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Sierah Joughin - 343
July 19, 2016. Fulton County, Ohio. Sierah Joughin, a 20 year old college student, and her boyfriend, Josh Kolasinski, parted ways at around 6:45pm after spending some time together. She isn't seen alive again. Law enforcement and Sierah's friends and family acted quickly to locate her but three days later the case takes a huge turn when a suspect is arrested and just hours later Sierah's body is located in a shallow grave. While a case was built against the man police believe was responsible, he maintained that he was being framed for a crime he said he did not commit.
Death Of Sandy Maloney - 342
February 10, 1998. Green Bay, Wisconsin. In the early 1990s, Sandy Maloney was diagnosed with Arnold-Chiari Malformation and soon became addicted to prescription drugs. In 1997, her husband, John asked for a divorce, seeking full custody of their three sons. On the morning of the final divorce hearing, February 11, 1998, Sandy was found dead and burned on her scorched couch. At first, investigators thought the fire was an accident but soon changed their minds to arson and murder. John Maloney would later be arrested. But did he kill Sandy? He was a police officer and was taking over arson investigations for his precinct. Perhaps he knew how to use fire to cover his tracks. But others say that the evidence suggests another cause for Sandy's death...
Wondery Presents Joe Exotic: Over My Dead Body Season 2
Joe Exotic is a man who loves his animals and the zoo he created for them. But Joe has a nemesis in the animal world named Carole. And as much as they both love to save animals, Joe and Carole are hell-bent on destroying each other.Listen to season 2 of Over My Dead Body: Joe Exotic at
D.C. Mansion Murders - 341
May 14, 2015. Washington, DC. In the afternoon of May 14th, 2015, the mansion of Savvas and Amy Savopoulos was the scene of a fire. After firefighters finished battling the blaze, four people were found dead inside. They were Savvas, Amy, their son Philip, and their housekeeper, Vera Figueroa. Evidence found in the home told investigators that those who died were held against their will and tortured for hours before being murdered. But who would want to harm the Savopoulos family? As the answers came in, police realized that things may not have gone as first theorized.We have used Ziprecruiter and love it. It's the smartest way to hire. Try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address:
Barry & Honey Sherman - 340
December 15, 2017. Toronto, Canada. Barry & Honey Sherman were wealthy philanthropists who were well-respected members of their community. But after they were found dead in their home, their business and personal lives were analyzed for clues to their murderer(s). Most clues seemed to point to Barry being the target. He had acquired and sold a family business which some believe cheated multiple family members out of their rightful shares of the company and his long running litigation with other pharmaceutical companies had some people wondering if bad blood could have turned to murder. Join us as we discuss an ongoing case that has plenty of clues but little evidence.
Murder Of Blaze Bernstein - 339
January 2, 2018. Lake Forest, California. Blaze Bernstein left his parents’ home to meet up with a guy he had known from his high school days. The following day, his parents reported him missing when he failed to return home. Samuel Woodward, the man that Blaze had met with, claimed that Blaze had walked away into Borrego Park after an argument and he hadn’t seen him since. However, a week after he disappeared, Blaze’s body was found partially buried in the park. He had been murdered. Quickly, the police zeroed in on Samuel as their prime suspect. As new information arose, the police realized that the murder wasn’t a random event; Blaze had been murdered because he was gay and Jewish.
Dr Richard Iles - 338
January 15, 1999. Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Miriam Iles, estranged wife of a prominent heart surgeon, had been on the phone talking with her two sisters-in-law when the call abruptly went silent. They thought that a storm that was passing through must have interrupted the phone line. But after Miriam didn't show up the following day for the Sunday school class that she taught, a few people went to her home to check on her. What they saw through a window horrified them and the police were called. Law enforcement officers broke through the door and found the 47 year old woman dead of a gunshot. Detectives immediately focused their attention on her husband but he maintained his innocence, had an alibi, and none of the evidence collected matched him. Did Miriam's husband kill her as Police suspected? Join us as we discuss an elaborate plot of murder and learn how a well-regarded woman became the target of one person's rage.ZipRecruiter. Hiring is challenging. But there’s one place you can go where hiring is simple, fast and smart. A place where growing businesses connect to qualified candidates.Try ZipRecruiter FOR FREE at this exclusive web address: Want solid security with no contracts, hidden fees, or fine print? SimpliSafe has a huge deal going on right now. Go to and get free shipping and a money-back guarantee. Justin has been using Simplisafe for quite some time and loves it.
