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Joanne Freeman's rainy Friday night hang continues for a second episode and I am here for every history spoiler, detail, and piece of insight she has to offer: from Alexander Hamilton's actual birthday, to Lin-Manuel Miranda's artistic freedoms, and who actually put a comma after dearest. Plus! Joanne explains what it was like to see Hamilton for the first time and slowly realize that Ten Duel Commandments was based on findings from her book Affairs of Honor. 
The inimitable Donald Webber, Jr of Hamilton Broadway is on the podcast for two suuuuper fun episodes. In Part One, we discuss Clousé Michael Jeeves (the finest tablecloth puller in all of America), Hamilton vs. Jefferson, his friendship with Leslie Odom, Jr, and treating the Cabinet Battles like a wrestling match. AND! Donald makes a very big announcement... but don't - ahem - wait for it! Listen to the episode to find out what it is.    Sherie René Scott in "Coming Out of Their Shells"   Whorl Inside a Loop:
Dr. Joanne Freeman is the leading expert on Alexander Hamilton, a professor at Yale University, and the best person to hang with on a rainy Friday night. You probably know her at the badass historian from PBS' Hamilton's America in which she called Hammy "an arrogant, irritating asshole." In Part One Joanne talks about living in a post Hamilton world when Hamilton himself has been in her world since she was 14 years old, how a dueling gun actually goes CLICK-BOOM, and what it was like when Lin-Manuel Miranda stopping by her birthday party to pick up one of her books for research.  Hamilton's America on PBS:    
Bill Sherman is a Tony, Grammy, and Emmy award-winning composer, producer, arranger, orchestrator, and one hell of a podcast guest let me tell you. Bill braved an awful winter rain storm to hang out and talk to me about Hamilton, The Hamilton Mixtape, In the Heights, Freestyle Love Supreme, Sesame Street, and how this podcast might be the best kind of therapy ever. From the two month process of producing the Hamilton album, to why being the Music Director of Sesame Street is the best and weirdest job in the world, to the incomparable talent and work ethic of the members of Freestyle Love Supreme, Bill and I cover a ton of ground. And it was AWESOME.  Christopher Jackson - In The Name Of Love: Mandy Gonzalez - Fearless: Freestyle Love Supreme - Mixtape:  Lin-Manuel Miranda on The Hamilcast: Questlove Supreme on Pandora: Shockwave on The Hamilcast: An Open Letter (feat. Shockwave) (Interlude): Sesame Street: 12 And Pinball Animation: Sesame Street: Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me: Brushy Brush PSA: Sesame Street: Art School | Murray Had a Little Lamb: Sesame Street - Frankly, It's Becoming A Habitat: Sesame Street: Janelle Monae - Power of Yet: Freestyle Love Supreme: You Can’t Go Home. Stop Trying.: Sesame Street: Check That Shape (with Nick Jonas):    
Hello Ham Fam! I'm dropping this surprise mini episode into your podcast feed to tell you about my collaboration with Coloring Broadway for the March For Our Lives demonstrations taking place on March 24th. We’re teaming up to bring you two designs that you can download, print, and color - and they’ll come in different sizes so you can post them on social media, hang them up at work or school, or bring them to your local march, which is what I’ll be doing.  Link to the illustrations: March For Our Lives: Found/Tonight: Find Coloring Broadway: @ColoringBroadway on Instagram @ColoringBway on Twitter
Stephanie Klemons, Hamilton's Associate Choreographer (and so much more) is finally here! Over two pints of Sam Adams, Stephanie goes in on what it was like to be part of Hamilton coming together from the very beginning and goes in on so many Hamilton staging secrets and Easter eggs that you are going to LOVE. She also tells me how and why the choreography changes from stage to stage (and why you'll never notice it), what it's like to be Andy Blankenbuehler's "variation maker," being a strong woman on a male dominated creative team, and her thoughts on Hamilton's incredibly impactful Tony performance. Not to mention the Super Bowl commercial, In the Heights, Katie's Art Project, and her stunning curly hair.  Katie's Art Project: In the Heights at The Kennedy Center:  
Erin Clemons covers all three Schuyler Sisters in Hamilton on Broadway and is an actual ray of sunlight. We had the best time talking about her journey to Broadway, why traveling is so good for the soul, and why her parents are her biggest inspiration. Erin also walks us through her very first day at work at the Rodgers and explains THE PHOTO™!   Music Theatre Wichita: Baychester Middle School: Erin's Instagram post playing piano:  
Fergie L. Philippe and Julian Ramos of Hamilton's Philip Tour (#HamiltourToo) are back again and you guys... there is so much happening here 🎤and I AM LOVIN IT!🎤 Julian and Fergie talk about the rehearsal process, how they balance being on #TeamNoChill while still being professionals, mind-blowing choreography secrets, and why Nik Walker better watch his back when it comes to pranks on the #Hamiltour. We also talk about how to work with your anxiety and why you're never, ever alone.    Nik Walker's Episodes:  Episode #60: We ride at midnight, Manhattan in the distance // Part One Episode #61: We ride at midnight, Manhattan in the distance // Part Two Fergie Philippe - "Wondering" (Bridges of Madison County; Jason Robert Brown) "Two By Two" - The Book of Mormon (Original Broadway Cast Recording)  
