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It happens all the time. A talented band has one member that just... they just aren't right for the kind of music they really want to make. Normally, this just gets you a mediocre band that could have been better. Sometimes, that band member le
Number two of the big four, and the one with the deepest connections to the biggest. That's right, Dave Mustaine and Megadeth. What happened to them after their big break through. Did they indulge like Metallica, or did they do the only thing t
A band having an identity crisis.  This applies to Metallica in so many ways. But, how could it be any other way.  What happens to a band of outsiders, who suddenly become the biggest band on the planet?  Well... evidently, "Load," happens.  Jo
There are a baffling, and I mean BAFFLING, number of Oscar winners in this movie. Like, it's alarming how inept a film by an Oscar winning director, with 3 Oscar winning actors, and an Oscar winning songwriter can be.  Just, with these people i
Remember how indulgent music use to be? We sure do, and we decided to take an in depth look at that with the epic Guns N' Roses video trilogy of: Don't Cry November Rain Estranged   It is a long, very long, incredibly long look at the indulgent
Finally, a movie that answers the tough questions... What if terrorist got hold of a time machine and used it to try and assassinate Jesus, prevent the resurrection by bringing his body to the present, thereby erasing Christianity from history?
Thanks to a Patreon request, we finally take a look at possibly the Irish American film. John Ford's, "The Quiet Man," with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. It's funny how much a little bit of introspection can change how you relate with a movie.
There are few movies as criminally overlooked and underrated as "Big Night." It's just a minor indie movie from the mid 90's, but it might be flashpoint for modern foodie culture.  All that nonsense aside... its just a good movie. 
Well, sometimes the last minute is kind of awesome. The stars aligned and we were finally able to introduce Nathan to Die Hard. That's right, you are about to hear from someone who had never seen Die Hard before, and we release it on the 31st a
It's the holidays, which can only mean one thing... time to subject someone to this "movie." Join us as we blindside the absolute shit out of Clarkson's friend Andrew.
Tone deaf, or just deaf deaf. We watched the Death Wish remake so you don't have to.
The further adventures of Fudd Pump and crew!
This movie could have only been made in 1985. It literally could not have happened at any other time. Join a discussion about Rambo, a movie that Jim hasn't seen since the 80's.
This might be hard to believe, but John Rambo was originally a symbol of the horrors of war. Really, he was. Whatever he morphed into, he began his life as a... a cautionary tale. Can you create a perfect soldier, ready him to handle whatever h
The Rocky film series has somehow managed to pull off a nearly impossible feat, for the second time. A lot of people may not realize this, but Rocky was not a big release when it first came out. It was a low budget arthouse film that somehow we
We didn't have to watch this. There was no reason to watch this. We were about to watch Fast and Furious 6 instead of watching this. But did we? No, we didn't. We watched this... There is so much baffling nonsense in this movie it is almost imp
It's that time of year again. The time where we take a look at one of the most baffling, poorly written and executed, intelligence insulting movies of all time. This year, because Clarkson's job is actively trying to murder him, Jim is joined b
After our longest ever hiatus, we are back! And what better way to announce our return than by watching a movie about how much absolute corruption and callus disregard for human life a human being can openly display, and still get re-elected MU
We round the corner wiht our look at the God's Not Dead trilogy (at this time, who knows how long they can keep this train running), with a movie that proves that you don't always have to save the best for last.
Welcome to our first Patreon rewards guest. Owen joins us from Australia to discuss something that BARELY counts as a movie. We are introduced to the world of writer (?) producer (?), director (?), actor (?), caterer (?) Neil Breen and his firs
We continue on Jim's insane idea of introducing Clarkson to the Fast and Furious movies by watching them in reverse order. It's a needlessly complicated and, admittedly, terrible way to do it, but... it's kinda funny.
We are testing out/introducing a new idea. We watch a movie, and then try and give a full recap in as little time as possible, while going into bizarre detail on insignificant things. Hopefully, it works.
What do you call something that goes beyond narcisistic? I mean... is there a term for unimaginably self absorbed? Well, if there is... that term applies here.
Looks like the disclaimer from the last episode still applies, so... We are back... this time, with a bit of a doozie. But, let's start with a disclaimer... this episode is not an attack on faith or religion. It is an attack on the persecution
We are back... this time, with a bit of a doozie. But, let's start with a disclaimer... this episode is not an attack on faith or religion. It is an attack on the persecution complex that has created the illusion of a "war" on religion, in part
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