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Hello, all! In this episode, I am doing some rapid fire question and answer from a prompt that I threw up on Instagram. Please enjoy!  If you have a question for the podcast that you'd like me to consider, please send it to duffthepsych@gmail.c
Hello, friends! This episode is a re-post of an interview I did a couple years ago with the amazing Dr. Laura Copley. Dr. Copley is a trauma specialist and talks all about PTSD, trauma misconceptions, posttraumatic growth, and gives you some pr
Hello, friends! I hope you're having a really good week. Enjoyed making this episode for you. The questions here have somewhat of a theme. Here are the questions I take: I don't have access to psychiatry in my area. Can I use St. John's wort to
Hello, all! Hopefully you are doing well and sleeping better than I have been recently. Yikes. This episode is another Q&A with some awesome and vulnerable listener-submitted questions. Here's what I cover: Why do I keep gravitating toward medi
Hello, friends! After a little (big) ramble about the hardest part in my job as a neuropsychologist, I answer the following questions: Can bipolar misdiagnosis make symptoms worse? Can bipolar be managed without medication? Why can't I study or
Hello, friends! After a long ramble about some terribly nerdy stuff, I get into two really good listener questions today. Here's what I cover: My spouse claims that I am the cause of their depression and we do not have a good relationship. Woul
Hello, all! In this episode, I answer two questions submitted by awesome listeners like yourself. I hope you enjoy and that you're taking great care of yourself. Here are the questions: Can you get PTSD from severe work burnout? What should I d
Hello, friends! Straightforward Q&A for you today. Here's what I cover: My grandma is taking a supplement that is clearly just placebo. Is this okay? Is it normal to feel grief at the end of a career? As always, you can send me your questions t
Hello, all! Please excuse my mistake with the episode number. Bah! I also was perhaps a little delirious, but that just adds to the flavor... right??  In this Q&A, I answer the following: Every time I do something for myself, I feel guilty abou
Hello, everyone! In this episode, I sit down and have a go at my own journal prompts from the 100 Free Journal Prompts on my website. Some of my responses are entertaining and straight forward... others get pretty personal. Hope you enjoy! As a
Hello, friends! Got another Q&A episode for you. The 2nd question in here could be potentially triggering to some, so please be aware of that. It doesn't go into anything explicit, but the topic is something that some may be sensitive to. Here'
Hello, you beautiful people! Today I have a question and answer episode with two great questions sent in by listeners like you. Quick update before that. I'm current working on a Hardcore Self Help workbook for anxiety. You can get the 100 jour
Hello, friends! Got a Q&A for you today that is actually just one two-part question. Stay tuned next week for a freebie update! Here's two-part question: I'm going through a breakup in a complicated long-term relationship, but I can't talk to p
Hello, friends! I hope you're having a really good week. This is a Q&A episode with two really important questions. The first one talks about a suicide attempt in a non-graphic way. I wanted to let you know that off the bat so you can be aware
Hello, friends! Sorry in advance that the audio is a tiny bit blown out in this one. Hopefully you don't notice, but something weird was going on with my audio interface.  ANYWAYS... got a great episode here for you today. Two questions that I
Hello, friends! In this episode, I take a few shorter questions covering some amazing topics such as: Will my psychiatrist or therapist drop me for not getting better fast enough? What can I do about financial and job insecurity during COVID? H
Hello, all! Hope you're happyish and safeish out there. This is a two-question Q&A episode featuring the following: I've tried just about everything to help myself but the pandemic is making it impossible to improve my loneliness. What can I do
Hey, friends! This is just a casual episode of me sharing about what I've been up to lately. It's a big ol' ramble about many topics including: My experience with the COVID vaccine What my newest project is What my days look like right now Bala
Hello, friends! This week, I have another rapid-fire Q&A for you. I took some questions from the private Hardcore Self Help Facebook group and tackled them one by one without any planning or outlining. Hope you enjoy! Here are the questions cov
Hello, everyone! Hope you're treating yourselves well this week. I have a great Q&A for you with the following questions: I have had trouble with support groups. The competition to be the "sickest" makes me feel worse. Am I doing something wron
Whether you are diagnosed with an attentional disorder like ADHD or you are just having a hard time focusing right now, I have 20 real tips that will help you focus more and stress less.  This episode is brought to you by Word Forest. Check the
Hello, friends! In this Q&A, I tackle two interesting listener questions relating to couples who both go through dips in their mental wellness at the same time, and coping with the winter blues and what you can do to help yourself feel better!
I have to be honest with you all that this is not the most inspiring episode of the podcast. There is a lot of venting of frustration and fears. We also talk about suicidality, so please be aware of that. It's always important to me that we are
Hello, friends! Happy New Year - welcome to the first episode of 2021! This is an episode inspired by a single question relating to breakups! Talking from recent experience, I offer my best advice to help get you through and process the emotion
Hello, friends! Today I am doing a continuation of the last episode. I'm not at the part today, but I am at home cracking away at the Facebook questions in rapid fire fashion. Hope you enjoy! Here are the questions that I answer: How do I find
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