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Ep 10 - Is Wrestling Real? | Jonny Loquasto
Wanna know if wrestling’s real? Spoiler alert! Comedian and wrestling aficionado Jonny Loquasto lets us in on the industry’s biggest secret. We also explore the transition from open micer to paid comic and the benefits of finding a niche as a comedian. Also on the agenda, Big Pharma, why The Rock was always the man and how Jonny plans to break records with LA’s biggest blood drive.
Ep 12 - First Impressions | Melissa Villasenor
America’s Got Talent sensation Melissa Villasenor shares how she really feels about her impressions and how she’s been hurt by comedy. We learn why Whitney Cummings is like her Mom, the impact of Tig Notaro and why Maria Bamford makes her cry. Melissa relives her SNL audition, how Kate McKinnon showed her the importance of attitude in Hollywood and what TJ Miller told her when she was afraid.
Ep 9 - If the Wachowskis Were Comics |  Jeff Burghart
Comedy Central comedian and impressionist Jeff Burghart shares stories of cruise ships, being roommates with Pablo Francisco, meeting comedy greats like Jerry Lewis and Milton Berle, why comedy has left him with a broken heart, and a revelation of his encounter with dark forces! Natalie also delves into the beyond, revealing more on the very sci-fi, Wachowski-esque experience that happened to her in 2012.
Ep 39 - Time for the Truth Part I | Hidden Knowledge
Part 1 of a 2 part episode on hidden knowledge with Crichton Miller who puts forth staggering information from the origins of money, religion and even the Crucifix to how the Pyramids, Freemasons and the Knights Templar may have hidden the secrets of Time all around us. The former RAF military air traffic controller discusses UFO’s, the Egyptians and ancient beings, banks, secrets inside an apple, and the question: Is Time God?
Ep 18 - It's a Kinda Magic | Dana Daniels
Want the inside scoop on a career in magic? Brilliant magician and comedian Dana Daniels takes us from The Magic Castle in Hollywood to stages around the world as we look inside the top hat and learn about everything magical including the man who broke the magician’s code, working with birds, and of course the rockstar of magic, David Copperfield, as well as comedy tales involving Gary Shandling, Alex Trebec and more. Open Sesame!
Ep 20 - Ayahuasca 101 | Mark Flaherty
Author and Ayahuasca expert Mark Flaherty takes us through his life-changing experience in Peru with Blue Morpho, the company that works with the shamanic brew. Mark recounts his healing journey, as well as Ayahuasca’s impact on everything from depression to cancer. The episode also explores the profound message Natalie received in 2012, Everything is an Illusion, a concept spoken of by authors including Eckhart Tolle and David Icke.
Ep 21 - British Entertainment Royalty | Des O'Connor
Natalie goes to the home of legendary British entertainer Des O’Connor, whose showbiz career spans over sixty years, to discuss his life thus far including his record breaking number of shows at The London Palladium and nearly twenty-six years hosting his iconic and star studded TV show, Des O’Connor Tonight. Des talks about his worst comedy experience, the infamous Morecambe & Wise taunts, and how his outlook on life keeps him young at heart.
Ep 50 - Nature of the Cage | John K Webster
Mind-bending episode with John K Webster of the documentary Strawman: Nature of the Cage. John dissects our legal and monetary system and shares startling insights into law and the legal system, dealing with debt and the role of police. This brain bonanza of juicy topics includes DMT, marijuana, parallel universes, conspiracy theories, the Mandela effect, the double-slit experiment, hypnogogic states, lucid dreaming and more!
Ep 30 - The Holographic Episode, Part II | Anthony Peake
Secure your mind, it’s gonna be a wild ride in Part II of the mind-blowing interview with Anthony Peake, expert on Near Death Experiences and researcher into the fringe areas of consciousness! We delve deeper into the Matrix to explore other dimensions, DMT and the pineal gland. Learn how to tell if you’re Lucid Dreaming, whether or not there are trillions of you, and whether we could be living in a computer simulation!
Ep 35 - The Startling Secrets of Sound |  John Stuart Reid
Natalie joins sound scientist and cymatics pioneer John Stuart Reid in his Cymascope lab for some mind-blowing info that takes us from decoding dolphins and the Nazi 432 conspiracy to the Da Vinci Code and sound healing! Discover how walking by the sea heals you, how we’re like astronauts, how thoughts influence our body and hear John’s theory on the possible origins of hieroglyphics and whether the Egyptians were high tech!
Ep 8 - Is Shia LaBeouf a Trainwreck? | Hal Rudnick
You know the guy that had the hidden camera run-in with Shia LaBeouf? This is him! Actor, comedy writer and host of the viral series Screen Junkies, Hal Rudnick, joins Natalie as they explore political correctness and question whether Amy Schumer’s controversial joke was crossing the line. Hal also shoots from the hip about the movie Trainwreck, and gets to the bottom of an internet death hoax concerning Edward James Olmos.   
Ep 11 - The Fantastic Four-Legged | Rebecca Staab
In ’94 Roger Corman made the first movie of the Fantastic Four. It was never released. Natalie embarks upon an epic journey of her own with star of that very film, working actress Rebecca Staab who shares her most embarrassing celebrity tales. The interview goes to unimaginable places involving the casting couch, revelations of Hollywood’s most thoughtful stars, who shops at Bed Bath & Beyond, and how to behave at Costco.
