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Best Episodes of The GROGNARD Files

Dave Paterson hosts Frankenstein’s RPG with Dirk, Blythy, Paul and Ian Welcome to another extra all about this year’s GROGMEET. This time it includes a live recording made at Fan Boy Three. Frankenstein’s RPG podcast has been pulli
It’s that time of year when we are preparing for the GROGMEET convention in Manchester and, this time, online. Blythy and Dirk discuss the history of the meet-up, give some tips on how to start one yourself, discuss the thorny issu
We are pleased to say that Ian Livingstone returns to the GROGPOD to face the Games Master’s Screen. He talks about the early days of White Dwarf and the upcoming book, Dice Men from Unbound, and he also talks about his role in shaping
Armed with no more than 2 dice a pencil and eraser we are delighted to have special guest Ian Livingstone on Episode 50. Also in this episode, the return of face to face recording in the Las O Gowrie. Judge Blythy talks to Dirk ab
Download via the soundbar Forgotten Futures is the table-top RPG that is based on the scientific romances of the late Victorian and Edwardian period. Marcus L Rowland take us on a tour on his works and the ways that it has been distribu
This is the 80th GROGPOD and there is a sense of celebration in the air. We are delighted to have Marcus L Rowland as our guest. He was a stalwart of Whit Dwarf during its hey day. Cthulhu Now! Green Horizon, To Live and Die in Mega C
Please note that ‘Download’ is now part of the Player The GROGNARD files returns with the Return of Call of Cthulhu with the return of Lynne Hardy. This time she faces the Keeper’s Screen to reveal her Arcane secrets. She talks about h
Download Episode The Armchair Adventurers keep coming back to Call of Cthulhu and we are about to begin Children of Fear, written by our guest Lynne Hardy. In this episode we discuss Lynne’s formative years in role-playing and
Download Episode As the Final Score recedes (great result between Arbroath and Queen of the South) it’s time to grab a Tizer and sit down to an episode all about Dr Who. We speak to Dave Chapman, who is the lead writer on Doc
Download Episode Tim Harford, economist, columnist, broadcaster, best-selling author, podcaster and role-player was the very special guest at virtual GROGMEET 2021. There were a vast array of games available over the weekend,
Download Episode Whatever happened to March 2021? We may never know, let’s hope that April restores normal service. In this episode we continue the discussion with Chris Klug about his career in game design: James Bond RPG
You’ll believe a Dragon can have hair! Download Episode The GROGNARD files opens on one of our favorites from back in the day. Blythy bought it from Northern Games Day while I was playing a great game of RuneQuest and he was feelin
Download Episode In this episode we review the games that we have played in 2020 – there were so many! During the discussion we cover our experiences of playing Lyonesse, Savage Worlds, Mutant Year Zero and many more. You can see
Download Episode The last GROGPOD of 2020 features a classic British Old School RPG, Dragon Warriors. You can find out more about Dave Morris at his blog and his Patreon. Daily Dwarf has a blog too. Dave Paterson is ab
Download Episode This is a bonus episode featuring a ‘Library Use’ segment that we recorded which looks in detail at issue 52 of Dragon Magazine (published in August 1981). The publication was around the same time as the launch of
Download Episode This is the second part of the Dungeons and Dragons Episode. Lew Pulsipher returns to talk more about his contributions to White Dwarf, his strategy game Britannia and his contributions to EN World. Daily Dwar
Download Episode GROGMEET2020, the fifth annual meet-up of the GROGSQUAD, had to be held online to avoid pathogens. It didn’t stop us having a fantastic weekend which included a Pub Quiz, a Mausritter Tournament Dungeon, and an ecl
Download Episode We knew we’d get there eventually. This episode is dedicated to Basic Dungeons and Dragons. Our guest is Lew Pulsipher who was a regular contributor to the Golden Era of White Dwarf. He talks about his f
Download Episode Welcome to the end of the world! In the latest episode we look at the FGU RPG Aftermath!, a game that is still supported by useful online resources. I ran a one-shot for GrimCon but working out the rules wa
Download Episode Blimey, we’ve been doing this bobbins for five years! Good grief! In this episode, we go back to the beginning to look at RuneQuest with Jason Durall, as well as other highlights from his career in role-playing.
Download Episode Know o prince … the GROGNARD files produces another epic (take your time …). We’ve been playing Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed of, by Modiphius and having great fun emulating the Hyborian world of Robert E H
Download Episode Loz Whitaker from The Design Mechanism returns to face The GamesMaster’s screen. He talks about The Eternal Champion, Strontium Dog and Mythras. We have been enjoying a Hawkmoon series of adventures using Myth
Lyonesse RPG Download Episode Welcome to a new GROGPOD about a new game that we are very excited about. Lyonesse, Fantasy Role-Playing based on the novels by Jack Vance has been released by The Design Mechanism. We are joined
An introduction to the GROGNARD files RPG podcast Download Episode Hello, my name is Dirk the Dice and this is the GROGNARD files podcast. If you are new here, then this is the place to begin as it provides a quick overview of what
Download Episode Welcome to the post apocalypse with Pookie from Reviews from R’lyeh. We talk about how RPGs taught us everything we need to know about the apocalypse. Old Scouse Role Player shares his first, last and everythin
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