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A discussion of the 2008 film SPEED RACER and the animated show.
NITRATE is the first release of The Hollywood Saloon's new in-depth series discussing the major film releases of the past 50 years. NITRATE, itself, is an explosive collection consisting of 21.5 hours of exclusive content across 11 individual s
From a far away land comes a new name in adventure...and it has nothing to do with a dog and everything to do with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Taking pages from the classic series and translating them to the screen with the latest in di
He was brave, loyal and reckless - the future king, but the fate of the gods held a different path for Thor Odinson. Seeking great glory and deep pockets Marvel Studios calls on the Mighty Thor as it's next multi-million dollar big screen hero
Gotham City. Same bat time. Same bat gripe. With each new breaking story from the next chapter in the Dark Knight Saga comes a wave of critical disposition to rival Batman's greatest gallery of villains. The cloud of creation and confusion crea
More than once upon a time in Hollywood, the passion of making a movie and the realities of production have failed to come in sync, leaving behind only the dreams and whispers of a film that Never Happened. Joining this illustrious club of reje
From deep inside the binary code of inspiration and innovation, Mark Zuckerberg and friends teamed together to expand the idea of social networking on the Internet. A few years and Facebook later, it has over 500 million members and continues t
From Hollywood's earliest pioneers of creation and collaboration, the pairing of director and editor has helped to push and expand the language of cinema in ways never before possible. The titans of twin thinking have discovered ways to take th
The Incredible Shrinking Window of movies from theater to on-demand just got a new kick in the pants from news that a proposed 45 day window for theatrical exhibition will now open the door for a premium on-demand service, new movies costing $2
People were sensing it. The SIGNS were clear. What was once an UNBREAKABLE relationship between director and audience was just not HAPPENING anymore. As the expansion of the M. Night Shyamalan brand moves into the next "presents" phase, an un
Never have the words "Continuity is a Bitch" been so profound as Marvel Studios continues its drive toward the creation of THE AVENGERS. After setting up individual films for Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk -- the new regime at Marvel
With 24/7 news infotainment cycles, just about any and every word from the famous gets recorded and raced around the world within hours of delivery. Today's new breed of celebrity can settle scores through multiple forms of multi-media. But at
For years, when considering the story and events in a motion picture, audiences were left with only the information provided between the start and finish of a film. Then came the novelization, which created a new market for expanded material ba
It came. It saw. It leaped from the screen and conquered. The next level of the 3-D cinema experience sprang into audiences laps and within six weeks, scored a quick two billion dollars. Now the AVATAR effect has jumped into full green light mo
From iPods to iTouch to iPhone, the development team at Apple has continued to meet and greet the challenges of 21st century portable entertainment devices. Now in the year we make contact, the iPad is unveiled to the world, combining portable
From one year, to six months, to three months, the release window schedule for home video entertainment has always been in an ever changing flux. When DVD sales skyrocketed, the goal of getting movies into the hands of customers faster and soo
The spider sense is tingling and the warnings are now clear: Spider-Man 4 is no more. Creating a new web of intrigue, Sam Raimi has left the production of what was to be his final Spider-Man film and in his place a new script and re-boot concep
Product placement in motion pictures and television is nothing new. It is a full time enterprise, up and running for years, aimed at squeezing every bit of potential branding into and around a product that will be seen by millions. Now the next
To redux, or not to redux? That is the question facing David Cronenberg as new reports surface about the auteur's interest in re-helming the remake of his remake of THE FLY. After creating and playing in the world of Brundlefly for the big scre
From Mickey to Magneto, the rich history of characters from Disney and Marvel has populated imaginations for generations. Now for the first time, the Marvel crew are joining the Mouse House to help expand Disney's growing reach into youth cultu
From optical, to model to full computer generated image, the magic of visual effects has allowed filmmakers to add new levels of fantasy and realism to storytelling on film. But then the storm of the 1990's arrived pushing this unique speciali
The crack of Indy's whip returned to screens in 2008, followed by a tidal wave of opinion, frustration and castration. Now the serial wheels are spinning again - emphasis on spin - and talk of a new Indiana Jones adventure has been discussed. W
From the long lead of broadcast to DVD, the window of releasing television programs to home video has slowly gotten shorter, untill now. Welcome to the next level by watching the entire season the day after it finishes airing. With 24 leading
After going up against enormous odds in 20 previous films, James Bond came roaring back with Daniel Craig in CASINO ROYALE, firmly establishing a new Bond for the 21st century and creating a successful reboot for the franchise. Now 007 is taken
In the modern age of theatrical film screening, the IMAX brand stands head and shoulders above the rest. Combining awesome size and spectacular sound, the IMAX experience has helped make the IMAX brand one of the most unique theatrical experie
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