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By definition, motivation is the state or condition of being motivated or having a strong reason to act or accomplish something. Motivation can come from all types of places. You can get motivation from videos, books, music, speeches, or motivational speakers. On those days where I need a little more motivation, I have a whole playlist on Spotify for motivation. That list consists of artists who I feel have that sound of hunger in their songs. For example, I have the original Rocky theme song in my playlist. If you're a fan of the Rocky movies, you know just how pivotal that theme song is. You know that as soon as you hear that song, that inner motivation to get things done no matter how dire the situation is, coming out of you. In my playlist, it's heavily packed with the first albums of the artists I like. Mainly because from those albums, you hear the hunger, the motivation in which they release their passion in the albums. Some of those artists are able to keep that same hunger throughout their careers and then there's some who loses that hunger. That's motivation. There's a passion and a hunger that is tied to motivation. To see it live and in person, or virtually, look at all of the underdogs that somehow scratched and clawed their way into the wins column. That is why the famed Hail Mary play in football is exciting. Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic. You're either going to find your motivation from inside of you or from your outside surroundings. How else can you explain the underdogs that finds a way to win? Everyone loves an underdog story like Rudy, but without that intrinsic or extrinsic motivation, what are your true reasons for what you are doing? Once you figure out your "Why", you'll find your motivation. So, what is your "Why"? Guest professor Xavier "Mr. Hope" is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Mentor, Life Coach, Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. Born and raised on the west side Detroit,  Mr. Hope matriculated through one of the most prestigious high schools in Detroit, Renaissance high school and then went on to complete his Bachelors of Science in Biology. Now Community activists and mindset transformer, Mr. Hope, through his books, podcasts, and social acts enable individuals to experience physical, mental and financial wellness in overflow and abundance. I can personally say that from time to time, I question whether or not my thinking is on the right path...Ok, in all honesty, I just want to make sure is it me that's crazy? Or is it the other people that's crazy? I say that because, sometimes I think to myself, "I can't be the only thinking this here!!!" From this conversation I had with the guest professor, I realized that maybe it's just everyone else that's crazy. For him to be so young and just understands this stuff, proves that he's beyond his years in wisdom. So if you're in need of a little motivation to get you across that finish line, guest professor Xavier "Mr. Hope Motivates" can be that guy to pull it out of you.
No, it's not a typo. You've read that correctly. Welcome to Sex Ed Class. Honestly, it is a tad bit out of my comfort zone to have this discussion outside of a few people or let alone, outside of my house. However, I've made a commitment to be completely transparent. I am a bit of a risk-taker, but this is far more of a risk for me than I care to admit to. I will say, however, that by taking this risk, I've learned a few things along the way. So while some of you probably read this title and had your minds go straight to the gutter, I'm almost positive to bet that after reading and listening to this episode, you'll walk away just as I did.....Enlightened and dare I say more knowledgeable. So let's take a minute real quick before anyone gets TOO excited. I know, I hate to do that to you, but it gets better later. Trust me. So again, you're probably wondering, "What does this have to do with entrepreneurship??!!" I had those same thoughts as well. When I talked to this week's guest professor, that was the main question that I had presented. The answer I received....WAS EVERYTHING. Of course, I was a bit puzzled and had even more questions I wanted to ask. Call it curiosity mixed with a tad bit of intrigue. The more and more questions that were answered, the more and more questions I had. Being completely in the moment, much like how I took you guys on that little sexual fantasy rollercoaster there, that's when I realized that there are so many things that can be uncovered from this conversation and that I HAVE TO RECORD THIS AS AN LESSON!!!! So that's exactly what I did. Let's welcome our guest professor who is going to take us all to our climax, guest professor (soon to be) Dr. Erika Miley.   Guest professor, Dr. Erika Miley is a Mental & Sexual Health Therapist, sex nerd, and shame buster. She has a podcast called Sex Talk with Erika Miley and runs a group practice called the Center for Mental & Sexual Health. I think once you check out this lesson that she does with us here at The School of Hard Knocks, you'll probably end up subscribing to her podcast as I did. She's an amazing person that pushed my boundaries about sex, in a good way. She also busted some myths that I had and some other well-known myths as well.
