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Britain's Chez Kane is an 80s Rock songstress who studied at the feet of Vixen and Pat Benatar, but who, through a terrible twist of fate, was frozen in her early 20s in a cryogenic sleep chamber for the last 35 years. In 2020 her long lost cryo tube was discovered, and Chez was defrosted and awoken by the lead singer of Crazy Lixx just in time to bring the world an album full of much needed hopeful, energetic, totally fun 80s Hard Rock.  Signed to Frontiers Music, Chez Kane is optimistic and effervescent about her debut solo album in this new era. I spoke with Chez, and the day after this interview, Chez Kane's self-titled debut album charted in the UK. Two days after that, it landed on the Billboard Hard Music Albums and Top New Artist Albums charts in the U.S., proving that Rip Van Winkle 80s songstress Chez Kane and songwriter Danny Rexon have tapped into a universal desire for fun, light 80s Hard Rock. Chez and I talk about: Why the world needs Chez Kane’s music right now The song that made Chez fall in love with her solo album How to pronounce her name correctly Dealing with Internet trolls That saxophone scene in the Lost Boys Being discovered on YouTube Will she pull a Michael Jackson and leave her family band Kane'd? Meeting Joe Elliott of Def Leppard --- Send in a voice message:
Reb Beach is a phenomenal guitarist, and he's played with some of the best in the Rock world. All those killer Winger solos and riffs? That's him. He's also the lead guitarist and co-writer for Whitesnake. And for Black Swan, the 2020 super group making pure 80s Rock music. Reb has played with everyone from Alice Cooper to the Bee Gees, Chaka Kahn to Danger Danger, Howard Jones to Twisted Sister, and with Roger Daltry on the Lost Boys Soundtrack. I recently talked with Reb by phone from his home in Pittsburgh about: Writing new music with Whitesnake and Winger his surprising review of the reactive load box his solo instrumental record2 joining Joe Satriani's G3 guitar tour the candid truth about why he can't remember riffs he just played If Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford breaks his hand and the bombshell news of the two OTHER albums he's working on for 2022. --- Send in a voice message:
George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, The End Machine, KXM), one of the most prolific, successful, and influential Hard Rock and Metal guitarists of all time, is also a deep thinker and activist. George played for me some of the riffs and chords from the brand new The End Machine Phase 2 album while we talked about: That second album The creative choices he and co-writer Jeff Pilson made Exactly why it sounds more like Dokken Having to replace long-time drummer Wild Mick Brown The metric of Gross National Happiness How billionaires should be considered immoral in America And more --- Send in a voice message:
From his home in Stockholm, Sweden, Conny Bloom of the Electric Boys and Hanoi Rocks talked with me about his music, the new Electric Boys album out April 30th, touring--past and future--the secret to staying young, whether the global pandemic was his fault, and the scariest moment in his life--that time he played Led Zeppelin in front of Led Zeppelin and thought Jimmy Page was going to knock him out. Contents: 01:00:00 - Start 02:00:06 - Introduction 02:35:10 - Touring and Playing with the Dan Reed Network 03:40:09 - Same fashion sense--Keith Richard's ring 04:07:10 - Coming up with the Electric Boys sound 04:39:18 - Musical influences growing up 05:36:16 - "We need to put a band together and find our own thing." 