Episode from the podcastThe Greatest Generation

This Isn't A Plot, This Is A Holodeck Program! (S1E14)

Released Wednesday, 9th March 2016
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Riker never had it so good when he and the away team arrive on Angel One, a planet of statuesque babes and feeble mini-men who could never fight in his weight class. But trouble is brewing as a handful of Federation citizens have shacked up with the local gals, putting Picard in a tough position as far as the Prime Directive is concerned. Speaking of positions, Riker is going through his repertoire with Sarah Connor, the smoldering demagogue that runs the whole planet. Will Wesley (the boy) get in trouble for beaning Picard with a snowball? Will Worf's sneezes break the ship? Can Picard pry Riker away from the planet-sized sexual conquest of all sexual conquests? It's the episode where we argue about Federation immigration policy!