Since I started my podcast, The Genesis Project Podcast, I hardly ever did social media. In fact, in all honesty, I'm not a huge fan of social media. I'm sort of an introvert in that sense. I would rather prefer to be obscured on social media because I like to have some privacy. For me, anything I do worthwhile will be shared with friends and family and whoever is lucky enough to be around. Even when I do frequent social media, I've realized that my social media is completely different from everyone else. I know because I see what my wife looks at on social media, my best friends, and kid's social media. It's like night and day. In fact, it's so different that I feel like the odd man out! However, since starting my podcast, The Genesis Project Podcast, I've realized that there's another side to social media. I've discovered that there are people on social media that is not all for the stuff I spoke on in the paragraphs before. People who talk about business, business ideas, marketing, how-tos, motivation, business advice & tips, and so much more. I have no choice but to put myself more out there on social media because of my podcast, but I've met so many people on social media that completely turned my perception of it around. And again, because of my podcast, I'm learning how to actually use social media to market to would-be listeners, guests, and so forth. Guest professor Michelle Virog is a social media marketing expert with a great story of how she came to be in the space of social media marketing. She is the founder of BOLD Social Strategies, where she helps business owners and entrepreneurs create a profitable personal brand with powerful content on social media. She also lives with kidney disease. She started her business because she didn't suit the 9-5 corporate world. After being laid off multiple times, she decided to start her own business. She tries to motivate others that it doesn't matter what your limitations are, you CAN be successful and go after your dreams! Make sure you check out everything Michelle Virog got going on, by connecting with her at: Facebook: Facebook Group: Website: FREE CONTENT CALENDAR By Guest Professor Michelle Virog
As an athlete, there's a feeling that we as athletes get. Before the shutdown of the world due to the pandemic, it was easy to see that feeling in the gyms, jogging paths, parks, basement gyms, and if you're lucky, maybe you can drive by and see it in someone's garage. It's a feeling that can be shared by soldiers and anybody who spills blood, sweat, and tears. It's oftentimes a feeling that is hard to explain to people who never had a drop of sweat drop from their brows before. That feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT. You only get that feeling when your account is filled with so much sweat equity, that you're the richest person in the world. When your sweat equity account is so full, that you need to start storing it in your mattress and couch. You're so full of sweat equity that you'll find it in your junk closet when you're looking to grab your bowling ball for league night! That's right baby, you're paying your dues with that sweat equity. Your motivation comes from out of nowhere when you're in your "special thinking place", taking care of business (I'm talking about when you're using the bathroom), and right after you wash your hands, you start to get after it. As an athlete, I LOVE THAT FEELING. Guest professor Chris Huff is the owner of Performance 80 training and founder of Performance 80 fitness non-profit. With over 20 years in the industry, it's no doubt that he knows what he's talking about. From training future and present athletes to people losing weight and those who are just trying to lose the COVID 20, he has transcended into a new territory that is completely new to him. But as I mentioned earlier in this post, his motivation and sweat from his brows have pushed him to pivot from business as usual to a new way of doing business. His ups and downs in this lesson will have regular people thinking that he is crazy, but to those of us who know better and welcomes the challenge, we'll look at it as if it's just another day of the week. For the regular people who read this post, allow this to be an introduction to you capturing that accomplishment feeling and letting sweat form on your eyebrows.
In our annual Mental Health special, I've invited a guest professor back in under different circumstances to speak on this topic. Previously before, guest professor Rocdwell came to teach a lesson last semester and today, he returns as guest professor Alan Johns, a licensed Master Social Worker, that is passionate about helping empower people to be their best. I've always had great conversations with him and this is no different. We talked about something that I've been dealing with lately, the imposter syndrome as an entrepreneur, one of my favorite hip hop songs from one of my favorite groups, Blackstar's KOS, knowledge of self, but more about you actually getting to know you and the real you. Lots of impactful things was shared in this lesson and I've grown from this lesson. Ladies and gentlemen, guest professor Alan Johns on our counseling class today.   You can find Alan Johns on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @rocdwell or @aj_det_dapper Instagram.
