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As founding member of group fitness juggernaut Les Mills International and previous Director of Group Fitness Programming for luxury-lifestyle brand Equinox, I have inhaled senior roles in group fitness programming, product development, global training, and people & culture. A prolific writer and sought after speaker and mentor, Emma is fluent in what happens NEXT in fitness and personal betterment. Armed with 25 years of stories you'd rather forget, Emma is a regular contributor to the International business forums, trend panels and women's events. Emma lives in Southern California with her husband Lee and their three life-long projects; Jas, Zoe, and Max. Emma delights in lighting fires under people and projects to catapult them towards their potential as you will experience in person.
In episode 325 of the Fitness Business Podcast, we’re going to be learning the Value Proposition for Making Fitness Accessible – we’ll be speaking with the Trainerize team to learn about how the app came to be, what the company looks like today, and where they’re going in the future! You’ll learn how the fitness & wellness solutions they build for their community create a 360-degree fitness and lifestyle approach. With over 20,000 fitness businesses powered by Trainerize, a community of over 200,000 coaches and over 800,000 active users, over 100,000 connected fitness apps and 25,000 workouts completed daily – this is an app you want to know more about – so be sure to stick around and have a listen!
Alan Leach currently serves as CEO, sales trainer, and director of sales and marketing for the West Wood Club, based in Dublin, Ireland. He uses his 32 years of health club and sales management experience to serve more than 36,000 health club members at seven West Wood Club locations in Ireland and Bosnia. Leach has been an avid supporter of the industry for years. At the start of his career, he grew an individual club’s membership from 700 to 3,100—establishing the club as one of the most profitable facilities in Europe. He continues to promote physical activity and the global industry as a regular speaker at countless events for fitness professionals.
Rachel Brenke, a multi-faceted entrepreneur who has created businesses from the ground-up that support the life she wants to lead. As a cancer survivor, mom of five, and TEAM USA athlete, her motto is “I get to do this” and get-to-do-this she does. Through her best-selling masterminds, top business podcast and multiple brands, Rachel blazes the way for female entrepreneurs to have a real business and a real life. She walks what she talks and “tells-all” the formulas and methods she has used to build multiple successful real businesses to have a happy, real life.
Viveka von Rosen is Cofounder of Vengreso, the largest provider of full spectrum Modern Digital Sales transformation solutions. Known as the @LinkedInExpert, she’s author of the best-selling "LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day" AND "LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand!”.  She's been named in Forbes (4 years running) as a top social media expert and is a regular contributor and has been featured in Forbes, BuzzFeed, Inc, CNN, Entrepreneur, Selling Power and the Social Media Examiner.
Eric is a 2nd generation CPA firm owner and the founder of The Fitness CPA. From 2014 to 2017 Eric was the CFO and a board member of a national fitness franchise which he helped to grow to 17 locations across five states. Prior to that Eric worked at a local CPA firm in Boulder, Colorado and a regional CPA firm in the Baltimore, Maryland area. When taking a break from accounting you'll find Eric volunteering with the Colorado Mountain Club, working out with his personal trainer, swimming laps with his swim coach, and practicing yoga.
Team Rockstar Fit was founded in 2008 by Trina Gray, a passionate leader in fitness, recognized worldwide. She’s the IDEA Leader of the Year, CEO Award winner and multi-millionaire entrepreneur. Team Rockstar Fit is a top mastermind group for women in fitness in the US, CA, UK and France. We help women partner with Team Beachbody to create a fitness income online. It’s fun and rewarding. Trina helps women smash income goals, work for themselves, set their own hours and collaborate with others. There is no need to navigate the industry alone. Partner with a best-selling brand, get coaching from a top mentor and set your career on fire. She works with personal trainers, fitness instructors, studio owners, as well as fitness enthusiasts who want to launch into the fast-growing industry. Women who seek her help do so because they need direction and are lacking the right tools and mentorship to grow. Women work with Trina because they trust her and like her reputation as a woman with integrity and strategy.
A former student-athlete and a 2x Miami University graduate, Bre Robinson currently serves as the Assistant Athletic Director for Leadership & Diversity at her alma mater. In her role, Bre serves on the executive leadership team and oversees diversity, equity, and inclusion and leadership initiatives. She's currently a doctoral candidate in the Higher Education Administration program at Bowling Green State University and will earn her PhD in May. Champions For Life, a program at Miami University facilitated by Bre Robinson, is a living testament to the enduring power of the Miami University student-athlete experience. Miami Athletics’ alumni have gone on from the classroom and the competitive arena to apply their life lessons in leadership, teamwork, integrity and tenacity to their lives and careers. They began as Champions on game day and have gone on to becomeChampions for Life.
To be the best, you must train with the best products. When you purchase an Eleiko barbell, you’re purchasing a premium, best-in-class product that will not bend. You’re partnering with a family-owned company that is known for 60 years of strength and innovation. They’re a global company that knows strength is a universal language. With the rise of commercial gyms adapting weightlifting programming, Eleiko is motivated and supportive of weightlifting being accessible to so many people – because being strong is essential to living life to the fullest. Join us for this month’s episode of The Value Proposition to learn how they make best-in-class products, where their marketing inspiration comes from to drop their dumbbells out windows for testing, and the education component that drives it all forward!