Fergie L. Philippe and Julian Ramos of Hamilton's Philip Tour join me for a #HamiltourToo party! We have the best time and in this first episode, Fergie and Julian talk about the journeys that led them both to Hamilton: from Fergie tweeting acapella Hamilton raps to Lin-Manuel Miranda back in 2015 to Julian working at The Public as a host and seating Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tommy Kail, and Oskar Eustis for their very early Hamilton meetings.   Fergie's tweets to Lin:   Hamilton at The Public Theater - Montage   Look At Me Now:
Tyler McKenzie had a one week vacation between Broadway's Hamilton and joining the Philip Tour and he spent his first night off hanging out with me and I am so grateful! Tyler talks about his Hamilton journey, his strong connection to spirituality, the glory of EduHam, finding stillness in a show that's nonnnnn STOP, and what George Eacker is thinking when Philip interrupts his big night out. This episode is so fun and Tyler brings such a positive energy and outlook to his life, his work, and this recording. #StayWeird, friends! Episodes mentioned:  Ashley Graffeo at #EduHam  Andrew Chappelle Eliza Ohman   Find Tyler:   Find The Hamilcast:
Antuan "Magic" Raimone lives up to his nickname as a Universal Swing in Hamilton. Magic talks about his experience with In the Heights, why he didn't want to audition for Hamilton (and the crazy story about how that went), what happens when you get "Swing Brain," and how his photographic ability to instantly pick up choreography earned him the nickname "Magic."  Trigger warning: Towards the end of the episode we spend time discussing Antuan's experience with childhood sexual abuse and his activism for other survivors of sexual assault.  Crime Victims Treatment Center Live Out Loud The Homecoming Project
Emily Roney is back this week and she goes IN on what it's like to not only dress Mandy Gonzalez in Hamilton on Broadway but to also work as her Right Hand Man aka Personal Assistant. We talk #FearlessSquad, the strength of the women who play the Schuyler Sisters, and Emily gives amazing life advice about how to find your passion and achieve your goals. And! We talk more about backstage at Hamilton, including stories about Leslie Odom Jr. and Daveed Diggs, and Renee Elise Goldsberry winning the 2016 Tony Award for playing Angelica. #BwaySoundbites feat. The Schuyler Sisters “I’ll Be There” via Mandy Gonzalez on YouTube:
Emily Roney is the dresser for all three Schuyler Sisters (#AndMaria!) for Hamilton and Broadway and get ready for a mind explosion! Emily is fantastic and we talk about so many things including how The Public Theater changed her life and the role Renee Elise Goldsberry sealed her fate. But let's really get down to it: YES she explains the colors of those dresses and she gives us a verbal look book of the Schuyler Sisters. Get excited!
Welcome to Eddy Lee's second episode, in which the tangents are plentiful and we're lucky if we finish a single story we start. Still! Eddy Lee is the best and this episode is nonnnnnnSTOP. Eddy performs both James Reynolds and Samuel Seabury, talks about the lack of Asian representation in the media and the arts, and tells the amazing story of meeting a Vietnamese-American #Hamilkid wherein Eddy realized he was a role model. Plus! We talk Pokémon and the role the Universe played in Eddy being cast in Hamilton on Broadway. Jennifer Jancuska (Hamilton Broadway’s resident choreographer) and The Bring About: Carols for a Cure for BC/EFA: KPOP at Ars Nova: #Hamilkid Daniel and Eddy: Timothy Huang:
Remember when Eddy Lee called our recording a therapy session during last episode's Hamilton House Party? Yeah, this episode proves that almost immediately. In the first part of our hang, Eddy - a swing in Hamilton on Broadway - opens up about how he almost became a doctor and how at first his mother didn't approve of dancing as a career choice. Don't worry, all is well now, but his story is definitely one that may sound familiar to other aspiring artists out there.  Hamilton House Party aka #Hamilcast100:
In honor of my 100th episode (whaaaat?!), I threw a #HamiltonHouseParty with some of my friends from the cast and crew of Hamilton on Broadway: Lexi Lawson, Jevon McFerrin, Eddy Lee, Lauren Boyd, Anna-Lee Craig, and Emily Roney. My right hand man, Michael Paul Smith, joins me as we host this fun, scrappy, and rowdy recording. From the ghosts that haunt the Richard Rodgers Theatre, to reflecting on this past year, we have a great time and Hamilton is so layered that even my guests are learning new things from each other. This is also easily the episode with the most cursing in it; it's not super vulgar but be aware of that if you listen with your little ones. Enjoy and thank you so much for taking this journey with me for my first 100 episodes - I'm just getting started! Stick around to the end to hear from some past alums of The Hamilcast who wanted to send some love for this milestone. Jevon McFerrin's Episodes:   Lexi Lawson's Episodes:   Lauren Boyd's Episode: Anna-Lee Craig's Episodes: Eddy Lee's and Emily Roney's episodes are coming in January! Stay tuned!  The end audio montage of past guests, in order of appearance in the montage: Lin-Manuel Miranda with Kurt Crowley Scott Wasserman Michael Luwoye Nik Walker Eliza Ohman Javier Munoz Kimmie Mark Gregory Treco Anthony Lee Medina Bryan Terrell Clark James Monroe Iglehart Thayne Jasperson Carvens Lissaint Chris Jackson Tyler McKenzie Ian Weinberger  
Listener favorites Ashley Graffeo, Kelly Warne, and Carrie-Rachel Dean join me for my 99th episode and a walk down memory lane, talking Hamilton, the podcast, and Broadway in general. It's the Schuyler Sisters meets the Sons of Liberty and I am lovin' it! 
