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A sleepy Costa Rican beach town with a hippie commune and something to hide. A series of apparent demonic possessions in rural Wisconsin. A sadistic killer prowling the halls and classrooms of a stuffy literary conference. All of these? None of
Anyone still with me? It's been about four months since the first story came to a close. The new one will begin May 15th. Listen in to this episode to hear some updates, the title of the new novel, and some hints as to what the story might be a
Chapter Twenty-Seven: "This was the woman Denny had married, had misquoted song lyrics to on a beach in Florida. The woman he’d spent twelve hour days studying with, preparing for exams, who he’d escaped from a one percenter biker bar in Cheyen
Chapter Twenty-Five: "Everyone, it seemed, was iced over, stuck in place, waiting for someone else to make the first move, to cause the last crack in the dam. And then a single, simple thought came to Denny’s mind: my wife’s dead.It was as if t
Chapter Twenty-Six: "After centuries of watching humans bumble around, fearing and fighting against their eventual demise, the entity had begun realize that the fragility of the tiny human mind was incapable of accepting their insignificance, t
Chapter Twenty-Four: "The low murmur of harmonizing voices drew Denny into consciousness. His head throbbed, a dull ache emanating from the spot on the back of his skull where he’d been struck, and he didn’t want to open his eyes at first, fear
Chapter Twenty-Three: "Despite the rain pounding the windows and roof, the house suddenly felt full of life. Pulsing with hope. Kate awoke with a celebratory feeling, like it was Christmas morning. Both of her blonde labradors, Roxy and Echo, w
Chapter Twenty-Two: "Before he slid he key into the lock, Denny could feel that something had changed. He’d only been gone for an hour. Two, max. But he could sense the shift. In the energy, the atmosphere. Slender copper key pinched between th
[SHOW PREVIEW] Season Three of The House Unsettling is officially underway, and new characters have arrived to explore the deepening horror of the Coleman’s dream home. This is a serialized horror story, in which new chapters are released every
Chapter Twenty-One: "Getting out isn’t always as simple as we would like it to be. There are plenty of reasons why the “perfect place” might suddenly change into the space you desperately want to escape. A sudden infestation of unsavory insects
Chapter Nineteen: "Often, the problems in relationships are systemic, they fester and spread, infecting all decisions and forged memories. One wants children, while the other runs from the conversation. One wants to discover life living in the
Chapter Twenty: "If you’ve been following this story, and clicked into this episode, you’ll notice how much shorter the duration is. Most chapters, with their intros, run around the half hour mark. But don’t let the truncated time fool you. A s
Chapter Eighteen: "Most of the time, when we lose items of value, we panic. We imagine scenarios where undesirables are flipping through the photos on our phones, or going on shopping sprees with out little plastic rectangles, but generally, we
Chapter Seventeen: "Without the safety of a group, we are, in essence, forced to contemplate our mortality alone. In doing so, we have to explore our own courage, our own strength. We date, we marry, we form friendships often so we don’t have t
Chapter Sixteen: "“I tried just laying there with my eyes closed. Even counted sheep for awhile. Can you believe that? Just pictured them hopping over a white fence, but after awhile each one started looking sicker. Patches of wool missing, fra
Chapter Fifteen: "What else can push a friendship to the breaking point? What else, beyond matters of sex and property, can snap that bond?How about, even unintentionally, putting your best friend in harm’s way? OR forcing them into a situation
Chapter Thirteen: "...most of what we think is a haunting, is just frustration. Nine times out of ten, what we perceive as malicious supernatural intent, is simply a spirit who has gotten lost. They’re stuck in a liminal space, and they’re acti
Chapter Thirteen: "We search. As humans, it is in our nature to seek answers, to formulate explanations to our greatest mysteries. Moreover, we want to rationalize our fears. But what scares us most?Sure, there are the basics: fear of flying, f
Chapter Twelve: "What happens when old friends stir up the very thing you’ve been shying away from? Your safety net becomes the trap door. Your friends become not saviors, but accomplices. The solace you sought in your friends, is suddenly wipe
[SHOW PREVIEW] Season Two of The Ghost Modernist is officially underway, and new characters have arrived to explore the deepening horror of the Coleman’s dream home. This is a serialized horror story, in which new chapters are released every Th
Chapter Eleven: "The ghost slid down the hallway, pulling energy and shadow along behind. With unshod feet, steps barely a whisper, the shape jittered and paused, first in one doorway then another, before continuing on. A twitch, then a jerk, a
[Preview] Chapter Eleven: "The ghost slid down the hallway, pulling energy and shadow along behind..."Every rating and review on Apple helps so much, and everyone who leaves one will get a shout out on the next episode!New listeners: start from
Chapter Ten: "An obituary is like Hemingway’s iceberg. Only ten percent is visible on paper, just like what was visible to most of the people who knew you. They don’t know the full story, but, like the obituary, just the highlights. No one real
A mysterious manuscript. The story in its pages follows a young married couple as they renovate their first home. As they unravel the history of the house, they begin to question everything: their beliefs, their choices, their sanity. Join me,
Chapter Nine: "Getting to know the neighbors doesn’t seem to be the priority it once was. What if, we no longer rush out to make friends with the neighbors, not because of what we might find out from them, but because we are scared about what t
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