06:03:24 - Coming up with "Lips N' Hips" 06:19:04 - The inspiration for "Psychedelic Eyes" 07:11:18 - What motivates the distinctive Electric Boys sound? 09:03:18 - "It's not something you can practice, read about, or watch on YouTube." 09:39:10 - The song "You Spark My Heart" 11:08:12 - "I'd rather be too experimental than too safe." 12:00:23 - They're not AC/DC 12:48:00 - Two differences being a band now versus in the 80s and 90s 14:14:08 - Feeling the loss of MTV 14:35:06 - "Every band has this same question." 15:09:15 - Crowdfunding albums 15:28:06 - One of the few lines Conny Bloom has ever borrowed 16:14:08 - The sickly sound of greed 16:43:05 - Music? Not if you want to make money 17:17:14 - Game, Set, Bloom, a casualty of 2020 18:19:08 - Is the global pandemic Conny Bloom's fault? 18:39:17 - Or was the global pandemic Motley Crue's fault? 19:11:13 - "Everyone is hanging on the edge, just waiting." 20:44:22 - Niklas Sigevall missed out on the new album 21:23:13 - The Electric Boys is now a 5-piece band 22:07:00 - An Electric Boys live album 22:46:04 - New album, Ups!de Down 22:58:24 - Getting back to touring 24:04:06 - The 30th anniversary of Groovus Maximus 24:48:01 - Whole-album concerts and songs there were never written to be played live 25:51:03 - Playing Led Zeppelin... FOR Led Zeppelin 27:04:24 - Experimenting with a Led Zeppelin tribute for the Royal Family and the royalty of Led Zep 27:40:07 - "Jimmy Page is going to knock me out now." 28:27:05 - The musicians' secret to staying young 28:54:01 - Alice Cooper and playing where the Beatles played 29:46:10 - "You don't have to get old and boring." 30:24:04 - The music of today 30:57:21 - Reggae and older Rock N' Roll 31:37:21 - "A wall of sound." 32:20:19 - A musical conversation 33:38:08 - Covering ABBA's "King Kong Song" 34:20:08 - It's all about the riff 34:54:07 - "Sweden was always a Pop [music] country." 35:43:22 - Did you have to bring up that song? 36:53:14 - "It was about the melodies and the right words to go with the melody." 37:26:01 - The opposite of Bob Dylan 38:11:22 - "They always start their songs with the title." 38:47:22 - Interesting openers to the Electric Boys songs 41:24:17 - The advice of Bob Rock 42:12:06 - Coming up with "Captain of My Soul" 42:32:17 - New song release dates 43:23:07 - Ups!de Down: Harder, edgier, more varied 44:23:02 - Building a supergroup around Conny Bloom 45:42:20 - Mitch Mitchell 45:57:20 - Dan McCafferty so I can be really annoyed 46:13:14 - John Entwistle 46:20:19 - John Lord 46:26:21 - Soul singers and horns 46:36:21 - Pariah Burke, Executive Producer for Conny Bloom's supergroup 47:34:15 - Where to find the Electric Boys --- Send in a voice message:
Australia's lady of Rock, Lisa Perry, the Hellz in the band Hellz Abyss, spoke from her Sydney, Australia home with Hard, Heavy & Hair Show host Pariah Burke on the day of her debut album release. Links and music - We talked about the strong 90s Industrial Metal influence on the Hellz Abyss debut album N1FG, the genesis of many of the tracks--including a BDSM track that any Lords of Acid fan would love to be tied up in--about the heady company she'll be in on her upcoming International Women of Rock tour, her heartbreaking work with Megadeth's Jeff Young, her endorsement for RØDE Microphones, her desire to sing lead for Motley Crue and AC/DC, and the next Hellz Abyss album, already in the works, with even more city-flattening drums and bass heft, banshee scream Metal rippers, and nitro-fueled guitar assaults that couldn't fit on N1FG. Contents: 0:00 -  Introduction 2:14 -  Start of Interview 2:33 -  N1FG Album Release 3:42 -  A song written by 14 year-old Lisa 4:02 -  Partnering with Daryl "Abyss" Holden 4:27 -  Losing everything in a computer crash 4:55 -  Abyss re-mixing 5:38 -  Evolution of the music 6:11 -  The next Hellz Abyss album 7:11 -  Upcoming International Women of Rock Tour 7:50 -  Making it to America 8:33 -  Hellz begins... in Ohio, USA 9:03 -  Jeff Young of Megadeth 9:24 -  Things get nasty with Jeff Young 9:49 -  "I didn't let it break me." 10:20 -  Waste of Time with music industry fraudster 11:24 -  Turning the negatives to positives 12:25 -  "There's too much... love... out there already." 