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Becky and Dan Brace for the Holidays and Becky talks with painter Margaux Williamson about shame, humility, seeing and painting. Covered: Morning Radio, advertising, Christmas, History Channel's Alone, hands on a hard body, anxieties, people who are frozen in stone, The Plop, The 20th Century, Oscilloscope Labs, The Wizard of Oz, winds and rain, taking clothes apart, paintings, what we see, time, bananas, clocks, problems, tolerance, Queer Eye, shame, humility, Lars von Trier, having a message, Melancholia, serving oneself, mapping from a distance, being overwhelmed, Canadian complaints, Moby Dick & more
Dan & Becky feel relief and Becky speaks with Los Angeles-based comedian/activist, Mirage Thrams, about activism, trauma and forward motion. Covered: the American presidency, hot November, the world, Providence, street names, GPS, joylessness, Stacey Abrams, Georgia, John G Cole, astrology, Leos, racism, police murders, accents, how not to give a fuck, Mr. Rogers, being special, miracles, activism, comedy, the American legal system, cancer, divorce, being best, justice, Second City, speaking out, fatigue, emigration, separation of immigrant children, forced sterilization, perseverance, Hughie Stone Fish, the global self, static identity, relief grief & more.
Becky and Dan do a segments parade and Becky talks with comedian extraordinaire, Alia Rasul, about art, collectives and accountability. Covered: The Amazing Gayl Pile, Metamorphosis: A Viral Trilogy, André Alexis, Volcano Theatre, rain, tarpaulins, drive-in movies, Unhinged, Nostalgique, Aba Amuquandoh, Ben Sosa Wright, reopening, The Brass Rail, second waves, back to school, teachers, therapy, radiators, Belarus, mass protest, naps, dreams, parties, homebodies, plants, self-compassion, fiddle leaf fig, Adam Niebergall, mushrooms, Tita Collective, Bad Dog Theatre, Our Cities on Our Stages, digital inclusion, bravery, vulnerability, call-outs, call-ins, accountability, cancel culture, Ophira Calof, leaps of faith, speaking out, commodification of experience, escapism, The Sufferettes, ephemera, TikTok, kids being weird, Jeff Bezos, dill, taking turns, misogyny, Ravyn Wngz, monopolies, the unknown future, Julie Dumais Osborne, collectivism, humorous activism, influencer lies, snake plants, FemFest, #CampTita & more!
Becky and Dan sit in their respective shames and Becky chats with geomancer (her word) and comedian, Ajahnis Charley, about activism, art, Gen Z exuberance and more! Covered: meteor showers, the Perseids, intuition, test results, Nostalgique, Aba Amuquandoh, Ben Sosa Wright, WAP, sex positivity, shame, therapy, (un)well, gratitude, geomatics, spacial problems, COVID-19 and police saturation, activism,, protest, mussels in the Netherlands, a big scoop, the National Film Board of Canada, coming out, Durham Region, the GO Bus, thinking locally, contagious positivity, Bad Dog Comedy TV, Ayaka's Kitchen, Ayaka Kinugawa, Jos Louis, distance and connection, capitalism, youth, High Tea, modular creation, ephemeral art, the here and now, legacy, some quality Marks, Untitled Black Sketch Project, Brandon Hackett, Fiona Apple, Fetch the Bolt Cutters & more!
Becky surprises Dan with a birthday gift to him of just us talking for the whole episode! Covered: lying down, sitting in the shower, slumber parties, surprises!, Dan's birthday!, the weather report, double edge swords, rain, leaks, beverages, hypochondria, diabetes, B12 deficiencies, podcasts we haven't listened to, Riverdale Rude Dudes, Chris Middleton, Bridget Cann, Candace Meeks, everything happening all at once, the continued death of coolness, Instagram live, Jhanelle Dennis, Tamara Shevon, Lucky Yates, the Kansas primaries, Oklahoma, Big Sur, the Beirut explosion, Sandy Hudson, police reform in Seattle, the NBA, sport and activism, the WNBA, Say Her Name, AOC, John Lewis, good trouble, Ben & Jerry's, corporate activism, paywalls, medical journals, media bias, CBC, Seth Rogen, WTF, Marc Maron, making aliyah, Tarot, the nine of swords, The Aquarian Tarot, The Autonomic Tarot, Sophy Hollington, David Keenan, the magician, ownership for story, addiction,, Nicole Maloof, Caitlin Cherry, Nora Khan & more!
