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Gemma Jelier, General Director of Korzo, on Cultural Management, Livestreams, and Art education | The Freelancer Talk #17

Released Tuesday, 22nd December 2020
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I am beyond excited to finally release my last episode of season 1 of The Freelancer Talk. I wanted to close this first season out with a banger and I think I managed to succeed, at least on a personal level! For my last episode, I’ve invited Korzo’s General Director, Gemma Jelier, to join me on the podcast. For those who aren’t familiar with Korzo. Korzo is a theater and production house in Den Haag (NL).
My connection to Gemma is a personal one. She used to be the Head of the Dance Department at ArtEZ, right at the time when I was studying there. As I was a representative of my program, I’ve partaken in a lot of education programming talks together with Gemma. Having many discussions as well! But I’ve always felt that she was very open and available to talk to, something, not all directors tend to master. She takes everybody seriously and into account. In all honesty, I had a great connection with Gemma back then and it was lovely to catch up after all these years!
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Before I’m going to explain more about our podcast, I do want to point out one other important position she’s had. Gemma was part of the Domain Committee Performing Arts in the Netherlands. Where she held the chair Committee Dance and chair Committee Production houses.
It’s because of her list of positions and achievements she’s been able to get a unique perspective on the dance scene. And that’s exactly why I needed her on my podcast!

Cultural Management, Livestreams, and Art Education

If you’ve listened to one of my podcasts before, you know that I choose one specific topic to talk about during that episode. Often my topics are general and apply to all types of freelancers.
But today I’m switching it up!
In the first part of the podcast, Gemma takes us a little bit behind the scenes of being a Director. How do you create a vision and how do you communicate that vision. How much do you exactly need to know of everything and how can you introduce changes? For those of you who are planning on becoming a CEO or Director themselves, there are a lot of valuable lessons that Gemma teaches us in this part.
In the second part of the podcast, we are diving into the Digital World and what that means for theatres and production houses. The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically increased our online usage and has forced us to take things online. Something that was inevitable in the first place. But how can theatres and production houses take this to their advantage? What are some of the latest developments and what is the importance of livestreaming? How far can we take it? If you want some more background information on why I am personally suggesting to use livestreams in 2021, then I urge you to read this article I wrote.
In the final part of the podcast, we are discussing why it’s important for Art academies to follow the trend and educate their students on topics as marketing, social media, and business management. Something that I set out to do personally myself.

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