In our annual Mental Health special, I've invited a guest professor back in under different circumstances to speak on this topic. Previously before, guest professor Rocdwell came to teach a lesson last semester and today, he returns as guest professor Alan Johns, a licensed Master Social Worker, that is passionate about helping empower people to be their best. I've always had great conversations with him and this is no different. We talked about something that I've been dealing with lately, the imposter syndrome as an entrepreneur, one of my favorite hip hop songs from one of my favorite groups, Blackstar's KOS, knowledge of self, but more about you actually getting to know you and the real you. Lots of impactful things was shared in this lesson and I've grown from this lesson. Ladies and gentlemen, guest professor Alan Johns on our counseling class today.   You can find Alan Johns on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @rocdwell or @aj_det_dapper Instagram.
I've mentioned before in previous blogs the difference between marketing and branding. To refresh your memory a tad bit, marketing is just getting your message out to the masses where branding is how you are perceived by the masses. The two are very different but also very similar to another. It is also oftentimes confused between the two. Another way to think about it is by getting your message heard versus getting your message seen. Today's lesson is another lesson in Branding. Guest professor Sharifa DeArmon is the Vice President of Operations for Frontline Entertainment Media Group. Her career started when her cousin asked her to be the manager of his group. After working with them for over a couple of years, she received a call that would change her life. She was asked to help start an entertainment company. She flew out to Las Vegas and two months later, helped launch Frontline Entertainment Media Group. As of last year, she was named music director for Urban World FM. With her experience in the entertainment business, who's best to tell us how to be on top of people's minds with our brands? She has experience with branding in a way I think we should consider, having to run multiple campaigns to get her clients seen. Her strategies explained in this episode have completely changed the way I think towards branding and have made such an impact on me, that now I'm reimagining my own brand and how I want it to come across to potential customers. As always, take great notes from this episode because I think she'll have you rethinking your branding strategy as well.
When I was a young man growing up on the west side of Detroit, a lot of the older guys that I looked up to use to have this saying; "It's CHESS, not CHECKERS!" It's funny how that stuck with me throughout all of my years of getting older and wiser. At that time, I understood what was being said, but not to the magnitude that my teenage mind could fathom. It wasn't until I became an adult that I completely and utterly understand what exactly was being told to me. What do Chess and Checkers have to do with today's lesson? A little of everything. Since my days of playing sports, from little league to the pros and now as a weekend warrior, I always thought to myself, "How can I leverage this??" Let me go a tad bit deeper with that line of thinking. I'm constantly thinking about how I take a situation and use it for my purpose? In basketball, it is of crucial importance that you are in the best position to rebound the basketball after a missed shot. That way, your TEAM can keep the ball alive and either get another attempt to score or keep the other team from scoring. That's how important POSITIONING is. When it comes to POSITIONING, I sought after the best person I could find that could teach a lesson on POSITIONING. How to position yourself as a person and most importantly, how to position your business. With that being said, let's welcome to the classroom, guest professor Dr. Mark T. Wade... Guest professor Dr. Mark T. Wade, founder of the Virtual Summits Software, creators of the One-Day Summit, Host, of the Top-rated Virtual Summit Podcast, and Summit Fest Live Conference, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs go from unknown to influencers with a Collaborative Marketing strategy. Dr. Mark went from brick and mortar to multi-million dollar online business using the strategy called the One-Day Summit Formula. He has created 6, 7, and Multi 7-figure businesses all from using summits. He now helps some of the top influencers in the world set up their Virtual Summits using these strategies. Take great notes if you're trying to put your business in the best POSITION possible.
