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Don't worry folks I will be back it will take a couple of months, because I am changing my career path, but I will be able to provide a better show and better content in the future, because of this change.  It sucks in the short term, but in th
On today's show I cover the Arizona Election Audit, address another Hunter Biden corruption case and how the CIA covered it up, and finally I debunk Russia collusion. Arizona Election Audit 2:38-16:25 Hunter Biden Was Supported 16:25-24:55 The
Biden’s disaster on the border continues, Biden’s UN speech, prepare for a climate change lock down next, Biden begs for a debt ceiling increase, and finally Facebook Has VIP accounts. The Border Conditions Worsen 1:23-10:30 Biden Not Carrying
Hillary Clinton’s lawyer indicted for lying to the fbi, Joe Biden and Barack Obama knew the Russia hoax was funded by Hillary, Biden admin tries to hide the disaster at the border, journalists threaten Nicki Minaj, I debunk the “tax the rich” n
I debunk the vaccine mandate argument, US government sending money over to the Taliban, General Milley in bed with the Chinese Communist Party, socialist propaganda at liberal award events, new inflation numbers and the Democrats Tax Proposal.
Today marks the twenty year anniversary of 9/11, Joe Biden proving himself as the tyrant and chief, we talk about a new study showing the lethality of covid 19, Chinese hackers build dossiers about Americans, and finally China to eat our lunch
State department wouldn’t allow private evacuations from Afghanistan, Fauci lied to congress about gain of function research, college football flips the bird to the establishment, Joe Rogan flexes on his haters, and the incoming tax burden from
US has no plan for Afghanistan, Leftists go apoplectic over Texas pro-life bill, more disappointing jobs numbers, social security and medicare going bankrupt, and Joe Biden opening up FBI documents related to Saudi Arabia and 9/11. Democrats A
Fallout from our pullout of Afghanistan, US considering giving aid to the Taliban, woke teachers destroying our children, and finally the man that shot Ashley Babbitt. Show Notes: Steps Taken By Joe Biden To Ruin America 1:52-13:13 Joe Biden
Bombs detonated outside outside of Kabul airport leaving 13 US military members dead, US officials provided Taliban with a list of American names and Afghan allies, Pentagon confirms thousands of ISIS-K militants released from US prisons, Nancy
White house to leave several thousand Americans behind in Afghanistan, Biden administration and other governments now recognizing the Taliban on a world stage, FBI finds that January sixth was not coordinated, and finally the Biden administrati
Taliban seize $6 million helicopters along with other US military weapons, Intel community points its finger at biden, reports Taliban has killed press family members and beaten up Americans, and the congress returns to Washington next week. S
Taliban takes over Kabul and declares ownership of Afghanistan, why Afghanistan has never been conquered, how the Biden administration is handling the situation, and finally more draconian covid lockdown measures. Show Notes: Taliban Conducting
In this final paper, Hamilton addresses the method to be prescribed in modifying the constitution, illustrating that the state government's hold the true power in terms of amendments. Hamilton also exudes the excellence of the proposed constitu
Biden administration considering covid passports for interstate travel, Border patrol apprehensions up 418%, the new proposed Jim crow in NYC, US embassy to be evacuated in Afghanistan because of Taliban threat, and finally more inflation numbe
In this paper, Hamilton addresses some of the more miscellaneous objections to the proposed constitution.  They include the cost of the proposed form of government and the absence of the bill of rights in the proposed Constitution. Please like
What is in the infrastructure bill, US government’s attack on crypto, unemployment numbers drop, and the ACLU claims the second amendment is racist. Show Notes:  What’s In The Infrastructure Bill: https://www.cnet.com/personal-finance/senate-r
In this paper, Hamilton supports the absence of a provision for trial by jury in civil cases. Hamilton cites the complexity of civil law and the differences of law in individual states. Therefore, Hamilton asserts that this power is left up to
Biden blatantly usurps his powers, Desantis strikes back, China’s harvesting of American citizens’ information, more than 7k covid positive migrants released into the country, and finally the infrastructure bill will cause a $256 billion dollar
In this paper, Hamilton illustrates the importance of concurrent judiciary powers that are instrumental in the construction of a cohesive competent national court system. Please like, share, and subscribe You have criticisms, recommendations,
The continued push for covid vaccinations, I debunk the appeal to authority complex, GOP report providing more evidence covid came from the wuhan lab, how solar panels may leave a bigger carbon footprint than gas and oil, and finally Elizabeth
This paper describes the partition of judiciary authority between different courts, and their relations, “The judicial power of the United States is to be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress, from time to ti
Biden wants to pay Americans to get vaccinated, more restrictions incoming, beta politicians disgrace themselves on 1/6 commission, CDC used false study to justify masking children, the affects of covid on your children, and the infrastructure
In this paper, Hamilton states and explains the specific objects that are to be under the jurisdiction of the federal judiciary.  The judiciary’s jurisdiction includes issues that are between states including land disputes, issues with foreign
NSA admits to unmasking Tucker Carlson, Joe Biden sent government information to his son with his private email while vice president, Biden’s UN advisor’s weird Chinese communist party ties, an American spyware company, France told America abou
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