Mason Jenkins - 337
January 6, 1998. Chatham, Ontario. The Jenkins family, Brian, Leslie, Mason, and Jennifer, seemed to be a happy one. But whatever serenity they had was shattered after the parents arrived home one evening to find their daughter's body in the basement. Their son Mason wasn't in the house and they feared that he was in serious trouble as well. The authorities, though, tracked their son down. When they caught up to him he was riding a horse and did not want to go to the police station. Jennifer had been shot five times. Police believed that Mason killed her. His parents could not understand that and stood by their son. As time went on, Mason's account began to change again and again. Did he kill his sister? And if he did, would his parents continue to support him?
The Eastburn Family Murders - 336
May 12, 1985. Fayetteville, North Carolina. A military family preparing to move from the USA to England made the difficult decision to sell the family dog. A man answers the ad and purchases Dixie. Just days later, a horrific discovery is made; Kathryn, Kara, and Erin Eastburn were found murdered in their home. Only 22 month Jana remained alive, though on the brink of death. Detectives moved quickly to track down the vicious killer. It wasn't long before they had a suspect. Not Gary Eastburn, the father and husband, but Timothy Hennis, another military man who had bought Dixie. Prosecuting Hennis would prove difficult as the evidence used against him either didn't match or was called into question. Was Hennis the murderer? Or did the authorities have the wrong guy?Sponsored by: Shipping and a 60 day risk-free trial. Justin uses it in his home and loves its simplicity and reliability.
Death of Ellen Greenberg - 335
January 26, 2011. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ellen Greenberg was a 27 year old teacher who was engaged to 28 year old Sam Goldberg. He was a producer for a local news affiliate. But after a half an hour or so at the gym, Sam returned to the couple's apartment to find the swing bolt latched. He couldn't get in. After nearly thirty minutes of texting Ellen with no replies, he sought help from a security officer who declined to assist Sam in breaking through the door. When Sam did break through, he found Ellen in the kitchen and unresponsive. He called 911. It was discovered that Ellen had been stabbed to death, but who could have stabbed a woman when her apartment was locked from the inside? Police immediately suspected a suicide, but the first autopsy report and independent analysis suspected foul play. Is this a case reminiscent of a John Dickson Carr novel? Or is there evidence available to solve this mystery?
Death Of Michael Hastings - 334
June 18, 2013. Los Angeles, California. Journalist and author Michael Hastings was killed when his Mercedes, traveling at high speed, crashed into a palm tree and burst into flames. Hastings was said to have been working on a big story and there were rumors that the FBI was investigating him. Was he researching something that the federal government of the United States felt threatened by? Join Justin and special guest The Captain from True Crime Garage on this special crossover episode as they lay out the story, the conspiracies, and their opinions on the death of Michael Hastings. Aaron and Nic (True Crime Garage) also did a crossover episode that you can find by searching for True Crime Garage in your podcast app. The episode is Debra Sundstrom #315 and is a true crime case that is sure to create some discussion.
Murder Of Ruth Pyne - 333
May 27, 2011. Highland Township, Michigan. Bernie Pyne and his 10 year old daughter, Julia, returned home to discover Ruth Pyne murdered. The wife and mother, 51, was beaten and stabbed to death. Detectives first looked at Bernie but after the investigation was well under way, a new suspect emerged; 21 year old Jeffrey Pyne. By his own admission, he had been home right around the time that the crime likely occurred. But did Jeffrey really kill his mother? What would his motive have been? Police had been called to the family home in the past after Ruth had attacked her son. She had not been taking her prescription regularly to manage her bipolar disorder. Could things have escalated between the two of them once again? Or was someone else responsible for killing Ruth?
