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In this episode I discussion the conceptual problems that arise when someone attempts to affirm both Libertarian Freedom and Divine Foreknowledge. Enjoy the show!
In this episode I discuss the often parroted objection that determinism is fatalism. Enjoy the show!
Is God hidden in the book of Esther?
Does Jeremiah 19:5 count as a substantive critique of Reformed theology? Did sin really never enter the mind of God? Enjoy the show!
In this episode I discuss if the objections that Calvinism undermines Christian assurance or makes Paul's statement on the on the gospel in 1 Corinthians 15:3 a "lie."    Enjoy the show!
In this episode I respond to an interaction I had with Tim Stratton from Free Thinking Ministries concerning his Free Thinking Argument Against Naturalism and why I think it not only does not work against naturalism, nor Christian Compatibilism
In this discussion with my friend Colton Carlson, we discuss Tim Stratton's article about robots that he wrote in response to us... We talk about heaven, freedom, robots, and why it all matters.  Enjoy the show!
Leighton Flowers responded to my episode on the fragility of Libertarian Freedom... after much demand I respond to him here.  Enjoy the show! Leighton's Response:
What is the Dunning-Kruger Effect and how does it impact how productive your conversations will be? Enjoy the show!
In this episode I do an unscripted walkthrough of Romans 9 and Ephesians 1 to discuss if Reformed theology and Calvinists really just “ignore the text” or just impose their theology on these passages.
In this episode I try out a new "live" discussion format for the podcast - think highly structured audio version of a Facebook wall...  In this we discuss topics ranging from double predestination, equal ultimacy, the Reformed understanding of
Can a Calvinist know that they are saved? This objection, typically from Provisionists and Lutherans, is a common sticking point in soteriological discussions. But is it a good objection? Enjoy the show! 
In this episode, I discuss what I think is a strong defeater for the position of Libertarian Incompatibilism.  Enjoy the show!
A great discussion between Jimmy Stephens (Christian) and Ben Watkins on God, atheism, and morality.  Enjoy the show! 
In this episode I respond to Dallas Wade's 10 questions for Christians.  Enjoy the show! Wade's Original Video
In this episode I update my opening statement from my debate with Matt Dillahunty and present an argument for reasonable belief in God.    Enjoy!
In this episode I give my rejoinders to a response article from TurretinFan where he gave objections to my work on Genesis 1.    My original article:  Text Version Video Version   TurretinFan's Response: click HERE    (For more of my wo
In this episode I discuss atheism, naturalism and if their epistemic standards of evidence insulate their worldview from falsification and create a question begging standard.  Enjoy the show!
In this episode, I give part two of my response to my friend Steve Scrhamm on some of my comments about Genesis 1 and Young Earth Creationism.  My original article: TEXT VERSION VIDEO VERSION Steve's Response: CLICK HERE   Enjoy the show!
In this episode I give my rejoinders to a response article from my friend Steve Schramm where he gave objections to my work on Genesis 1.  My original article: Text:
In this episode I respond off the cuff to the follow atheistic objections: “But you haven’t proven God is even a possible explanation!” "Oh yeah, well who created your God then?" "But the flying spaghetti monster!" "If you grew up in Iran you'
Can God create a rock so heavy that even he cannot lift it? Let's find out1
 Atheists will commonly assert that miracles are impossible because they violate the laws of nature. But is that true? Enjoy the show! Naturalism and Evidentiary Standards:
What does it mean to know something? If an atheist is someone who lacks belief and is also an agnostic because they arent certain (i.e. dont know), then does that have any strange implications?   Enjoy the show!
"If you think about why you dont believe in all other gods, then you'll know why I dont believe in your god. I just go one god further." Is this objection from atheists meaningful?  Enjoy the show!
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