Barry’s true passion is getting to know people on a deep level, developing trust, and ingratiating that into long term personal and business relationships. As Vice President with The Elliot Group, Barry co-leads the Strategic BD/Client partner relationships efforts. Barry is sought out for his business acumen with founders, investors, and, leadership teams across the consumer space. Committed to the lifestyle/health/wellness space, Barry spends ample time in this exciting arena. The Elliot Group is an exclusive executive human search company. Our unparalleled network, built over thirty-five years, promises to deliver the human catalysts that positively impact futures. For 38 years, we've been trusted by consumer businesses of all sizes to identify and retain their next generation human capital.
Al Amador is a Principal Consultant for The Table Group and the founder and president of Amador Consulting. Al brings extensive experience from the information technology field as a director of numerous enterprise implementations as well as over two decades of keynote speaking, communication training, teaching, coaching and facilitating. Al’s specialty is bringing executive leadership teams together to work on the key areas of; trust, meaningful conflict, commitment and clarity. His company, Amador Consulting, has served domestic and international leaders for over 10 years. Al has a reputation for connecting with both technical and business leadership teams. If you go by the definition in Webster’s Dictionary, Trust is defined as a belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, or effective. Trust is everywhere, it is within our families, or marriages, our teams, our friendships, and our workplace. When trust doesn’t exist a disconnect will take place and mostly create failure. In my interview with Al, together, we will talk about not only how important trust is, but how to build trust amongst your co-workers–your team.
Lori Patterson, US Army Veteran, 36 year veteran of the fitness industry and mom of three is the CEO of VicteliB and the creator of the nation wide, group personal training program, Boot Camp Challenge®. After finishing my military tour and wrapping up college, I continued on with my career in the fitness industry. I started training clients one-on-one and in groups. And, while I loved my job , I felt something was missing. I thought how can I combine the fun, team atmosphere of group training with the added benefits of personal training AND make it affordable for everyone? And then, it hit me. I would combine the team camaraderie, group motivation and cohesiveness I learned in the Army, with the assessments, nutrition, and sciences from personal training to create a program. And, I did. And, I called it Boot Camp Challenge® (BCC). Boom!.  Fast forward sixteen years. The program, BCC, is now being launched in 25 states. We have thousands of campers experiencing our program live and over a million app users from 60 countries working out with us. So, that is my story. And, I feel super blessed to have served my country AND the fitness industry.
Lindsey Leemis is CRM & Technology Consultant for the Fitness Industry. Her focus is around membership sales, marketing & member experience. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM system allows you to manage all your club members & prospects interactions from digital sources, club touchpoints and communication with your team in a single location. CRMs help you streamline processes, connect with context and improve tracking & reporting. 
Andrea Isabelle Lucas is the owner and CEO of Barre and Soul Boutique Studios in the New England Area, she’s authored a book entitled Own It All and somehow she still finds time to be a voice for equality, diversity and positive self expression….talk about Girl Power!! Boutique owners, I have to tell you….this episode is for you! Andrea offers up her secrets to success, not only surviving while her boutiques were shut down, but flourishing on-line during shutdown! She also shares her plan for continued success moving forward. She credits her Covid business success to her teams' quick response "the change in plan" and calling on the teams' individuals talent and creativity to help her smash it out of the park when it came to on line revenue!
Grant Gamble is a best-selling Mindful Leadership Author of "The Affinity Principle", Business Strategist and Speaker who has worked with hundreds of companies across the globe, ranging from Amazon to startups. He has worked in sectors as diverse as hospitality through to wellness and healthcare.
With its 30-year history, HydroMassage may be more impactful today than ever before! The latest HydroMassage model, the Lounge – offers a VIP, luxury experience to your facility. Learn how to implement the lounge into your facility – where to place it, how to sell it, how to educate your members about it! By listening to The Value Proposition for Promoting Recovery in Your Health Clubs you will hear the science behind HydroMassage – ever wonder what it does and why it works? The team explains their customer service process and how the upkeep and maintenance on a HydroMassage product is incredibly low. You’ll hear from club owners and operators about how they use the lounges in their facilities, where they place them for optimum usage and how they designed relaxing spaces! Most importantly, you’ll learn about the two R’s: Recovery & Revenue. You’ll learn the recovery benefits to HydroMassage – do you use this before or after a workout? Our recovery expert takes us through the science of why it helps with recovery and how it makes members happy. She’ll walk us through creative ways that club owners market their HydroMassages and give you creative ideas you can easily implement. Do you run 24 hour clubs? We’ll walk through access control recommendations for HydroMassage too. The guests will explain how they bundle HydroMassage into their membership options and share how much extra revenue can truly be added to your monthly draft. They’ll tell you what pushed them over the edge and ‘made them buy’ and why you need to call HydroMassage today!