Ep 1 - Comedy Writing and Improv Masterclass | Ian Roberts
Comedy writing and improv masterclass with Upright Citizens Brigade founder Ian Roberts who is currently Exec Produces Comedy Central's Key & Peele. Ian and Natalie share war stories on depression, question why there are so few women comedy writers, and explore how sexual orientation can yield opportunities in showbiz. Ian not only brilliantly dissects the craft of comedy, but also shares a deeply insightful viewpoint on what it takes to be successful in comedy, in Hollywood, and in life.  
Ep 47 - Natalie on Crisis, Mindfulness, & The Nature of Reality
It’s Natalie’s first solo episode! She tackles how to tune into your Higher self, Mindfulness, coping with crisis, Cymatics, Quantum Physics, her NDE, the Nature of Reality, how we all live unquestionably with a label - and her man-jacket.
Ep 49 - Conversation Killer | Can Your Cell Phone Make You Sick?
Can your phone make you sick? Is the answer being hidden from us? Are kids the most at risk group? Or bees! Filmmaker James Russell of the startling documentary Resonance: Beings of Frequency discusses the mind-boggling way cell phones are tested for safety. Amidst his shocking findings about cellular technology, James explores autism, children, the catastrophic risks facing bees and the connection between cell phones and cancer.
Ep 45 - The Unexplained Explained | Howard Hughes
Host of the top rated podcast The Unexplained with Howard Hughes, today’s guest became one of the most recognizable voices in British radio. Howard talks podcasting gear, paranormal experiences, and topics range from David Icke, Uri Geller, Art Bell, and the Paul McCartney conspiracy to the evolution of accents in broadcasting, the hard knocks of entertainment and whether or not Howard, the consummate radio pro, is able to swear?
Ep 43 - Are You a Computer Simulation, Part I | Anthony Peake
It’s a consciousness bonanza in Part 1 of this action packed session with Anthony Peake, author of the brand new book Opening the Doors of Perception. This mind-bending episode asks profound questions like where is consciousness, is everything an illusion, and could we simply be brains living in a vat? Topics include schizophrenia, hallucinations, UFOs, entheogens like DMT, and more! Time to break on through to the other side!
Ep 38 - Extraterrestrial Well-Being Part II | Proof of Contact
Are aliens trying to heal us? In Part II of this out of this world story, scientist Pier Rubesa details his near death experience and extraordinary encounter with what he believes was an extraterrestrial being! A being that gave Pier scientific information which has now fueled his inventions! In this incredible account Pier also describes the physical evidence, his Octastone, that was given to him and how it is not of this Earth!
Ep 37 - Extraterrestrial Well-Being Part I | Sounds and Vibrations
Electronic musician turned scientist Pier Rubesa had a near death experience followed by an extraterrestrial encounter that led to scientific downloads which fueled his inventions, including the Bioscope which shows awareness in plants, and AudioVitality system which heals people with sound. We learn of structured or Vortex water, the rainbow body, subtle energies and the disturbing reason the Exorcist soundtrack was so scary!
Ep 36 - Enlightening in a Bottle | Aura-Soma
Mike Booth is the revered Chairman of Aura-Soma, a line of therapy products created by Vicky Wall that contain the energies of crystals, plants and color. Mike details the incredible story of Aura-Soma and the transcendent experience in Scotland that paved the way for his current role in healing the planet using Biodynamic Farming. They also discuss the creative process, depression, and how George Bush almost crushed the company.
Ep 34 - An Atheist in Heaven | Paul Davids
It’s mischief and mediums as Paul Davids talks about what he believes to be evidence of life after death. Paul shares information that he feels proves that he was contacted from beyond the grave by his mentor and friend Forry Ackerman, a lifelong atheist. Paul’s brand new book, An Atheist in Heaven, has hefty scientific support, including co-author Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, a Ph.D. from Harvard who was a tenured Professor at Yale.
Ep 33 - Year of the Dragon | James Swagger
It’s part two of Natalie’s London interview with author and researcher James Swagger and in this episode we leave Megalithic stones to now unravel the mysteries of Chinese astrology, sacred numbers, the secrets behind Nikola Tesla’s obsession with 3-6-9 and scalar energy and why 432 is such a significant number in the Universe. More quantum physics and those naughty electrons, and Natalie’s philosophy on life in a quantum world.
Ep 16 - Storytellers | Leszek Burzynski
With a career spanning over 40 years, Leszek Burzynski has precious wisdom to share. Beginning with his time working on iconic comedy shows of the BBC, his story has a cast that includes people like Harold Pinter, Michael Palin, Martin Sheen, Mike Leigh and even a guest cameo by Elton John. Leszek details the plight of the independent filmmaker, the moments that make movies work and why directing actors is a nightmare.
Ep 22 - Roswell Revealed | Paul Davids
Paul Davids, producer of the cult movie Roswell, gives details of his encounter with what he believes to have been a UFO, an experience that plunged him into research that soon led him to the alleged crash of an alien craft in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 and the belief by many that an alien being was inside the mysterious craft. Paul discusses The Disclosure Project, his relationship with Bill Clinton, and the former President’s stance on UFOs.
Ep 3 - Hollywood Manager Barry Katz
Featured in Jerry Seinfeld’s documentary, Comedian, Hollywood manager Barry Katz has been instrumental in the careers of people like Dane Cook, Whitney Cummings, Louie CK, Dave Chapelle and more. This recording took place at Barry’s offices in 2013 and he opens up about his own experiences in stand-up, Dave Chapelle’s infamous 50 million dollar deal he walked away from, and how what you DON’T think about can help you succeed.
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