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Today is my birthday, so I want to give you a gift for this year, the gift of abundance. Go to and you’ll get access to the first week of the How To Experience Abundance Through Gratitude course, for free. This week will help you get from Lack To Lucky and it will change your perspective on the money you get to give.
Like many of us Calum thought gratitude and happiness are coming from certain things that once we accomplished, we found out they're not the real source for our happiness.Calum McGuigan is a happily married father of two ex-rugby player living in Toronto, Canada where he's leading a community called Shape & Foster. We talked about sports, family, succes and health, as well as about the app and community that he's created.Shape & Foster is a lifestyle development app, aimed at assisting growth proactively. Members will be taken on a 12-month journey, with personal development programming from six experts. Financial Planner, Mental Health Professional, Life Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and a Yoga Instructor.You can join the 7 day free trial here: http://shapeandfoster.comNote: Calum just updated the price and made it much more affordable, it's $99 USD annually, instead of the $299 USD annually mentioned in the interview.
Start your year with some inspiration from a person who managed to set some unbelievable goals and achieve them. Since 1982, May McCarthy has founded and grown several successful companies in a variety of industries, including fashion retail, domestic and international telecommunications, and healthcare software and capital equipment, which have grown to 250 employees and over $100 million in annual revenues.
Kristi and Greg are the people behind The Latest by Greg Ott. I've been on their podcast recently and I got to meet some amazing people. Been wanting to explore the power humor has in creating moments of ease and gratitude. When stress is high, when we're tense, it's harder to feel grateful, but humor gives us this release that helps us experience gratitude much easier. This is the topic of our discussion, and I believe it's the best way to end this year, with humor and some great ideas on how we can enjoy 2021 from our two guests. Best wishes for next year, don't forget to keep seeking and spreading gratitude!Resources:
2020 wasn't the most typical year, we had to adapt quite a lot, but it also brought many reasons to feel grateful. Join me on this journey of shifting our perspective about 2020. Thankfully yours, Georgian
Mircea Bravo managed to reach almost all of Romania's population with his sketches and has been able to influence a whole country with his ideas. We did the interview in Romanian, as he was most comfortable with his first language, so I was thinking about the best way to get his ideas across, here's the results.Resources:Mircea Bravo's website: https://www.mirceabravo.comHis Facebook page: course:
Anne Marie has owned and operated her own holistic practice, Body Energy Connection LLC, for over 14 years and is also a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience.Anne works with clients all over the world in the Akashic Records, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and Holographic DNA Recombination.Her goal is to help you receive the information and tools that elevates your consciousness, aligns you on your soul’s path and maximizes your impact in the world.Resources:Free Lunch Coffee: http://freelunchcoffee.comAnne's course: (this is an affiliate link, so by purchasing you'll be supporting me as well)From Lack To Abundance:
Laura K Roe is a veteran journalist and editor, who, as a newspaper reporter and magazine writer, interviewed murderers, rapists, politicians, scientists, and CEOs.By her late twenties, she had also survived and witnessed PTSD-triggering violence and abuse. Even though she wrote one murder mystery novel and garnered an agent, between all her reporting deadlines, Laura could never find the time to get it published or write another. It’s no wonder that, by her mid-thirties, Laura had devolved into an anxious cynic with declining health and a propensity to over-indulge in coffee and vino.Laura hit rock bottom at 39 when her husband left. She had an eight-month-old baby and a seven-year-old to care for. Her job as a parenting & pregnancy editor vanished. Her mother was dying. And she had just moved back from London to Los Angeles. Little did she know that her journey to wholeness had just begun.Resources:Laura's website: https://www.laurakroe.comFrom Lack To Abundance:
Allen Wolf is an award-winning filmmaker, novelist, and game creator based in Los Angeles. His debut novel Hooked was described as “Entertaining, well-paced, and highly visual,” by Kirkus Reviews. Allen wrote, directed, and produced the movie adaption of Hooked that will be released in 2021. The screenplay won numerous awards and the film will bring awareness to human trafficking and autism. His previous film, In My Sleep, won multiple festival awards and is available on iTunes. Allen has also created five board games that won 38 awards and is also a speaker.Resources:You're Pulling My Leg!: The Ultimate Storytelling Game: Lack to Abundance in 7 Weeks:
Chris Palmore from Gratitude Space came on the podcast once again to share what he's been up to and to let us know about the book he's releasing: Dear Gratitude: An anthology.He's a big believer in not just the power of gratitude but in the power of people being catalysts for gratitude.Resources:Chris would love to gift you a taste of his new book “Dear Gratitude: An Anthology.  That can be found here: course: book is available now for preorder at will be out by this Thursday, Thanksgiving.