With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry (UK, US), Dr. Frances H. Mikuriya is the founder of Body Machine Performance Studio™ and SpinAddikts™, the first private indoor cycling group in London. Frances holds 4 degrees in architecture - PhD, AA School of Architecture London; MSc, Columbia University New York; MSc, University College London, and a Bachelor of Architecture, University of Texas Austin. She has also taught and lectured for 7 years in academia before opening Body Machine Performance Studio in Kensington in 2019. In addition to her training in architecture, Frances’ fitness career started in the US in the 90’s where she was one of the leading group exercise instructors in exclusive clubs including Equinox (NY) and the Sports Club/LA (San Francisco).
Derek turns task-driven managers and owners into people-focused leaders. More specifically, he helps busy managers discover who they are, decide where they're going, and design how they'll get there, so that they can more effectively lead others. Derek’s core philosophy: Intentional Self-Leadership + Inspirational Team Leadership = An Invigorating Culture. After a career of working in basketball operations at the collegiate and professional levels, he empowers others both as the director of people at a fitness club and as a leadership professor at a university. Derek founded Move Results to impact the lives of individuals, organizations, and communities. Today, he loves to inspire and influence others as a speaker and writer. Derek is the author of SHIFT: Move from Frustrated to Fulfilled.
Sherri McMillan, M.Sc. has been inspiring the world to adopt a fitness lifestyle for 30 years and has received numerous industry awards including 2010 CanFitPro International Fitness Presenter of the Year, 2006 IDEA Fitness Director of the Year, 1998 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year & 1998 CanFitPro Fitness Presenter of the Year. She is an international fitness presenter, a personal trainer, fitness columnist for various magazines and newspapers including the Columbian, author of five books and manuals including "Go For Fit - the Winning Way to Fat Loss", "Fit over Forty" & "The Successful Trainers Guide to Marketing", and featured presenter in various fitness DVDs. She is the owner of NW Personal Training and Why Racing Events in Vancouver WA.
Sara Kooperman, CEO of SCW Fitness Education and WATERinMOTION®, is a visionary leader that has transformed the fitness education community. A successful business owner and advisor, she is a keynote speaker, published author, podcast presenter and sought-after industry trail-blazer. Sara has a unique ability to share her passion and devotion towards fitness education through her humor, enthusiasm and her effervescent no-nonsense personality. She serves on the Gold’s Gym ThinkTank, was on the Women in Fitness Association Board of Directors and is a proud inductee into the National Fitness Hall ofFame. Sara has left an indelible mark on the fitness industry as a whole.
The Value Proposition is where Sarah Pellegrino chats with an industry supplier to find out the value they bring to their customers and the industry.  You will not only hear about the features of the product or service - which you can read on their websites or brochures - you will hear about the deep value and return of investment for you! As the world leader in vibration technology, people of all ages and physical abilities trust Power Plate to bring their bodies into harmony with optimal health and wellness. Along with delivering great performance for individuals and fitness facilities, medical professionals in over 100 countries use Power Plate to help their patients live life to the fullest. During August host Sarah Pellegrino spoke with the team at Power Plate US and UK (part of Performance Health Systems LLC worldwide) to learn how whether you are new to exercise, are challenged by regular movement for health reasons, or you are a recreational or professional athlete, you can use vibration technology to achieve your health or performance goals. You will hear about the medical and movement science behind vibration technology, the partnership offerings and opportunities for health clubs, and the on-going education that makes that this health-first partnership so valuable.
Mark has owned Fitness businesses since 2004 and he loves all things fitness and all things business. Sure, he has made plenty of mistakes, but he also has had many successes. He is passionate about continued learning and development. His current business, Tribe Social Fitness is the culmination of everything Mark believes in: fun, teamwork, positive culture, and continued development. Mark, focus is building outstanding Teams, being proactive with effective marketing and exploring new ways to retain members and has found this through cultivating a team fitness challenge. 
Joanna Rawbone is a lifelong learner filled with curiosity, the prospect of possibility, and gratitude. She is the founder of Scintillo Ltd., where her trainings and coaching enables people to set themselves free from their limiting beliefs, own their natural talents and optimize possibilities. More recently she established Flourishing Introverts to address the extraversion bias that exists in organizations. With over half of the world's population identifying as introverts, Joanna took it upon herself to explore and expose the costly challenges that introverts face on a regular basis.
What the new sales process should look like and what skills will salespeople need to adapt to this new process? Business operations: a) How to complete a needs analysis b) How to tour when social distancing c) How will we price present when social distancing Five actions to maximise sales
Shelley Melville, owner of Anytime Fitness in Australia, seems to have found the secret sauce to getting her members to engage in her social media posts. In this episode, she will share with you the ingredients to get your members to engage with what you are posting. Shelley explains that with consistency and a variety of posts, your club can use social media platforms as a strong tool for retention. Recruit your team to help with posts and to find the inspirational stories, within your club, so your members can see that you are real, human and that everyone has a story. Don't miss this special episode. I guarantee that you will find a few new tidbits to improve what you are posting.
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