Relax, have a drink with me... and Chris Jackson! The rain didn't let up and neither did my guest of honor. In his second episode, CJack wastes no time getting super real. This moving conversation focuses a lot on his son, CJ, who is on the autism spectrum and prepare to learn and feel a lot of things, you guys. We also talk about his amazing family and what it's like being on the CBS show "Bull."
Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Jackson coulda been anywhere in the world tonight, but he's here with me in New York City. Are you ready for Part One of my chat with him?? In this episode, CJack gets real about some of his past bad behavior during the early days of In The Heights, his experience being in the original Broadway company of Hamilton, the moment he thought he chose the wrong career path, and the mutual love, respect, and admiration flowing between the members of the Lin's Cabinet. We go in on those #TequilaThoughts, with a torrential downpour as our soundtrack.
Carvens Lissaint is an excellent human and an award-winning poet. He is also covering Washington, Burr, and Lafayette/Jefferson in Hamilton on Broadway. The Carvens Origin Story is INSANE. The Carvens Hamilton Origin Story is EVEN MORE INSANE. Carvens talks about how In The Heights changed his life (Lin came out during intermission during In The Heights to chat with him - which would NEVER happen now), his experience growing up in Harlem with Haitian parents, and how he literally had a Hamilton in his bank account before he booked Hamilton on Broadway. Urban Dove: Urban Word: Brave New Voices slam champion Joshua Bennett performs "Tamaraʼs Opus at the White House Evening of Poetry, Music, and the Spoken Word on May 12, 2009:    
Carvens Lissaint (Washington, Burr, Lafayette/Jefferson in Hamilton on Broadway) is back! This week, Carvens goes in on the backlash he received after having a poem go viral, the logistical differences between Washington and Burr, the beginnings of his Black Velvet persona, and the importance of being authentic. Journal to Journey: Urban Word:    
Anna-Lee Craig is back again this week and if you don't think she's the coolest, just you wait until you listen to this episode: ALC talks about being a badass lady in a field that has traditionally been dominated by men. We also talk about the hardest Hamilton tracks to mix, and how the cast and crew are Hamilton super fans - just like us!
Get ready to become OBSESSED with Anna-Lee Craig, one of Hamilton Broadway's team of groundbreaking sound experts. Anna-Lee's official title is A2/Assistant Sound, but I've also added Badass Lady because she is awesome. Having been with Hamilton since The Public, Anna-Lee knows how to make each and every performance sound its best. I mean, she came up with a special microphone design the crew calls the ALC Special. Does it get any cooler than that? Oh - one more thing - Anna-Lee invited me to watch the show from her sound console WHICH I WILL NEVER GET OVER, EVER! But having watch her mix a performance, I can tell you that what she does is nothing less than sorcery. Lezgo!
Our last week of #Lintoberfest starts out with some exciting news courtesy of Alex Lacamoire and Tommy Kail from all the way across the sea... and it is BANANAS! In Part Two of the B-Sides, Mike and I share more cut audio with Lin-Manuel Miranda, take questions from the Patreon Peeps, and reflect on the insanity of the last few weeks.    To help Puerto Rico:   Donate to disaster relief:  
Welcome to The Lin B-Sides! Mike is joining me as I play cut audio from #Lintoberfest and give you behind the scenes commentary about what it was like recording with Lin-Manuel Miranda. And guess what? We have so many details to share with you that there will be TWO B-Sides, meaning you'll have FIVE Lin-Manuel Miranda episodes. Enjoy!   To help Puerto Rico:   Donate to disaster relief:   Irish Bat Dad:   Freestyle Love Supreme improvise about Broadway at Sirius XM Live on Broadway:  
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