Becky and Dan talk death and premieres and Becky has a conversation with comic Desiree Walsh about god, accessibility, the cowardice of edgelords in the digital age and more. Covered: standing, Slumber Party, prank calls, death, addiction, other people's stories, John Lewis, posthumous publication, Bill Clinton, Stokely Carmichael, reopening, the plug portion, The Toronto Outdoor Picture Show, Tips are Appreciated, Trevor Anderson, Leigh Cameron, Chris Sandiford, The Templeton Philharmonic, Women's Hour, Ophira Calof, digital open mics, white guys with hats, comedic accountability, venue accessibility, The Underground Social Club, I'll Be Seeing You, the death of God, COVID on the Amazon River, hope as privilege, telling children they can do anything, inner death, inclusive design, systemic disability discrimination, The Toronto Transit Commission, employment discrimination, hunger nihilism, emotional letters, Homer Simpson, Gordie Howe, adapted sports, Courtney Gilmore, prosthetic limbs, socialized healthcare, weaponizing gratitude, weaponizing individualism, determination narrative & more!
Becky and Dan deal with some technical interference and Becky talks with performer and creator, Anand Rajaram, about action and philosophy. Covered: home recording set-ups, missed connections, flat walls, chips, new segments, Mark Andrada, We Like Theme Parks, Riverdale Rude Dudes, Chris Middleton, art & entertainment, books, windows, Windows 95, secret police, Portland, the military, the Anti-Defamation League, augmented reality, Pokemon Go, theatre training, Baruch Spinoza, the joy index, cake, body and mind, drugs, depression, hermitage, veganism, changing patterns, arranged marriage , matrimonial ads, risk, adulation, socializing, trusting your gut, late to the party, diasporic disconnection, time as a country, entropy, comfort, statues, change, gravity, the Buddha, death, enlightenment, energies, social performance, hairy legs, agents, unions, multiculturalism, safe spaces & more!
Becky and Dan talk masks and monuments and Becky has a conversation with theatre-maker and educator, Sayda Trujillo, from Roswell, New Mexico, about decolonizing theatrical practice and training and more. Covered: standing up, mask wars, police shootings, the Nazi monument in Oakville, Bit Playas, Kris Siddiqi, Nigel Downer, colonial statues, #Blessed, hipster evangelicals, Roswell, immigrant identity, Guatemala, Persons of Colour, decolonizing theatre pedagogy and training, Dell'Arte International, physical voice, Master teachers, East Los Angeles, calling out, deciphering emotions, trauma, George Floyd, protests, Theatre Communications Group, predominantly white organisations, silence as violence, clown and activism, Palestine, The Freedom Theatre, anger pain and joy, home, family, translation, Mayan culture, ancestors, tilling for the harvest & more!
Becky and Dan discuss the myths of cancel culture and hope in online media and Becky chats with clown extraordinaire, Helen Donnelly, about performance, illness and more. Covered: Sponsorship, Mark Andrada, We Like Theme Parks!, stink candles, The Letter, Sandy Hudson, Bad Dog Theatre, Coko Galore, UHF, cable access, Kirsten Rasmussen, Ayaka Kinugawa, Ajahnis Charley, Daphney Joseph, the Cop Out App, clown, bird watching, skepticism, atheism, Red Nose Remedy, therapeutic clowning, virtual therapy, gambits, make-up, minstrelsy, multiple myeloma, cancer, broke artists, warrior narratives, the cadence of health care, social supports, ODSP, CERB & more!
Becky and Dan unpack some local news and call-outs and Becky talks with comedian extraordinaire, Marz Timms, from Chicago about comedy, profiling, politics and more. Covered: Heatwaves, The Atlantic Travel Bubble, Secret COVID bars, patios, cheery server voices, media bias, viral scientists on twitter, Marya Errin Jones, Sayda Trujillo, Thailand, fast love, Pimprov, live comedy, Poochie, Chicago, helping others, Black Lives Matter, fitting the description, racism, defund the police, social media bubbles, Tamara Shevon, Knock Down the House, AOC, Japanese milk bread, James Bond villains, I Saw the Devil, Sea Fog, Zulu, casinos in Michigan & more!