13:01 -  Rope Bunny (BDSM and Shibari) 14:36 -  Facebook, "Soul Eater"/"Ball Buster" 15:20 -  "Dead Ones" and a Hendrix vibe 15:54 -  "Shoot to Kill" and AC/DC 16:44 -  90s Influence - Industrial Metal, New Beat, KFMDM, Lords of Acid 17:43 -  N1FG's eclectic genre range 18:24 -  "New but familiar," the Hellz genre 19:15 -  Who are Hellz's musical influences? 20:45 -  6 octave vocal range, Metal to Opera 21:45 -  Build a supergroup around Lisa 23:18 -  Frontwoman for Motley Crue 24:11 -  Front AC/DC, Touring with AC/DC 25:18 -  Inkd Magazine cover girl and exploitation 27:06 -  "I love a bit of nudity." 27:53 -  Flirt, guitars, and wearing duct tape 28:25 -  RØDE Microphones 29:08 -  Apollo UAD (Universal Audio Device) and other new toys 30:31 -  Putting out singles versus and album 31:29 -  Making your marketing dollar go further 31:42 -  "Singles generate more interest and connection with the public." 32:24 -  Finding a music label she can trust--her own 34:07 -  Trust, doing it yourself, and knowing actual release dates 34:47 -  Not allowing anyone to take away your spark 35:14 -  Advise to other artists: Create your own label 35:41 -  Hard work and sole responsibility 36:34 -  Making you more attractive to a bigger label 38:13 -  Days when you feel flat 39:24 -  Dear AC/DC, I'll bring cakes! 39:57 -  Where to listen, where to connect, with Hellz Abyss --- Send in a voice message:
Mike Langford, record producer, artist consultant, and drummer for both Tense Machine and Deadset Society talks with Pariah Burke on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show before the exclusive world-wide premiere of new Tense Machine single "Pieces" on Hard, Heavy & Hair. Recently host Pariah Burke was talking with Mike Langford on Facebook about how Spotify is actually good for musicians. They decided to take the conversation to Zoom where Pariah asked Mike about that; strategies for success in the music business in today's digital-first, streaming world; and whatever happened to Deadset Society. The 37-year-old music producer and veteran musician was incredibly candid, not only about his business advice to bands, but also about deeply personal issues like his Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Links and music mentioned in the interview available here . Excerpts from this interview, as well as Tense Machine and Deadset Society music, was played on Hard, Heavy & Hair Show no. 293 at --- Send in a voice message:
Silo, the Hardcore Country / Country Metal band of bandits hung out on Zoom unmasked(!) with Pariah Burke two days before their debut album released. Guitarist and founder Brian (who mysteriously wouldn't reveal his last name), and singer and lyricist Matt Launder talked with the host of the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show about: - What is Hardcore Country? - Heavy Metal riffs, Thrash drums, a banjo, and rodeo lyrics - Country music, motherfucker! Do you sing it? - How Craigslist and a Samuel L. Jackson meme got them together - Stripper poles and hay bales - Singing upside down - A hat that won't fall off - Discussing Silo songs "War Paint," "Glitter & Gold," "8 Seconds," and deep into "Pistol Whipped"  - 'Rock Is Dead' says the guy who turned Kiss into a Disco band - Gene Simmons is becoming irrelevant - Rock is going through a rebirth like a phoenix - Silo is Avenged Sevenfold meets Brantley Gilbert, Bad Wolves meets Luke Bryan, Slipknot meets Johnny Cash - And much, much more! Links and music mentioned in the interview available here . Excerpts from this interview, as well as Silo music, was played on Hard, Heavy & Hair Show no. 292 at --- Send in a voice message:
Banshee's Terry Dunn (guitarist, founder) and George Call (lead singer) talk with Pariah Burke, host of the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show on Feb 4, 2021 about: Recording now versus the 80s The different dynamic of recording an album across country The (lack of) camaraderie among the original lineup The happy, healthy partnership of Terry and George The Mindslave album The 2019 LP the Madness Why the Madness is so hard to find What they didn't like about their last album A possible The Madness Deluxe Edition The new album in the works Depression and mental health Reaching out to fans through their music Road stories George gets Terry with a tour prank The guys' favorite Banshee songs to play Terry Dunn plays classical guitar for us We even get a sample of the music from the new album--the first time George has heard it, too! What would happen if there were TWO Banshees, like there are two L.A. Guns Does Banshee need former singer and co-writer Tommy Lee Flood? What happened at Rocklahoma? Terry's and George's musical tastes (beyond Metal) George's favorite movie soundtrack (Terry and Pariah guessed wrong) Who would be in your super group? Links and music mentioned in the interview available here . Excerpts from this interview, as well as Banshee music, was played on Hard, Heavy & Hair Show no. 291 at --- Send in a voice message:
Pariah Burke interviews Black Wolf Mountain's John Adams and Dylan Kidner about: Their brand new song The new band lineup Eddie Van Halen The memories of rock stars Payola and pay-for-play in radio The meanings of their songs "Empty Frames" and "Hangman" And more! Hard, Heavy, & Hair with Pariah Burke  ( is a syndicated radio show featuring two full hours of heart-pounding, guitar-crunching, throat-rending riffs in the best Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Hair Rock from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 20-teens, and today. New show every week! --- Send in a voice message:
Full, uncut, uncensored INTERVIEW with Brandon Cook, guitarist for Black N' Blue, with Pariah Burke of the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show about: His role in Black N' Blue Pushing the envelope of what Black N' Blue is capable of New Black N' Blue music His favorite Black N' Blue songs to play A song Black N' Blue CAN'T play live Being called "the reason Black N' Blue can still do [what it does]" Quitting drinking and creative energy the Gospel of Guns N' Roses Taking Inspiration from Dave Grohl Covering Cole Porter and Frank Sinatra ala Black Sabbath Jamie St. James staring at him in a record store And lots more! Listen to the music discussed in the show on in The Hard, Heavy & Hair Show episodes 237 and 238. Start (mm:ss) Subject 1:16 - The MuFus & Jeff Carroll 2:21 - Playing Tesla and Dream Theatre 3:00 - Role in Black N' Blue 4:05 - Bringing in Bob Capka 5:02 - Being the Black N' Blue cheerleader 5:35 - M3 and taking inspiration from Guns N' Roses 7:58 - Upstaging Jaime St. James? 