a certain owner of a certain Pony themed inn. Jonathan, Katie and Chase discuss these events along with chance meetings
The end of the Fellowship has finally arrived. The day all dread is here and it takes the form of marching back through Rohan, Isengard and eventually arriving in In Rivendale. Jonathan, Katie and Chase Talk about this bitter sweet time and the
The king is returning to Minas Tirith with the Fellowship of the Ring in tow. Meanwhile, two people still in
And like that, the dark lord of Mordor, Sauron, was gone from Middle-Earth. The Fourth Age has dawned, and our heroes get some well earned rest, but much awaits the Fellowship of the Ring in this new world without war. Jonathan, Katie and Chase
Sam and Frodo reach the slopes of Mount Doom, bur Frodo is far too weak to climb the volcano. The Ring is too much of a burden on his mind. What is Sam to do other than pull Frodo to the top and becoming the real hero of Middle-Earth. Katie and
This week, Sam and Frodo trudge through the land of darkness towards Mount Doom. However, they and Jonathan, Katie and Chase make some revelations about the land of Mordor along the way. This includes water and plant life. What other secrets co
Sam steps into Mordor and it is a sight to behold. The land is churning and dark, but he can not dwell on these things for long. He still has master Frodo to save from a nearby tower. Jonathan, Katie and Chase Discuss the first chapter of the f
Gandalf, Aragorn and the remaining Fellowship of the Ring march to the Black Gate of Mordor to force Sauron to atone for his crimes against Middle-Earth and to give Frodo some much needed time. Jonathan, Katie and Chase discuss these event from
The battle of Minas Tirith is over and it is now time to prepare for the War of the Ring. Aragorn, Gandalf and other leaders talk in secret to figure out what their final plans will be to take down the might of Mordor for good. Jonathan, Katie
We return to Merry after slaying the Witch King as he wanders around Minas Tirith in a daze. Also, Aragorn enters the city not as a king, but rather the leader of his order of Rangers so he can make final plans and see his friends. Jonathan, Ka
The battle of Minas Tirith is getting out of Gandalf's control which leads to a difficult choice for him to make. Either go out in the field and help the riders of Rohan, or follow Pippin to stop Denethor and save Faramir. Katie and Chase lock
The Battle of Pelennor Fields is ranging outside of Minas Tirith and what started as a joyful decimation of evil has turned into a desperate onslaught. Dernhelm, Merry and Theoden encounter the Witch King of Angmar and the enemies numbers are g
The Rohirrim march ever closer to Minas Tirith which is still being attacked by the armies of Sauron and is ready to fall. After talking with the men of woods outside of Gondor, Theoden is losing heart in the face of evil. Jonathan, Katie and C
The siege of Gondor is underway as Denethor reveals his true delusional self and Gandalf and Faramir try to defend the city. Jonathan, Katie and Chase dig in deep and discuss the nature of Denethor's fall and what really kicked off Sauron's war
Rohan is now shrouded in darkness like the rest of Middle-Earth. This serves as an ill omen to the people of Rohan and a reminder that war is coming. Theoden begins his march for Gondor with Merry in tow. Jonathan, Katie and Chase join them as
Jonathan, Katie and Chase journey in to the Paths of the Dead with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimili. They venture on to discover a secret weapon that can take down the armies of Mordor. The nature of legends in Middle-Earth and Chase's annual love o
Gandalf and Pippin reach the awe inspiring city of Minas Tirith on this week's new episode which is also our first episode covering the Return of the King. It has been a long time coming, but Jonathan, Katie and Chase are on the final book of t
To round out our discussion on the Two Towers we watched and discussed the 2002 film version. We talk about pacing, jumping genres and how very special Brad Dourif is to Chase. We also get ready for starting the Return of the King next week.
We reach the final chapter of the Two Towers this week, and it is focused on Sam and the many choices that lie ahead of him. As the last member of the Fellowship marches forward, he realizes that he might not be as alone as he originally though
This week, Sam, Frodo and Gollum dive deep into Shelob's Lair and discover the horrible smells and death that lies within. Jonathan, Katie and Chase join them in the darkness and also discuss their fondness for red onions and turn of the centur
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