Emmett Till - 332
August 28, 1955. Money, Mississippi. 14 year old Emmett Till traveled from Illinois to Mississippi to visit relatives. Just a couple of days later he went to a grocery store with friends and relatives to buy some gum. One of the owners, Carolyn Bryant, was working that day and ended up running out after Till allegedly flirted with her and made her uncomfortable. Roy Bryant, her husband, found out about the situation and he, along with his half-brother, went to the home where Till was staying and kidnapped him. Three days later, Till's body was found in the Tallahatchie River. He was identified by the signet ring bearing his father's initials. A proper identification could not be made due to the horrific abuse he had been subjected to prior to his death as well as being left in the water for three days. Emmett Till was murdered because he was black. Join us as we discuss racism, inequality, and injustice in 1955.
Marsha Brantley - 331
May 2009. Cleveland, Tennessee. In late 2009, Kelly DeLude, a hairdresser, noticed that it had been a while since Marsha Brantley, one of her regular clients, had come in. Donnie, Marsha’s husband, said she had left him and he hadn’t seen her since May or June 2009. It seemed that Marsha had simply vanished. However, as time went on, investigators noticed that Donnie kept changing his story. With few clues, no apparent motive for foul play, and a non-cooperative husband the case became very frustrating very quickly. Where is Marsha Brantley? And did her husband have anything to do with her disappearance?
Confronting: O.J. Simpson
Introducing: Confronting O.J. Simpson. June 12th marks twenty-five years since the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. O.J. Simpson's arrest for the murders catapulted the United States into the "Trial of the Century". Now, Kim Goldman, sister of Ron Goldman, is going back to the vicious crime that changed her life forever. Finally, Kim gets answers to the questions that have been haunting her since the trial. She sits down with prosecutors, investigators, witnesses who never got to speak, and jurors who voted not guilty. Confronting: O.J. Simpson premieres June 12th.
Molly Young - 330
March 24, 2012. Carbondale, Illinois. After 3am, Molly Young, 21, was contacted by her ex-boyfriend, Richie Minton, because he needed help. Apparently, he was very drunk. She went to his apartment to help him, but just hours later she was dead. At 9am, Richie's roommate, Wesley Romack, called 911. During the call, Richie took over and told dispatch that Molly had overdosed. He would call again a little later to say that he found his gun and that Molly had actually been shot. While an investigation into Molly's death should have cleared up the question of whether she took her own life or was murdered, this case proved to be somewhat complicated. There was evidence that Molly was severely depressed at times. But Richie was a 911 dispatcher for the Carbondale police department and his father, mother, and aunt also worked for the police. Did he get special treatment and benefit of the doubt due to his law enforcement connections?
Barry Beach - 329
June 15, 1979. Poplar, Montana. Barry Beach has an unusual story. He confessed to the 1979 murder of his childhood friend and neighbor, Kimberly Nees. During his 1984 trial, he claimed his confession was coerced and that he was innocent. The investigation into Nees' murder and the events that took place after have shrouded the entire case in a cloud of doubt. Prosecutors, however, felt that Barry was the killer and that anything he said, or that anyone testified to later, is irrelevant. Is this a case of injustice? Or are we to believe that Barry Beach is a murderer despite the numerous questions abut the case against him?
The Shrink Next Door
Psychiatrists see us in our most vulnerable moments. All of our problems and dysfunctions laid bare to a stranger. We hope that they keep our secrets and help us solve our problems. We place our inherent trust in them… but what if they used that knowledge against us for their own benefit? You’re about to hear a preview of The Shrink Next Door, in which you’ll meet host Joe Nocera and hear about a relationship that would go on to affect two people’s lives for TWENTY-NINE years.While you’re listening, go subscribe to The Shrink Next Door on Apple Podcasts or wherever you’re listening now, there’s also a link in the episode notes that will take you there.
Ben McDaniel - 328
August 18, 2010. Vortex Spring, Florida. Thirty year old Ben McDaniel went scuba diving at Vortex Spring. The spring features a cave that has been mapped to a length of over 1600 feet but is said to be longer than that. Ben should not have been in the cave as only divers with the necessary certification can acquire a key to get past the gate, but after he was discovered to be missing an employee admitted to letting him in. Ben did dive in with his equipment but never came out. At least, no one witnessed him leaving. His truck and some of his possessions remained in his truck that was parked in the lot nearby. Rescue attempts were made but as time went on, some began to doubt that Ben was in the cave. Did Ben fool everyone to start over somewhere else? In the two years prior, he had several substantial setbacks. Could he have taken his own life? Could there have been foul play? A real life mystery, Ben McDaniel's disappearance has everyone wondering, where did he really go? and use code WHY for $10 off your first seasonal box.