8:50 - Brandon Cook is the reason Black N' Blue can still be. 10:0 - Pushing the envelope of Black N' Blue capabilities 11:2 - One of the first 80s LA bands 12:4 - Fucking Jamie St. James is staring at me in the record store 13:5 - Brandon's favorite Black N' Blue song to play 15:0 - SONG - Heat It Up, Burn It Out 15:3 - Brandon's favorite Black N' Blue deep cut 15:4 - The Black N' Blue song they can't play live 16:3 - What Black N' Blue is, and isn't, about 17:2 - When the audience doesn't move, the energy stops 18:2 - If you're Led Zeppelin or Def Leppard... 19:0 - A bucket list band 19:1 - Pariah becomes a Styx fan 20:4 - New Styx members take it up to Prog epicness 22:1 - New music from Black N' Blue 24:2 - Quitting drinking and increasing creative energy 25:5 - The other Brandon Cook Hard, Heavy & Hair interview 26:2 - Brandon's favorite Guns N' Roses song to play 27:2 - Messing with each other on Paradise City 28:0 - The Gospel of Guns N' Roses 29:2 - Metalmorphosis 30:5 - Working with Jamie Durr 33:1 - Taking inspiration from Dave Grohl 34:2 - Dude, you need to be in my movie 34:5 - Covering Cole Porter and Frank Sinatra ala Black Sabbath 35:4 - SONG  - Night and Day 35:5 - All of Brandon Cook's bands and projects #80srock #classicrock #FMRadio #glam #guitar #hairband #hairbands #hardrock #heavymetal #metal #metalband #metalcore #metalgirl #metalhead #metalmusic #rockmusic #rocknroll #rockstar #blacknblue #morc #morcx #monstersofrock #monstersofrockcruise --- Send in a voice message:
My complete interview with Ian Salpekar of Gone Savage. Ian and I talk about Gone Savage, Sweet Sin, the Resurrection EP and its songs, the new upcoming album, and more. Hear the music at Show website: --- Send in a voice message:
My complete interview with Ace Von Johnson of Faster Pussycat and LA Guns. Ace and I talk about his other bands and projects, human body parts, our favorite whiskeys, his affinity for Ouija boards, Jizzy Pearl, Robert Mason of Warrant, how different L.A. Guns is to any other band Ace has played in, and lots more. Hear the music at Show website: https://PariahRocks.comPhoto: Dustin Jack Photography Collection Start (mm:ss) - Name 0:39.765 - Introduction 0:55.453 - LA Guns in Seattle 1:10.825 - Thanksgiving, Danny Nordall, the Rainbow Room 1:40.378 - (Sort of) Still in Faster Pussycat? 2:38.363 - Touring Schedule 3:13.344 - Sam Bam Koltun 4:43.896 - Internet Rumors 5:22.132 - Adam Hamilton 7:20.303 - Working with Phacii and Tril 7:39.565 - What it's Really Like Working with Tracii and Phil 9:30.652 - L.A. Guns - A Great Camp and Fun Band to Be In 9:42.936 - The Other Lead Guitar Player 10:00.392 - The Man, the Myth, the Legend 10:14.421 - A Band That Gets Along 10:48.562 - Phil's & Tracii's Partnership 11:30.984 - Favorite LA Guns Song to Play 12:20.361 - SONG - Hellraisers Ball 12:28.700 - SONG - Over the Edge 12:29.379 - Favorite L.A. Guns Deep Cut 14:36.355 - SONG - Sticky Fingers 14:37.016 - Influences and Getting Into Hard Rock 15:23.352 - The U.S. Bombs 15:35.296 - Big Bang Babies and Kerri Kelly 16:19.682 - Charlie and the Valentine Killers 17:02.065 - Switchblade Kitty 17:15.200 - Butcher Babies 17:45.534 - Joining L.A. Guns 18:18.613 - Murphy's Law 19:00.679 - Monsters of Rock Cruise 19:49.235 - Jamming - Burnout and Charities 21:43.520 - Robert Mason of Warrant 22:18.389 - Play With Wishlist 23:26.833 - PItbull Advocate 24:59.521 - In Other News: 74 Million Other Dogs 25:24.593 - Judge the Deed, Not the Breed 25:58.185 - Saving My Pitbull for $30k 26:51.345 - Charity Cause 28:29.263 - Whiskey Man 29:44.422 - Road Stories 30:02.213 - Pranking John Corabi 30:41.780 - Jizzy Pearl the Intellectual 32:05.489 - Pleading the 5th 32:13.419 - Ouija Boards 33:23.960 - Ouija Board Collection 33:58.178 - The Ouija Guitar 34:14.098 - The Plaque at the Rainbow Room 34:57.462 - Neon Coven 35:21.316 - Ace Von Johnson Merchandise 35:27.269 - Pitbull Benefit Merchandise 35:41.367 - Patreon for Fans 36:16.926 - Voiceover Work and Netflix 37:05.241 - Character Voiceover Demo 37:41.002 - Upcoming L.A. Guns Concerts 39:11.918 - Wrap-Up --- Send in a voice message:
