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Guest host Adam McManus interviews Brandi Swindell, the Founder of the life-affirming Stanton Healthcare clinics in Boise, Idaho, Detroit, Michigan, Pasadena, California and Belfast, Northern Ireland, about her call for the Smithsonian to remov
Teddy Roosevelt, Helen Keller, the US Supreme Court, and Margaret Sanger were all caught up in the furor of Darwinist eugenics during the 1920s. This was no light matter.  The eugenicist social Darwinism was the ideology that produced two world
The Colorado baker Jack Phillips enters Round four or five of persecution at the hands of the homosexual community. But, Franklin Graham has a message for you. "Today it's Jack. Tomorrow it could be you." This also brings up the conversation of
The 2021 Grammys broke through another threshold in the decline of Western culture, as the last vestiges of what could have conserved culture surrendered to self-immolation. Women now lead the cultural suicide almost exclusively. Once more, we
Witchcraft. Eastern Religion. Ancestor Worship. Feminist Power. Women in Military. These were the themes surfacing in Disney's Milan 2020. Was it any surprise Disney offered support for Communist China's concentration camps, while abominating t
Richard Dawkins opened up to his support of eugenics in a moment of transparency.  After Hitler and others gave eugenics a bad name, naturalistic/materialistic evolutionists keep trying to slip it in through a back door.  Genetic testing on IVF
We were surprised to read that the pope had switched religions. He has come out and confessed him to be a new humanist, advocating an education that puts man in the center, instead of God.  He is calling for an internationalized education, quot
Fifty years ago, 400,000 young teens and twenty-somethings descended on Max Yasgur’s dairy farm in upstate New York. The gathering signaled a revolution, but not with guns and Molotov cocktails. It was far worse. The devastation is all around
Much of the problems with our governments today tie in to a wrong view of economics. Why are our leaders so bent on destroying our economy and civilizations? Here, Calvin Beisner gets down into the foundational principles of economics, and expl
Without exaggeration, we are looking at the greatest heist of all time. How did the most socialist governments in U.S. history succeed in redistributing the wealth into the pockets of the top 1% of the population? All animals are equal, but som
As the Christian West collapses and the Christian salt loses its savor, the remnant is at a loss for the agenda. We have reached crisis point. Where do we go from here? Does Marvin Olasky have a point, calling us to the role of peacemaker with
When Christian conservatives and Republican Congressmen join the chorus of those casting gigantic curses at the president of the United States, what must we say? Are we cheering a race car driver, mocking an NBC interviewer, or cursing
On this Thanksgiving Day 2021, we review God's amazing blessings on entire economies. How did we come to receive a median family income 30 times that which people were recipients of over 5,800 years of world history?  The blessings came by Chri
The vaccine mandates are not dead yet, and neither are masks. However, the good news is that the dust is clearing a bit, such that real data is surfacing finally. We take a moment to review the objective data available for the denominators on t
The Marvel Universe is passing away with its lusts thereof, and so is Harry Potter and Dumbledore and the rest. How quickly the worldling faded with all his boasted pomp and show! Even JK Rowling takes her place. . . under the bus, on the twent
Sadly, for most Americans, Thanksgiving is nothing more than food, family, and football. But Christians know better. Rediscover our precious Christian heritage for which we should be profoundly grateful. Psalm 9:1 says, “I will give thanks to
With the exception of evangelicals, the peoples from every other church tradition are between 50% and 60% pro-abortion. Why did the churches surrender moral authority on this issue? The Church has an obligation to excommunicate those who kno
The Rittenhouse story has legs to it, and the nation is riveted by this young man and his self-defense case in the Wisconsin courthouse. Without adjudicating the case, we carefully analyze the biblical principles tied into it, and provide gener
Here we grapple with the fundamental question of how to engage with a post-Christian’ish culture. How do we equip our children to know the Christian worldview, to communicate an apologetic, and engage positively in an increasingly anti-Christia
A listener asks the question: "So many of the Christians I speak with today are willing to just roll over, get the shot, hand over their guns...whatever the ‘authorities’ demand on the basis of Romans 13. I know we have to respect authorities a
With the insane amount of spending over the past decades, America is well on its way to an economic depression. In this edition of Generations, Kevin Swanson and Bill Jack address the oncoming wave of inflation as they speak to what Christians
Regrets, second thoughts, and a distinct cooling effect are defining some of the Joshua Generation—the first cadre of homeschool graduates. The ra-ra, do-hard-things, take-America-back revolution seems to have fizzled out a bit for Alex Harris
The enemy has tossed another slippery term into the mix, causing Christians consternation, dividing churches, and making more room for homosexuality. What in the world does “Same-Sex Attraction” mean? There are three to four different definitio
As the nation swerves more and more out of control, the civil magistrate abandons its obligations to maintain order in society. The legalization of shoplifting in San Francisco is only a slight example of the larger problem. But the most refres
The Bible warned us about false prophets and teachers–wolves that come for the sheep. This warning is just as prevalent today as it has been at any time in the past. So much of modern Evangelicalism has stumbled thousands, focusing on fluff and
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