Skylar Neese - 327
July 6, 2012. Star City, West Virginia. Two BFFs became three when Shelia Eddy and Skylar Neese got to know Rachel Shoaf at University High School. Skylar was always known for being responsible and taking care of her responsibilities. When she disappeared from her home and didn't show up for work, her father knew something was wrong. Once an investigation got underway, Skylar's parents were upset with where it seemed to be headed, but detectives were focused on the missing girl's best friends. As clues were found and a secret was leaked, the truth of what happened to Skylar was both shocking and incomprehensible. What happened to Skylar Neese and why? Join us as we discuss a true crime case of betrayal and heartbreak.Sponsored by:Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Get a risk-free, 60-day trial with free shipping & free
Mel Ignatow - 326
September 24, 1988. Louisville, Kentucky. Brenda Sue Schaefer had not been lucky in love. When she was set up on a blind date with an older man named Mel Ignatow, she thought she had finally found the right guy. He was successful and gave Brenda a lot of attention. After a while, though, things began to sour and it was learned that Mel was very controlling and abusive. After Brenda broke things off with him, she went missing. Detectives got a lead when Mel Ignatow's ex-girlfriend, Mary Ann Shore was interviewed. But would this lead solve the case and bring a killer to justice? One thing is certain, once you have heard the details of this true crime case you will never forget it.
Introducing Over My Dead Body
A seemingly-perfect marriage, a nasty divorce, and then...a murder. The first season of Over My Dead Body, "Tally" is available to binge now. Subscribe to listen at
James Schnick - 325
September 25, 1987. Elkland, Missouri. Early one morning, seven members of the Buckner and Schnick families were murdered. The only survivors were James Schnick and his two children. James said his nephew, 14 year old Kirk Buckner, shot him in his home and he was forced to kill him in self defense. It seemed as though Kirk had killed his family, Steve, Jan, Dennis, Tim, and Michael, and drove to his aunt and uncle’s house and killed his aunt, Julie. However, as detectives looked over the evidence, they began to notice discrepancies. Would these lead them to a different theory of what happened?Sponsored by:Robinhood is giving listeners of Generation Why a free stock like Apple, Ford or Sprint to help you build your portfolio. Sign up at:
Death Of Rhonda Casto - 324
March 16, 2009. Hood River County, Oregon. A man called 911 to report that his girlfriend, Rhonda Casto, had fallen from a trail on a cliff at Eagle's Creek. He said that when he got down to where she had fallen to that she was already dead. The sheriff was suspicious of the man, Stephen Nichols, almost immediately due to his calm demeanor and how he seemed to talk mostly about his own discomfort. By the very next day the sheriff decided that this was a homicide investigation and the focus was on Nichols. What reason would Nichols have had to murder Rhonda? The theories, the evidence and the path of the case against Stephen Nichols wasn't as clear cut as prosecutors and Rhonda's family had hoped. Would they have enough to prove their case?
Death Of Mitrice Richardson - 323
September 17, 2009. Malibu California. 24 year-old Mitrice Richardson was arrested by Los Angeles deputy sheriffs in Malibu, California, on charges of “defrauding an innkeeper” and “possession of (less than an ounce) of marijuana.” She had been acting strangely at a restaurant that evening and the manager and waitstaff were concerned for her. Richardson was brought to the remote Lost Hills sheriff’s station where she was held until shortly after midnight, and then released into a dark deserted nowhere. She had no ATM card, no purse, and no phone as it was all in her car that had been impounded. She would disappear until nearly one year later, when her body was found in an inaccessible wilderness area called Dark Canyon, in the Santa Monica Mountains. From the time that she was arrested to the time that her body was discovered, the LA Sheriffs Department was uncooperative. Join us as we discuss a tragic case involving a woman who didn't have to die.
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