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: Drawing on our study of the soul and the city, we use classical canons of thought and traditional hermeneutics to dissect Book 2 of the Republic! What was Plato really getting at with this cryptic, sometimes offensive work? And more importan
: Drawing on our study of the soul and the city, we use classical canons of thought and traditional hermeneutics to dissect Book 1 of the Republic! What was Plato really getting at with this cryptic, sometimes offensive work? And more importan
: After the fall of the Roman Republic, we ask the question: “why does it seem that no regime can endure?” According to Plato, part of the answer lies in the link between the soul and the city. In the words of Socrates, “the city is the soul w
: Have a podcast? Want some free publicity? In this C&C episode, I’ll be recommending other podcasts whose focus corresponds to one or more episodes on THP. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you want to have your show featured on the website.
: Ever have one of those days where your lame boss demands a piece of political propaganda, and all you wanna do is write the definitive literary masterpiece of your civilization’s history?! Well, during the reign of Emperor Augustus, a man na
: In this exciting conclusion to our three-part miniseries, we say “vale” to the Roman Republic! Along the way, we’ll see how Caesar’s gamble pays off, how his clemency policy doesn’t pay off, and why having a good PR team is a must-have for a
: In Part 2 of our tripartite series on the last days of the Roman Republic, we’ll see if the three-man stalemate struck by Pompey, Crassus, and Caesar can sustain a lasting peace! Along the way, Caesar concocts a plan that’s just crazy enough
: A special announcement from The Heritage Podcast!
: In Part 1 of a three-episode series on the dying days of the Roman Republic, we’ll meet the four key players of the 1st century B.C.: Sulla, Pompey, Crassus, and Julius Caesar! Along the way, we’ll see how the line between buffoonery and awe
: Tune in as we flashback to the Siege of Syracuse, visiting the Mad Scientist of Sicily and his space-age death contraptions! After that, we’ll touch base with Cato the Elder and see how he’s been holding up since the end of the Second Punic
: “Hi ho! Hi ho! It’s off to Rome we go! With war elephants and Numidian cavalry…hi ho! Hi ho! Hi ho! Hi ho!” Come sing along with Hannibal as he marches on Rome, fulfilling his childhood oath to destroy Rome on behalf of his home city of Cart
: In the last episode, we built a Republic. In this episode, we’ll tear it down! Tune in to find out how the patron-client relationship sent the Roman constitution to sleep with the fishes! Along the way, we’ll see how the Roman legions invent
: How did the Romans go from masters of Italy to masters of the Mediterranean in only 53 years? Well, if you ask the historian Polybius, the answer you’ll get is “Government.” In this political case study on the Roman Republic, we’ll see how t
: Salvete! And welcome to the Eternal City of Rome! In this introductory episode, we’ll learn how a pair of belligerent feral children who were raised by wolves [citation needed] beat the geopolitical odds and founded a city that captured the
: Armed with a new microphone, we read some long overdue correspondence and give some grateful shout-outs to listeners across the globe! A correction is made regarding Marcus Aurelius.
: In the rough-and-tumble Hellenistic World, new philosophies emerge that will influence Greece, Rome, and beyond! Tune in to find out how Eastern ideas seeped into the thought of those who followed Aristotle, bringing us Cynicism, Hedonism, a
: After a cliffhanger ending, Part 2 of our series on the classical origins of political thought continues with the rest of Plato’s Republic, Book I. Next, we’ll see what Aristotle has to say about justice and the best society. Finally, we’ll
: Join us for the first episode in a two-part introduction to social thought as we re-trace our steps through history and see how past civilizations created legitimacy in their political and economic orders. Specifically, we’ll learn how geogr
: Climb aboard the Heritage SpacePod as we blast off toward an exploration of Aristotle’s cosmos! Along the way, we’ll learn how Aristotle organized the universe into a set of concentric spheres, how he explained the motions of the heavenly bo
: In Part 2 of our series on Aristotle, we discover how Plato’s finest student went on to break with his teacher on such topics as the forms, the theory of mind, and epistemology. Tune in to find out how Aristotle brought Plato’s forms “down t
: In this episode, we officially meet Plato’s greatest student (…and, incidentally, Alexander’s greatest teacher)! As we learn about the life and labors of the man whom medieval scholars knew simply as “The Philosopher,” we’ll see how Aristotl
: Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them…or so Shakespeare tells us. But which case does Alexander–King of Macedonia from 356-323 B.C.–fall into? Maybe all three! In this episode about the life an
: In part two of our study of the Peloponnesian War, we extract three historical lessons from the 30-year conflict that pitted Athens against Sparta and destroyed the ancient Greek world. Tune in to find out how smaller states can manipulate g
: In this first episode of our two-part series on the Peloponnesian War, we destroy ancient Greek civilization! Well…not just yet…first we learn how the Spartans and the Athenians divided the Aegean between two alliances in a cold war that wou
: In this corrections and correspondence episode, we hear from listeners around the world about Buddhism, Phidippides, and royalty-free music! Also, find out how your music can be featured on the podcast (with a shout-out!) and how you can sup
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