We all want money. We all need money. Whether it's a lot of money like Jeff Bezos or just enough money to not struggle anymore. Or even if it's just enough to make it till next payday or the next contract we can land.  The world revolves around money and there's nothing we can do about it except Get That Money.   There's nothing wrong with that. We live in a capitalist society. Until something comes along, that is what the world is going to operate from. A wise man once said, "It's not about how much money you make, it's about how much money you can keep." There's plenty of ways we can explore to do just that, but we're going to focus on one particular path that many know about, but may not have the strategy or lack the discipline of doing. What is it you're asking yourself? CREDIT...   Guest professor Lisa Day, the founder of Wallet Share Advisors, comes into The School of Hard Knocks and teaches a lesson on Finances. Her company, Wallet Share Advisors, is experienced to help you rebuild your credit so you can have greater leverage and increase your power to use your credit. It’s easy, fast, and affordable. Working effectively with all (3) credit bureaus to delete the most derogatory credit issues on your credit report. A process that can take 4 to 10 months. Guest professor Lisa Day has a wealth of knowledge and we did talk a lot about personal credit and business credit. We also talked about how to improve them as well and dispel some rumors about credit. If you're struggling with your finances and getting your credit together, she has been the first person I've called to help me with my credit. I would highly recommend you take notes of this lesson because it can literally change your credit life.
We've all had those moments where we could have just thrown in the towel but like the story, we stuck with it. I was fortunate to find a guest professor who has had his shares of failure and has bounced back from it and has been flourishing ever since. The stories and philosophies he tells in this lesson had me reminiscing and looking at things differently since recording this lesson. With no further ado, I present to the class guest professor Todd Palmer. Guest professor Todd Palmer is an executive coach, keynote speaker, renowned thought leader, author, and CEO who is committed to helping business owners tackle their obstacles and clear their path to success. As an entrepreneur and active CEO, Todd knows the struggles business owners face regarding people, cash, strategy & execution. He took his company from being $600,000 in debt to making the INC 5,000 as one of America’s fastest-growing companies (an astounding 6 times!).He specializes in helping leaders join the mission statement of the organization with their personal core values while addressing fears, self-doubts, and imposter syndrome. He brings a unique blend of authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability to help leaders & organizations achieve their highest goals, and he’s here today to share his story, what he’s learned along the way and his proven framework for helping business owners achieve success. If you're looking to turn the corner from failure, I strongly believe that guest professor Todd Palmer can help you with that. As a person who was staring at the face of bankruptcy with his business, his comeback story is nothing short of amazing. He stared at the dark abyss and was able to turn darkness to light again and his methods of getting it all turned around, is something you're definitely want to take note of and implement for yourself.   Make sure you check out everything Todd Palmer got going on, by connecting with him at:Instagram: @ToddPalmer2Facebook: @ToddPalmer13 Twitter: @ToddPalmer LinkedIN: Website:  
There are so many facets and levels to marketing, that one often doesn't know where to begin. We often start with the basics which are getting a website, getting social media, having a phone number and email address, business cards, and maybe some flyers to post around town. Not to mention telling everybody you run into to get the word of mouth going. Have you ever told a bum on the street about your business and get that crazy look from a potentially crazy person? Yeah, maybe that was a bit too far. Thankfully, my wife pushed me out of that awkward situation. Honestly? Maybe I wasn't too far off with the homeless person... Not too many people know about the marketing genius of P.T. Barnum of Barnum & Bailey Circus. One of my favorite stories of his marketing genius is how he used a homeless person to help market his circus at one of the tour stops. As the story goes, he gave this homeless person a couple of bricks and told him not to say a word to anybody, but to walk a certain path that Barnum designated. When he returns to where he originally began, put the brick down, pick up another brick and continue that circular path again. As you can imagine, it started piquing people's curiosity. People asked the homeless person, "What are you doing?" Following directions, he said nothing to them and continue his circular path. That piqued people's curiosity even more! So they started following this homeless person to see why he had a brick and walking this circular path. Unbeknownst to them, the homeless person's path leads them right into the circus. Imagine that! THE CIRCUS! Barnum may have paid this homeless person a few dollars to get crowds and crowds of people to the circus. Talk about a return on investment. The guest professor I am bringing into the class to teach this lesson on Marketing is not P.T. Barnum. Mainly because he's dead and gone, but this guest professor I believe has some similar characteristics to Barnum. He comes from a place of TRUE GENEROSITY and AUTHENTICSHIP. I don't recall ever...EVER meeting a person whose true heart is for the people. I've learned that his compassion for people came from him being a social worker for 15 years before making a name for himself in marketing. Welcome to the classroom, guest professor Paul Zelizer.