Becky and Dan get uncomfortable with comedy, applaud Gen Z and Becky talks with non-profit leader and anti-poverty activist, Paul Taylor, about food security, racism in Canada and much much more. Covered: appropriate comedy, Sacha Baron Cohen, 30 Rock, speaking up, microagressions, K-Pop stans, culturejamming, bikes, anti-poverty activism, policy making, white spaces in politics, decolonisation, anti-racism, introspection, anti-Black racism, CERB, guaranteed basic income, reparations, defunding the police, Canadian media, the internet, health equity, affordable housing, charity, migrant farmers, the Canada Food Guide,, unsafe water supply, pay ratios, income inequality, FoodShare Toronto, the Good Food Box and more!
Becky and Dan check in about police violence and activism and Becky chats with stand-up comedian extraordinaire, Jhanelle Dennis, all the way from Florida. Covered: algorithms, activism, Eyes on the Prize, freedom rides, jokes on social media, Progress Toronto,, Florida, Brooklyn, panic attacks, Taco Bell, reaching out, chatbots, Sir Mix A Lot, beckies, karens, kyles, landlines, big butts, nicknames, forced relaxation, sleep disorders, ASMR, Karuna Satori, Latte, Peace and Saraity, synesthesia, tricking doctors, Homer Simpson, the apocalypse, mutations, ghost shoulders & more!
The RCMP continue to murder indigenous people with impunity, Becky and Dan talk about clarity of activist language and Becky talks at length with improviser and creative leader, John Gebretatose, from Minneapolis about literal and figurative fires past and present. Covered: Brandon Ash-Mohammed, tired and wired, trolls, clarity of language, funny protest, placards, Rodney Levi, Chantel Moore, the RCMP SIU, Jackie Pirico, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, Robert Fuller, Minneapolis, shitty Targets, police brutality, depression, George Floyd, Philando Castile, Jamar Clark, Nekima Levy Armstrong, Minnesota Nice, Jacob Frey, white liberalism, the prison industrial complex, inheritance, life insurance, Eritrea, Tinder, appropriation, Tik Tok, colonial statues in rivers, Central Park Five, Jill Bernard, Black Peter, Jay-Z, The Black and Funny Festival, Huge Theatre, #GebretatoseontheCBC
Becky and Dan get into white fragility and Becky chats with Brandon Ash-Mohammed about racism in Canadian media, skin care and more! Covered: D'Andre Campbell, Justin Ling, The New York Times, Sandy Hudson, Desmond Cole, Matt Horgan, the military, the library, Dewayne Perkins, Second City, Bootleg History, Africville, Canadian media, Anne of Green Gables, Brandon Hackett, Aisha Brown, The Ethnic Rainbow, discomfort, Weeds, Mary Lousie Parker, RuPaul's Drag Race, Lindsay Lohan, Mean Girls, Jan Caruana, David Reale, Amber Riley, Alex Newell, parasols, non-comedogenic oils, potions, deodorant, hair care, youth & more!
Becky and Dan have very quickly learned some things that people of colour have been telling us for a long, long time and Becky talks rehab, revelation and a bit of hip hop with comedian and writer, Marito Antonio Lopez. Covered: Protests, George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, home phones, defunding the police, Dad's Garage Theater, Jon Carr, Carl Tart, discomfort, Andrew Johnston, Brandon Ash-Mohammed, El Salvador, Louis MacNeice, James Joyce, William Butler Yeates, colonization, , Dangerous Minds, Coolio, Drake, Maestro, Rascalz, Snow, touring comedy, compassion, addiction, meditation, working out, Tupac, God, love, spirituality, Richard Pryor, Maria Bamford, Dr. Gabor Maté, trauma, the war on drugs, Vancouver's downtown east side & more.
Dan and Becky don't know what to do and Becky chats with actor/creator Tim Baltz, about American discomfort. Covered: helplessness, revolution, night thinking, dreams, The Sopranos, the president's tweets, shamelessness, brand culture, pitching for television, echo chambers, humility, cultural differences, white supremacy, discomfort, Marshall McLuhan, Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death, rage, reckonings, recycling, levelling with dad, showing up, ALS, the medical industrial complex, Marty Adams & so much more!