Natsune Oki is the author of The game of self domination who is also a start-up owner at, where she helps US based businesses create companies in Japan.She has studied in the US and has been able to explore both cultures and I was really curious to find out what she learned about gratitude from the two different perspective.It was a really thought provoking interview, I hope you enjoy it.Resources:Her book: startup: https://foreignconnect.orgThe abundance course:
Free Gratitude Circles - submissions are open: course:
She is... a Visionary of our World in Harmony... a Dreamer of our Word at Peace... an advocate for Conscious Leadership & Authentic Business... a catalyst for Spiritual Transformation... in service to Love.With more than 25 years experience working in the corporate world for big blue chip IT companies in the areas of Customer Service, Team Leadership, IT Training, Project Management, Change Management and Coaching.Gema Ramirez and I got to talk about the importance of expressing our gratitude and being able to receive the appreciation we're given, as well as how we can feel at peace in these troubling times. Resources: Get her course on Peace that starts on the 11th: course:
Divisiveness and a health crisis at the same time, if we watch the news we can't help but get bogged down. In this episode with Debra Wanger, Actress, Author, Singer, Coach & Public Speaker we talked about how not to give in to fear and why Tom Hanks is the most grateful actor she has worked with.Debra has performed in theaters and cabarets from Boston to Los Angeles. While working at Creative Artists Agency, she helped guide the careers of many top names, including Halle Berry and Antonio Banderas. Debra lives in San Diego with her children and black lab. Her album, Driving My Own Heart, is available on Amazon and iTunes.She's the author of the bestseller: The Resilient Actor: How to Kick-Ass in the Business Without it Kicking Your Ass. Resources:Get Debra's book here: http://debrawanger.comJoin me on a journey From Lack to Abundance in 7 weeks:
Amanda JP Brown is an Author, Speaker and Coach, guiding women who want to walk through their darkness and shame and step into their power by reclaiming all the disowned pieces of themselves."I believe that EVERYONE has the CAPACITY for CHANGE!!” - she says. Amanda is the author of “You’re Brave Enough: 8 Daily Practices to Be Your Own HERO” and we talked about being brave while facing the pandemic and the challenges it has brought up.Resources:Get Amanda’s book for free: me on a journey From Lack to Abundance in 7 weeks:
Carlyn Montes De Oca, award winning and #1 Amazon bestselling author, international speaker, animal advocate, and animal-human health expert.We spoke about how our pets make us feel grateful, but also teach us about love and appreciation. Our health can be improved through our relationship with the pets that we own, it’s not always medication that can heal us and we’re delving into that in this episode.Resources:50% off this launch week: http://animalhumanhealth.comFrom Lack to Abundance in 7 weeks:
John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of Entrepreneur on Fire. He interviewed inspiring entrepreneurs 7 days a week (wow) and has won a Best of iTunes award in 2013.     He is himself a very successful entrepreneur and a very successful one, earning millions per year. He and his girlfriend Kate Erickson (an inspiring woman that has been a guest on The Gratitude Podcast), publish a monthly income report, being very transparent about their expenses and income, which I find amazing.  He developed the concept of a daily podcast that would feature the story of successful entrepreneurs which he launched on September 22, 2012. Since then, his podcast has been listened to by millions of people every month, mostly entrepreneurs looking for inspiration, and he's had guests like Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferris, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins and so many more.    What I love about John Lee Dumas is the fact that he is very transparent, he manages to appreciate the journey and he's a really great authentic teacher. I love his quote about comparing ourselves with others. He always tells his community: "Compare and despair" and I found this short quote very useful in my gratitude practice. There's always someone better or more prosperous than you are and by comparing, you end up despairing and not using your time and energy creatively, with gratitude in your heart.    Please feel free to SUBSCRIBE RATE AND REVIEW ON APPLE PODCASTS. Resources:JLD's website where you can find his products: https://www.eofire.com10% off on: you so much for listening and feel free to contact me at, I’m reading every email! :)
Sean has almost 20 years experience in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is a certified NLP Trainer. Sean has trained and presented to Multi-National Corporations, the Education sector, Defence Department and the Fitness Industry. He has worked with the medium and small enterprise and franchise business structures. We got to talk about immersing ourselves into gratitude through all of our senses.Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here:'s Sean's website:
Gina Gardiner is a wheelchair bound No 1 International Best Selling author, Motivational speaker, Empowerment Coach, Transformational Leadership Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner and Coach with well over 30 years experience of helping people achieve happiness and success. She thinks that If you focus on what you can do, the world is amazing, so let us enjoy this interview together. Resources:Gina's website: Con Salsa:
Summer is over and we might have the tendency to feel blue because of it. But Anahata will be sharing, among many other amazing pieces of wisdom, how wonderful each season is and she does this from a very deep and useful perspective. Anahata Ananda blends the compassion and tenderness of an Angel and the wisdom and strength of a Shaman to guide profound journeys of core healing and spiritual awakening. Anahata has trained extensively with gifted Shamans, energy healers and spiritual teachers from North America, Peru, India and Asia in order to artfully integrate the fields of self-empowerment, Shamanic teachings, emotional release, energy healing, relationship counseling, spiritual studies, yoga, meditation and empowered living. She has completed the highest level of global coaching certification program with Brendon Burchard. Anahata is a certified yoga teacher and Master meditation teacher.She has led over 120 retreats to sacred destinations around the world including Peru, Bali, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Sedona, Mt. Shasta and Canada.You can get your free gifts from here:
Brother David, from, best known for his famous TedTalk on Gratitude with 2.5m views, he was also a guest on Oprah where he talked about how to be fully alive.DAVID STEINDL-RAST was born Franz Kuno Steindl-Rast on July 12, 1926, in Vienna, Austria, and spent his early years there and in a small village in the Alps. He spent all of his teen years under the Nazi occupation, was drafted into the army, but never went to the front lines. He eventually escaped and was hidden by his mother until the occupation ended. After the war, Franz studied art, anthropology, and psychology, receiving an MA from the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and a PhD from the University of Vienna. In 1952 he followed his family who had emigrated to the United States. In 1953 he joined a newly founded Benedictine community in Elmira, NY, Mount Saviour Monastery, where he became “Brother David.” I hope you'll enjoy the episode! For more such interviews, make sure you subscribe! Resources:Gratefulness.orgBrother David's TedTalk: off on
Ash Manuel is the founder/creator of Growing With Gratitude, a well-being program that teaches habits of happiness to primary school students, teachers and families in a fun innovative way. He was Head of Physical Education & Sport at Immanuel Primary School in Adelaide, South Australia, a highly regarded International Baccalaureate School, where he has served in the past 10 years. His aim is to help give children/students the best possible start in life. Ash thinks: "Teaching kids to serve others at a young age simply will spread to a world of giving people."Resources:Ash's website: off on:
For 58 years our guest was a dedicated educator in the Houston Independent School District (HISD). As evidence of our guests' indelible impact on the Furr High School during her 17-year tenure, education advocate and philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs, wife of the late Apple, Inc. CEO Steve Jobs, recognized Furr High School in 2016 as a recipient of a ten-million-dollar grant grant through the XQ Super School Project. Our guests’ school was one of 10 selected from nearly 700 schools nationwide for “reimagining high school education.”Bertie Simmons, Ed.D now, at 86 years young she launched Whispers of Hope: The Story of My Life.Resources:Bertie’s book:
Elizabeth Tripp is a New York City based Lifestyle Design Coach and Spiritual Teacher. As a featured radio talk show host on TalkRadio.NYC, a Thrive Global Contributor, and a national public speaker, Elizabeth is recognized as a thought leader in spirituality, well-being, and prosperity.She is the owner and founder of, a life coaching practice that guides established entrepreneurs, visionaries, and healers to be soulfully empowered and design lifestyles they love from the inside out.We spoke about:- choosing the path of clarity, instead of confusion- using gratitude as a tool for abundance and transformation- a wider, spiritual perspective about our life & our inner power"Being you is awesome!" - Elizabeth TrippResources:Elizabeth's website: https://elizabethtripp.comBetterHelp (10% off):
Nati Beltran is a Nonviolent Communication consultant, facilitator and coach.Her company, Bright Communication provides simple and powerful communication and collaboration tools that support organisations and individuals align with and live out their values.We had a wonderful chat about:- how to communicate nonviolently with our loved ones- dealing with violent communicators- how gratitude helps us improve our relationships and communication with the ones we love Resources:Let Nati know your situation: Hero:
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