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Whereupon we take the red pill, plug in and provide a datajack full of useful information regarding our favorite digital reality. New concepts, environment ideas and story arcs await your virtual fingertips and modest credstick transaction, chu
Whereupon we cackle madly on a cabbage wagon while serving loads of info on reoccurring villains for your tabletop roleplaying game. Provide story arcs, difficult assailants, and direct the ire of your players towards an in game villain, instea
Whereupon we gear up to bring you the best methods for constructing and running adventuring guilds in your game. Delight your players with storyline and side quests, wow them with colorful NPCs, or just TPK them because they deserve it.
Whereupon we joyride in a DeLorean to deliver a final helping of three future time periods. Great Scott!
Whereupon we hijack an alien ship disguised as a police call box and serve three piping fresh time periods in part two or our three part series. Stick around for a wibbly wobbly episode.
Eric & Matt chat with Joe Gaylord of Lazarus Game Labs about his upcoming project "Gathering The Realms", which allows players and DMs the ability to bring "Magic: The Gathering" flavor and mechanics to your campaign.
Whereupon we both climb into a phone booth near a Circle K to bring you three thematically excellent early time periods for your game. Air guitaring optional.
Eric & Matt talk with the Justin Heasman, CEO and one of the founders of, a multiplatform app which simplifies online gaming as well as allowing unique ways for players and storytellers to collaborate in game.
Whereupon we dance in several mushroom circles to bring you information regarding the beauty and horror of the Faerie Realm. Have your characters make some deals, get jiggy with some sprites, or simply enchanted (forever) by the lore of the Fey
Whereupon we once again forge fun and ridiculous magic items for your tabletop RPG, this time with an emphasis on dungeon survival (or lack thereof). Drink the blood of your enemies, dig through solid rock with beer and more in this episode!
Whereupon we talk gigantic creatures of all sorts, and how you can add them into your campaign of choice as enemies, events, natural hazards or even locations. Big monsters, bigger story opportunities.
Whereupon we show you how to create, manage and story tell epic lairs for your big bad, or host of minions (or both). Find out what makes monsters tick by digging through their stuff, and how you can use lairs for campaigns or fun story arcs.
Whereupon we provide a second helping of delightfully weird and potentially useless spells for your game, while slowly losing count of the spells created (and our minds). We also simultaneously channel the A-Team in our creative output.
Whereupon we journey back to the marshlands to talk about two classic monsters, go over their tropes and history, and provide new ideas for adding spice to old creatures. Let Eric & Matt float thematics, while sinking paladins.
Whereupon we scour intel on various wetlands environments, watery hazards and boggish themes for your campaign. Learn about dangers, wonders, and flaming manatees without ever having to put your waders on.
Whereupon we get to the heart, spine, or spleen of the matter regarding using pieces of creature kills for loot, magic item creation, storytelling, and flavor (for theme or for character nourishment). We also talk way too much about flumphs.
Whereupon we eat a few suspect spell components and dive headfirst into creating thematic and engaging spells for whatever tabletop RPG you happen to be playing. You've customized your story and your world; it's time to add some fun custom spel
Whereupon we break out the funky robes and wizard hats and delve deep into types of magic using groups, as well as how to effectively create and run them for your tabletop game of choice. Add interesting NPCs, assailants, or just a couple of gu
Whereupon we comb various dungeons and lairs for the best advice for prospective storytellers to run a deadly, amazing, and fun boss battle. Break out the minions, prepare to bronze your character sheet because things are about to get epic!
Whereupon we describe how you can weave these two storytelling elements into your game to allocate to your players (or plague them, in the case of notoriety) for better roleplaying. Give the gift that's better than XP...a great game.
Eric & Matt chat with author Garon Whited about Garon's newest book Fugue, the latest in The Nightlord Series, as well as nerding out over D&D, storytelling, and more.
Whereupon we explore the secrets to cause and effect, both for storytelling and to create an immersive, interactive experience for your players. Learn how negative repercussions can lead to positive experiences, and why it's bad to be a dragon
Whereupon we sharpen our sacrificial knives, get out the celebratory robes and go into great detail on how to successfully run and play cults in your storytelling game of choice. We also talk way too much about cheese sandwiches. 
Whereupon we wax philosophical on the means and themes of horror genre games. We also introduce our newest staff writer Sigil, and throw him to the wolves in our discussion. Knives out, minds open!
Eric & Matt chat with author Kira Leigh regarding Kira's newest book Constelis Voss, as well as talking story, sci-fi, fun tropes and (naturally) tabletop gaming.
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