Dan and Becky wrestle with fiction and Becky talks with Vancouver comedian, Graham Clark, about the disintegration of live comedy and more. Covered: UFOs, Sum 41, false flags, Errol Morris, cryptozoology, The Sopranos, deadface acting, alpha males, Cassavetes, Michael Jordan, legacies, the Lincoln Memorial, walking through mud, Yoko Ono's beam of light, non-essential services, the hustle, comedy after WWII, golden age cinema, King Lear, Rocky, Stephen Spielberg, Vancouver, Bonnie Henry, wearing masks, home haircuts, beard painting, Inception, Tik Tok, the world's first podcast, The Sawatsky Sign Off and more.
We have almost completely let go of time as Becky chats with multi-dimensional artist, Sook-Yin Lee, about creation, space, loss and so much more. Covered: weather, May 2-4, Queen Victoria, call-outs, umbrage, the Canadian National Exhibition, grocery etiquette, passive aggression, sharing the road, Gosford Park, Venice Beach, golf, provincial leadership, spelunking, sleeping over, cleaning up, Adam Litovitz, creative expression, existential consideration, worlds of the imagination, quantum reality, the woods, DIY, zines, independent distribution, non-corporeal personality, universal consciousness, astrophysics, organic matter, psychic space and more!
Dan has done something like a personality test and Becky talks to writer/comic, Jordan Foisy, about the death cult of consumer ideology and other stuff. Covered: mixtape weather, rats, krazy glue, standing up, approval seeking, Pete Davidson, unknown regrets, pessimism, dressing up, Rihanna at the Met Gala, butthole contents, Drag Race, going to the hospital, vanishing airplanes, conspiracy theories, meat processing, truth in advertising, nihilism, death conservatism, consumer ideology, pleasure, addiction, empathy, guns and more!
Becky and Dan explore rules and enjoyment and Becky chats athletics and feelings with host of CBC Radio's Tapestry, Mary Hynes! Covered: aversions to fun, rules, high school, Crystal Methyd, Silken Laumann, crying, baseball on the radio, psychic witches in foreign affairs, toughness, embarrassment, Yacht Rock, free range hearts, earnestness, Jon Miller, The Long Dark, Chris Farley, The Maple Leafs, transcendent sport, Bernie Williams, Suzyn Waldman, Catch23 Backwards, Brendan Halloran, The Olympics, Andrew Jennings, alter egos, desperate hope & more!
Dan and Becky delve into Star Stuff and Becky speaks with spectacle performer, Michael Rahhal, from the wilds of open-for-business Las Vegas, Nevada. Covered: injuries, cognitive dissonance, serenity, road commandeering, meditation, The Cosmic Reef, giving blood, Blue Man Group, Las Vegas, judgement, 12 step programs, AlAnon, addiction, compassion, Thomas Jefferson, Key & Peele, God, kooky mayors, forgiveness and more!
Dan is struggling with some cabbage and Becky chats with writer/comedian, Brandon Hackett, about comedy, identity and Jeremy Bickers Captain of Stickers. Covered: midge season, central air conditioning, Tracy Morgan, late night TV, okonomiyaki, mayonnaise, learning languages, rest, Ontario leadership, Fanny and Alexander, visiting South Africa, queerness in comedy, code switching, Luke Skywalker, Cats and more.
Becky and Dan curl up under some wet blankets & Becky chats with actor Lucky Yates from newly-liberated Atlanta about America and his new religion. Covered: Starbucks, curling your legs, Debbie Downers, misanthropy, The NYT Daily, the hammer & the dance, the Tel Aviv protest, Georgia, racism across America, Underdog, Uncle Grampa's Hoo-Dilly Storytime, DIY TV, new religions, The Church of the Holy Dodo, tax law, Satanism, demons, sleep paralysis, DMT, bullies, urban nature and more!
Becky and Dan are digging themselves into holes and Becky chats with actor/writer/teacher, Bruce Hunter, about comedy, meaning and the breadth of the cosmos. Covered: paranoia, anxiety, forgetting, remembering, improvisation, Keith Johnstone, Second City, anger, out of body experiences, UFOs, ancient aliens, Coast to Coast, Rendlesham Forest, Sasquatch, strokes, awakenings, collective consciousness and more.
Dan and Becky tear into the weather, politics and food and Becky chats with Marya Errin Jones for some perspectives from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Covered: grocery shopping, empties, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, sourdough, armour, Iowa, ley lines, psychic scents, seismic feelings, community organizing, King Arthur, City Lights Bookstore and more!
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