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In a world that puts so much emphasis on individualism and achievement, it's no surprise that most of us have a tendency to put those we respect on a pedestal.⁠ ⁠ Those pedestals aren't helping anyone.⁠ --> Take the free Fundamental Fear Quiz (
Helping clients learn to hear and trust their intuition is one thing ... doing it myself is another indeed! This week I'm sharing what happened recently (hint: BIG changes) when I walked my own talk and finally started acting on intuition. Plus
When you're down or feel a need to change something about yourself or circumstances, consider this question and see what comes up. Interested in coaching? Book a free discovery call with Becky at
Clients often as me what does intuition mean and where does it come from? In this video, I talk about how to tell if it's your gut feeling or fear and the physical signs of intuition (how does intuition feel?). Mentioned in this episode: What
Black and white thinking is a "cognitive distortion" that can signal thoughts that aren't helpful. Learn how to stop this type of polarized or binary thinking when it pops up. Mentioned in this episode: Easy Mindfulness Exercises Curiosity vs.
What is black-and-white (or polarized) thinking, and why is it an important red flag to notice? In this episode, Becky talks about this common cognitive distortion, and gives some examples of how to see if it's showing up for you. Interested in
Hear from Gutsy Boss Club member Jackie Rodriguez about why she joined the membership (and the fears she had before saying yes), what she gets from being part of it, and why she thinks it may be a good fit for you. Learn more or join Gutsy Boss
If you feel a constant need for validation, a need to be liked, or wonder why you seek approval from others ... you're not flawed. You are human! Changing your relationship with validation (and what it means) can be a healthy first step on your
Hiring a coach can be expensive. If that's not in your budget, these self coaching tips, tools, strategies and questions can help you be your own life coach. Certified coach Becky Mollenkamp shares a popular self coaching model as well as life
Finding a life coach (or any coach) to help you is a big investment. Now sure how to choose a coach that will do a good job and be worth the money? Here are 10 questions you can ask to make sure you find a coach you'll love. Book a free discove
Not sure what a coach does? Or how it differs from therapy or consulting? You're not alone. I often get asked exactly what a life coach does. So on today's episode, I'm explaining everything you need to know about what coaching is, and isn't.
As a life coach, I love sharing mindset tips. As a parent, I know we can learn a lot of lessons from children. So, here are 5 life lessons from kids that can help us all. Book a free discovery call with Becky Mollenkamp at https://beckymollenka
As a life coach for several years to hundreds of clients, I've learned a lot of life coaching tips for success. I hope these 5 lessons from a life coach will help you live your best life possible. Mentioned in this episode: • You are not Broken
Having a bad day? Feminist mindset coach Becky Mollenkamp is back to share 5 MORE tools that can help pull you out of a funk and turn around a bad day. Learn more about Becky at Mentioned in this episode: 5 Ways to F
May is Mental Health Awareness month, and Becky is getting personal in this episode. She talks about the lessons she learned from losing her brother to addiction. (Trigger warning: Addiction, grief)
Having a bad day (or several)? Feminist mindset coach Becky Mollenkamp shares 5 tools that can help pull you out of a funk and turn around a bad day. Learn more about Becky at Mentioned in this episode: Mindfulness i
Conditioning makes moms feel bad if they don't love parenting, while dads have historically been allowed to opt into the parts they love and opt out (without shame) of what they don't. Feminist mindset coach Becky Mollenkamp thinks it's time fo
Opting out of the patriarchal concept of "playing bigger" doesn't have to mean throwing your dreams in the garbage. Feminist mindset coach Becky Mollenkamp discusses how her concept of "playing smaller" looks when put into action (and how it ma
Sign up to receive Becky's FREE workshop, "Imposter Syndrome: It's Not You, It's Patriarchy" at Feminist mindset coach Becky Mollenkamp discusses why she's changing how she teaches about and coaches around "I
Has the pursuit of more, better, faster left you feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied? Feminist mindset coach Becky Mollenkamp discusses how the idea of "playing smaller" might be a welcome relief from the patriarchal hamster wheel of productivi
The endless pursuit of more and better is exhausting. It's unsustainable and, usually, fruitless. Feminist mindset coach Becky Mollenkamp discusses how the idea of "playing big" is a (potentially harmful) product of patriarchy. Learn more about
Enforced gratitude is weaponized gratitude. It's a tool of patriarchy that makes systemic harm feel like a personal failure. Learn the difference between helpful and harmful gratitude. Learn more about mindset coach Becky Mollenkamp at https://
One of my favorite tools for developing self-compassion is learning to approach your thoughts with curiosity, not judgment. Learn more about mindset coach Becky Mollenkamp at
Don't buy into the patriarchal narrative that you need to "accomplish" growth or check mindset work off your to-do list. You can't "master" mindset. Learn more about mindset coach Becky Mollenkamp at
Women are conditioned to believe their pleasure isn't a priority or, worse, isn't allowed. It's time to unlearn that ish and reclaim pleasure. It's your birthright! Learn more about mindset coach Becky Mollenkamp at
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