My interview with the brand new Rough Cutt lineup: Rockin' Dave Alford, Chris "The Count" Hager, Darren Housholder, Jeff Buehner, and Steven St. James before and after their first ever live show played together as a band, Black Friday in Portland, Oregon, November 29th, 2019. The new Rough Cutt brought the house down, sounding tight, polished, and as if they'd been playing the same songs together as long as Rockin' Dave and Chris Hager have. Before and after the show, I had a chance to sit down with all the members except Steve St. James and talk about the band, their future, whether there will be new music from Rough Cutt, and some of the stories from their long careers. Hear music from Rough Cutt, Love/Hate, and War & Peace on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with Pariah Burke here: . Show website: Photo: Joe Schaeffer Photography Start (mm:ss) - Name 00:40.000 - INTERVIEW: Dave Alford & Chris Hager 00:48.607 - Playing Portland 00:58.798 - New Lineup 01:42.990 - New Vocalist 02:24.115 - Founding Member of Ratt (Chris Hager) 02:50.989 - Testing the Waters 03:18.786 - New Songs 05:50.511 - Rough Cutt on Monsters of Rock Cruise? 06:30.768 - In Demand All Over 07:52.222 - A New Generation of Fans 08:40.455 - Grateful for Fans 09:10.674 - Rough Riot 10:46.379 - Darren Housholder 10:46.379 - INTERVIEW: Darren Housholder 10:48.423 - Joining Love/Hate 11:18.370 - Auditioning for Enuff Z'Nuff 11:44.925 - Love/Hate Criteria: Wear the Guitar Low 12:30.120 - Enough with Enuff Z'Nuff 13:21.045 - Stung by W.A.S.P. 17:04.860 - INTERVIEW: Dave Alford, Chris Hager, Darren Housholder, Jeff Buehner 17:04.913 - Pariah is Joined by Co-Host Alessia Gotardi 17:19.658 - Rough Cutt's Chris, Dave, Darren, and Jeff 17:31.642 - A Fight with the Merch Table 17:49.744 - Rock N' Roll Fighting 18:15.526 - Dave Recalls Mick Mars Joining Motley Crue 18:47.037 - Sunset Strip Friends 19:26.962 - Building the New Rough Cutt 20:52.934 - Unleashing the New Rough Cutt 21:22.006 - Choosing Portland for the Debut 21:41.406 - Praise from Tracii Guns 22:00.829 - 3 Guys De-Virginized on Stage 22:23.941 - Playing a Tight Stage 23:23.732 - The Chemistry Shows 24:08.536 - Transcending the Old Lineup 24:29.327 - Coalescing Into a Tight, Cohesive Band 25:41.068 - The Rough Cutt Signature Writing Style 27:20.897 - We Don't Gallop 27:40.664 - Ronnie James Dio 28:36.887 - Magical Melding of Guitar Styles 29:13.055 - Rough Cuts from Rough Cutt 29:25.239 - Origin of the Band Name 30:18.201 - Ronnie James Dio Would Approve of (and Steal) Darren and Jeff 31:52.576 - How Was Your First Time on Stage with Rough Cutt 33:02.992 - How Did You Feel Stepping On Stage 33:59.574 - Did You Feel Connected to the Group 34:35.003 - Couldn't Tell He Was New to the Group 35:27.421 - Boys Having Fun Playing Music 38:03.776 - You Wanna Be A Star - First Time in 30 Years 39:27.944 - Breaking Rough Cutt 40:13.244 - Good, Happy Metal 40:36.340 - 80s Metal, Having a Good Time 41:18.696 - Patrick Young from Black N' Blue Drops By 41:45.816 - Thank You 42:03.041 - Jeff Beaner --- Send in a voice message:
Pariah Burke, host of the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show ( ) interviews Brandon Cook of the bands Black N' Blue and the Loyal Order about his bands, playing with Metallica, Megadeth's Marty Friedman, Kiss, toxic masculinity, and much more. Hear the music at Show website:  Photo: Dean Walker --- Send in a voice message:
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