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Three years ago, the first episode of The Fire Time Podcast was released. As Tim nervously hit the “Publish” button, doubts raced through his mind. Was he really ready to start a podcast? Was anyone even going to listen?  Since then, 99 episode
What if there was a process for eliminating mistakes in your business so you could grow like never before? As it turns out, there is—and you can learn all about it on The Fire Time Podcast. This season, Tim and Grant will go through the 10-Step
How do you prevent repeated mistakes in your sales process? Simply hope that they don’t happen? Or take action to diagnose and prevent them? Chances are, you’re probably just hoping—not because you’re terrible at business, but because you don’t
Want to know how to apply the information in this podcast for your business specifically? Then listen to this Q & A episode! As a wrap up to Season 6 of The Fire Time Podcast, Tim sits down to answers questions that have come in all season long
How do you make it so stupidly easy to buy from you there is no excuse not to? Believe it or not, there is a fairly systematic process to do so.  Today, Tim sits down to talk everything sales process—an art that he has spent much of his life ma
With a heavy governmental push to reduce our carbon footprint, many individuals believe that a renewably powered grid and electrifying everything is the end-all solution. Yet, the implications of such a shift often are overlooked. For example,
Your business is like a boat—if all your team members are not paddling in the same direction, you are getting nowhere. Understanding how to have company-wide clarity regarding where you want to go is critical if you want to operate effectively.
Most businesses will say, “but we've always done it that way”, to avoid making changing that are difficult and scary—especially when it come to replacing analog systems with digital in their business. Failing to take seriously the impact of goi
If you're a leader, then you know that growing yourself is the only way to grow other people—and reading is imperative to do just that. In this episode, Tim sits down to share three books he’s read in 2021 that have brought him serious value an
In a world where negativity dominates the headlines, remaining positive can be challenging. However most people miss that intentionally surrounding yourself with the right things will allow you to unlock an internal firepower.  Today, Tim talks
Business owners work too hard to see their company sell for nothing when it's time to retire. Unfortunately, this happens all the time because they don’t take the steps needed to prepare to get ready. Today, Tim talks with Julie Keyes, the own
When a challenging conversation has to be had with a customer, salespeople often struggle to be honest out of fear it won’t sit well on the receiving end. As the marketplace rapidly evolves, continuing to skew details to please customers is a p
When customers walk into a showroom, they aren't looking for the smartest person in the room—they’re looking for someone who will listen. Showing that you care about them and their situation before trying to sell them something is critical to m
If one of your best salespeople requested time off in the middle of peak season, would you give it to them? Often, this vacation time is not granted, and your salesperson is bummed out over peak season. Your business shouldn’t be run this way.
On a global scale, many governments are implementing new bans preventing combustion fireplaces from being installed in new homes. With this on the radar, business owners in our industry are naturally worried about the future of their companies.
When something goes wrong on an installation it is common for salespeople to become afraid of the customer and hide. With this approach, the customer has every right to be frustrated with you. Instead, you can be proactive and keep them in the
Most salespeople think that, in order to be a genius on the floor, they need to know all the technical information about their products. However, the majority of customers really could care less—you are selling a lifestyle not a brochure.  Tod
Trying to help your customers is the goal of every business. Accomplishing this objective often entails taking on as many opportunities as possible. Initially, this might be the right move, but over time, this can cripple your business. The tru
Is your business successful, but you’re not happy? This is often the case because business owners will work themselves to death and push their team without any cohesive direction. It doesn’t have to be this way—this episode will help you unders
Everyone knows that this year has been crazy for businesses in the hearth industry. That's why we are back with the final episode of this season to answer all of the questions that have been coming in over the last few months.  This episode wi
Having the ability to switch relationships from personal to professional without friction is a dream of many business owners. So many people will tell you to never go into business with family or friends -- but is that really true? In today's
Most dealers across the country think that having a solid sales team is the only key to selling. But often, these same dealers overlook the importance of having a well-thought-out showroom floor and a holistic customer experience. Investing ti
Most business owners aren't thinking about getting their company ready to sell until it's too late. What they miss is that preparing now helps you run a better business, in general, plus it protects you the event that things suddenly change. I
Most companies today want to get there quick when, in actuality, they need to slow down and make an investment in real relationships with their customers. In today's episode, Tim talks with Malcolm & Zack Fischer (Owner & VP of Sales at Compac
Owners and Managers across the country have a hard time leading their companies because they don't spend any of their effort on leading themselves.  In today's episode, Tim sits down to discuss the rhythms he has created to help him be effecti
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