From my consulting experience, it appears that business management is an unsung hero for businesses that do well and more so like the hunchback of Notre Dam to the businesses that don't do well. To put it in plain English, one of the differences between a business doing well versus a business doing bad is the management of the business. The managers are the ones that keep the machine running smoothly. They are the enforcers of systems and in most cases, enforcers of people. But what if you have a bad manager? A bad leader? Or a bad supervisor? You won't only have one kink in the chain, but potentially multiple kinks in the chain. Can you imagine just how bad of an effect that can have on your business? Worst of all your bottom line?   Welcome to the class to teach this lesson, guest professor Landie Stevens of Landie Stevens Consulting. As a consultant, coach, and business owner, you can clearly hear the passion that she has to empower people, leaders, and businesses so that they can equip and empower others. As a coach and consultant, she took those nuggets of failure and victories and share it as much as she can. She has somehow worked just about every aspect of management from managing teams up to 250 people, to departments, regions, and companies. Make sure you check out everything Landie Stevens got going on, by connecting with her at:Instagram: @LandieStevensConsultingFacebook: @LandieStevensConsulting Website:    
Welcome to the second semester. I'm happy to be back in, and even more excited about this semester. My original plan was to have the second semester out by September. If you've noticed, there has been a couple of episodes that have been released, but due to some circumstances that are beyond my control, I'm able to get everything out to you. Now, before I get into what you have to look forward to this semester, if you've been paying attention to my social media, I've been in the lab working on more things to bring to you guys. By the way, if you're not following the show on social media, you don't know what you're missing...
One of my favorite books, when I was younger, was Dale Carnegie's Book "How to Win Friends & Influence People". I highly recommend that you read that book if you haven't already. For those of you in the class that has read the book, then you will recall that it's pretty imperative to talk to people and how to talk to people. Many lessons that I've utilized, can be pulled from this book. The power of Networking is something that many of us is still having problems with. Maybe it's social media, maybe its apps on our phones, or even the binge-watching sessions of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and the likes thereof.
Guest Professor Antanaro Stiger aka Spike Spielberg comes into the class as a co-founder of one of my companies, Netware Technical Solutions. Since Netware Technical Solutions, he has started a video production company called Onavision Productions. In today's lesson, guest professor Spike Spielberg will teach us Branding, what to look for when looking for a video production company for your next project, and he'll also go into how he came into video production. If you're looking to brand or re-brand your business with video, he has always been my "Go-To" guy. He's extremely creative, talented just does good work. Let's welcome to the class, guest professor Antanaro Stiger, aka Spike Spielberg.
Coming to teach a lesson to the class today is guest professor Oge Madu, a investor of all kinds from Houston, Texas. He is a 2nd generation Nigerian whose lesson on investing is something that we all need to take heed to. Guest professor Oge Madu or "Money Madu" known by many, his approach to how he started teaching and getting people involved in investing is the reason why I brought him to The School of Hard Knocks. You'll see exactly what I'm talking when he tells his story. Let's welcome to the class, guest professor Oge Madu aka, Money Madu.
There is a saying that goes, "The rich gets richer." I have always followed up that thought with, "How do I get rich to get richer?" It's not until later on in life that I found out that the answer to that is by INVESTING. Naturally, my follow up to that was, "How do I invest?" For this week's lesson, guest professor Oge Madu, aka "Money Madu", will be teaching us how to invest and the ways to invest.
Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay That's right, we are back in the classroom for another amazing semester of learning and exchanging ideas. And while some of you might cheat this semester like last semester, it is quite alright because there is still learning that is happening. I know, it sounds kind of weird to say that but truth be told, you really are still learning. You're learning in a collaborative way. My wife, being a teacher, will more than likely disagree with me but who cares. This semester, you will see some changes and growth. You will see that all the lessons will be in specific subjects like Marketing Class, Branding Class, Business Management Class, and so forth. You will also see some zone geniuses that you can easily identify and actionable steps to incorporate them into your everyday. There are some surprises coming this semester as well. I wasn't going to tell just yet, but I'm too excited to keep it from you. Over the semester break, your Vice-Chancellors and I decided to create an online school to supplement The Genesis Project Podcast. You heard me correctly, an Online School. While on semester break, I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of the listeners and would-be listeners. The majority of the time I kept getting asked the same question over and over again, "HOW DO I START MY BUSINESS?" So that sparked us to do some thinking and so, the online school was birthed. There will be courses in the online school to help you with a variety of things dealing with your business. AND, some of the guest professors were kind enough to lend some of their "Zone of Genius" in the form of mini-courses and so forth. More to come about that later. So as you can see, I'm more than excited about this new semester. To begin the first lesson of the semester, I called upon a great friend of mine who has been doing some amazing things lately. He helped co-found my tech company, Netware Technical Solutions, and branched off into more creative work. You're going to see just how creative this guy is. He's also one of the smartest people I know. Anatnaro Stiger aka Spike Spielberg He is the first professor that is going to come into the class and teach us a lesson on Branding. Antanaro Stiger, also known as Spike Spielberg, helped found Netware Technical Solutions with me. But after that, he jumped right into video production. I always knew he was a talented guy, but I don't think I knew just how creative he was. It was great catching up with him and hearing how and why he jumped into video production. So to me, it only made sense to ask him all about branding, being that he's helping to capture the brands of other creatives and businesses, and put it on video for the world to see. He gave awesome tips on how to brand yourself, how to pick the right production company, and if your budget is low to zero dollars, he also offers up some tips on how to frame your brand to be seen in the right light. Make sure you take great notes because if you're looking to improve your brand, he's going to talk about just how to do that. Branding Class with Antanaro Stiger aka Spike Spielberg To check out guest professor Antanaro Stiger, aka Spike Spielberg, go to:Website: www.onavisionproduction.comInstagram: @onavisionproductionFacebook: @onavisionproductionTwitter: @onavisi...
This is it! This is the end of the semester. There is no test, just a review of some of the AWESOME gems from the lessons that were dropped this semester.
We all have a glass ceiling keeping us from getting to the next level. We will figure out HOW to break it in this episode and be amongst that small few who broke it. Guest Professor LaToya Early, the coach of life coaches will explain to us how to do so.
Real estate is a broad field, especially if you're looking to invest. Many of us are plagued with either bad credit or no money, or a combination of the two. So can we still invest in real estate if we have two strikes against us? My guest professor says yes you can and he'll show you how.
Hip hop artist, Kendrick Lamar released a song called Money Trees back in 2012. Guest Professor Stephanie J. Pride teaches a lesson on creating a money tree for yourself.
Image by Sebastiano Rizzardo from Pixabay It's no secret by now that I am a HUGE fan of music. Jazz music and old-school hip hop to be specific. Just for clarity, when I say old-school hip hop, I mean A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Jay-Z and so forth. It's just something about the lyrics that allows me to be able to connect to the artist. It doesn't even have to be the lyrics, it can be the rhythm or the melody that I'm able to connect to. There's a thought that the artist or musician is trying to get across that I can either agree with or makes me think. It helps me to zone out and allow me to be in a rhythm when I'm doing something or just thinking. Above anything, I LOVE creativity. My father used to sneak my twin brother and me into the jazz clubs all around Detroit. All so he can play a few sets on the drums. You see, we're pretty tall, we tend to look older and were able to get in fairly easy. We used to see a lot of the well-known jazz greats those clubs. That's how we learned our jazz history. Honestly, that was one of the most memorable memories that I cherish with my father. What I've learned is that music can have boundaries. Therefore, you are free to go in anywhere within those boundaries. Going outside those boundaries, made you crazy. But after the music had time to mature, you were considered as a genius. Something about being in that pocket and being able to stay there. For those who play and listen to music, know what I'm talking about. For those who don't understand what that this, I will do my best to do it some justice. Being in the "pocket" is pretty similar to being an athlete and being in the zone. You're just on-point with whatever note, whatever style and whichever way you throw it. You're right there in the middle and still in rhythm. One of my many favorite jazz songs is "In A Sentimental Mood" by Duke Ellington and John Coltrane. I can recall my grandfather playing Duke Ellington songs on his organ after he comes in at night from work. He would play with the lights really, really dim. Similarly, I imagine that he's setting the mood to make that emotional connection with the music. The dimly lit lights are to create an intimate feeling throughout. They make it look so easy and effortless....... Today's guest professor knows exactly what I am referring to. I've known him and watched him for years getting right into the pocket whenever he sits down behind some drums. When I say that this is someone who's passion radiates when he picks up the sticks.......... It will just leave you in awe. I have seen this guy's eyes get BIG when he just looks at a set of drums. Whether it's a new set or an old set, seeing his passion for the craft never gets old. Many people know him as Jrelle Hits, but today we are going to call him Professor Jarelle James. Chancellor Bernard Gleton on the left and Guest Professor Jarelle James on the right Professor Jarelle is a perfect example of what The Genesis Project Podcast and The School of Hard Knocks stand for. Music runs in his family. In other words, it is in his DNA. But, he never went to school to learn music theory or anything of the sort. Above it all, he was able to still somehow become a success by trial and error. By his own words, "hard work and consistency". While I'm not trying to downplay school, I'm just simply pointing out that school isn't for everyone. However, you have just as much of a shot of becoming successful as someone who graduated fr...
Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay The world is starting to look different now. Masks seem to be an essential need as we walk out the doors of our own homes. Over the weekend, my wife and I did some shopping for the house and the sight was eye-opening for me. While there, I had a surreal moment because just about everyone there had on a mask. The way that we use to show and share love is starting to change. The need for being at a distance is starting to become a temporary normal. It mimics a lot of the movies that I’ve ever watched. If I had to put a movie title to it, it would probably be Mad Max. These are some dismal times we’re in right now. With Covid-19 starting to take ahold of many of our communities and forcing us to stay indoors, it can wreak havoc on our mental stability. In my eyes, what has been an awesome sight to see is how we’ve used technology to still stay connected. Having watch parties, having group video calls and so forth. I must say that it makes my heart smile from ear to ear. I understand that we’re in the middle of something scary and that it does have the ability to be fatal, but it’s a great sight to see that the human spirit is still alive and well and going on strong. Through all of this, what concerns me is the impact that all of this could have on our mental stability and mental health. When I had this vision of the Genesis Project Podcast and The School of Hard Knocks, a topic that I wanted to make a staple throughout all of this was the importance of mental health. My intentions are that for every semester, I will have an episode about mental health. All things mental health will be discussed from how to be mentally strong, how to improve your mental health, how to overcome tough situations and so forth. Originally my plan was to air this episode at the end of the semester. But with the state of the world being where it is currently, now is the best time to air this episode. For this lesson, I asked my therapist to stop by the class and as a bonus, I ambushed my twin brother’s session so I can get him to speak on the topic as well. Chancellor Bernard Gleton on the left, Professor Guam Lee in the middle and Professor Clarence Gleton on the right Guam Lee is a licensed clinical social worker, a mentor, and my therapist. He is currently a therapist at A Better Tomorrow Counseling. Clarence Gleton is not only my identical twin brother, but he is also an Air Force veteran who has since become a mental strength coach, a physical trainer and the author of the book, “Why The F*ck Am I Not Seeing Any Results?: Workout Tips and Tricks”. I truly believe that this is a powerful lesson and a very timely one as well. You’re going to want to take notes on this lesson because it is guaranteed to change your life if you implement these notes. To check out guest Professors Guam Lee and Clarence Gleton, go to:Guam LeeA Better Tomorrow Counseling & Consultation Services, LLCWebsite: www.abtccs.comClarence GletonTo check out Clarence's book, "Why The F*ck Am I Not Seeing Any Results?: Workout Tips and Tricks", on Amazon, go HEREFacebook: Kratos Fitness Performance GroupTwitter: @kratos_fpg Instagram: @kratosfpg Remember to chase everything you want, with VIOLENT, VIOLENT ACTION.
Two broken people can’t exist in a relationship if both of them are broken. We've heard this phrase as we go in and out of relationships, but our guest professor is that small percentage that proves that she has been able to be completely successful at being in a broken place, finding her husband who was in a broken place and have a successful marriage at it too. This episode was totally and completely transparent with nothing but learned lessons throughout this episode.
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