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Our guest today is the incredible Clover Hogan!Clover is a climate activist and the founder and executive director at Force of a company that empowers and educates the youth and the next generations to overcome eco-anxiety. She was born in Australia but moved to Indonesia to study in Green School Bali, where she and Kathleen met years ago.In this episode, Kathleen interviews Clover on how to face the climate crisis. They talk about the moment Clover found her voice as an activist, the impact our purchasing decisions have on the planet, how to empower people to live more sustainably, Clover's experience attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference, and much more!Follow Force of Nature: - @forceofnature.xyzConnect with the Clover:Website - - @cloverhoganTwitter - @cloverhoganConnect with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose driven-people! - over to to find all the resources mentioned in this episode!
In today's episode, we're chatting with David J. Ferran, a big advocate for businesses on purpose. The ones that not only care about their stockholders but are also aware of the worthiness of their customers, suppliers, business partners, and want to serve the community.In this revealing episode, David talks about Milton Friedman’s business theory as a company’s driving purpose, the change of consciousness in the world of business, the role of social responsibility in the entrepreneurial world, why going public is becoming less attractive for companies, the importance of changing the core operating system of what we believe to be true about business and much more!Connect with the David:Linkedin - the FREE online Bootcamp for conscious entrepreneurs - with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose driven-people! - over to to find all the resources mentioned in this episode!
Today we're joined by the creative Mayumi Young! Mayumi is a social innovator, founder, and CEO of multiple mission-driven ventures, community builder, and world traveler.In this episode, we discuss Mayumi's steps to growing impact and living an enjoyable life. She shares her experience trusting the universe and allowing it to accommodate her requests. We also talk about the positive effects of surrounding ourselves with people we admire, books that inspire us, aligned souls that allow us to find our purpose, and so much more!Connect with Mayumi:Website - with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose driven-people! - over to to find all the resources mentioned in this episode!
Today I am joined by the visionary, author, and story-teller, Daniel Bruce Levin.Daniel's journey to purpose has seen many facets throughout his life. From holding a high-level corporate title to being a monk to becoming an author, this wonderful empath has managed not only to find his purpose but also to shift and adapt in response to the life changes he has experienced in the process.During this conversation, Daniel delights us with some beautifully illustrated stories of what his life purpose looks like.He explains how the core of his purpose is to listen and understand how people feel, to make them feel valued and heard regardless of their life situations, and to allow them to build connections without feeling judged.Things you will learn in this episode:-What conscious listening is.-Why being present makes space for better understanding.-The three things all humans crave.-The difference between hearing and listening.To learn more about Daniel B. Levin, please go to:Website - and https://www.TheMosaicOnline.ComPodcast - and Channel - with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose driven-people! -
Loving what you do and doing what you love is possible.And that is exactly what you'll learn today from our guest - changemaker, founder of The Purpose Movement, extreme artist, and creativity mentor - Alexander Inchbald.Alexander helps people around the world unlock their creativity so they can manifest the masterpiece they were born to create and change the world for good. He blends positive impact, artistry, love, and intention in the most beautiful way as he helps individuals articulate their purpose.“Become that person that you need to be in order for the world to change.”- Alexander InchbaldIn today's episode, Alexander takes us into his story of how he found his purpose from a very young age. He shares his struggles after being discouraged when pursuing his calling, and how years later he overcame his limiting beliefs.We also touch on many important aspects in the journey towards finding purpose such as how our mood may affect our genes, how our thoughts shape our reality, the link between creativity and purpose, the roots of our beliefs, the concept of creativity, and how it can lead to our success, and much more!Stay tuned to learn more from this enlightening conversation as Alexander brings up very interesting thought-provoking insights about the meaning of success, the secrets to aligning with your purpose, and how you can reclaim your relationship with time, power, love, and money. Things you will learn in this episode:-The impact of practicing gratitude.-How to shift your reality by shifting yourself.-How thoughts influence our emotions and behavior.-The key to unlocking purpose.-How to access creativity.Connect with Alexander:Website - Now: a call: program: - book: with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose driven-people! -
How would you like to feel empowered and unlock your full potential? What if you could eliminate your limiting beliefs and develop a personal growth plan geared toward happiness and fulfillment?Want to know how? Then stick around until the end of this episode!Today I have the privilege of speaking with Internationally Recognized Professional Speaker and Self-Leadership Expert, Clinton Young. His mission as a world-class coach for aspiring speakers and entrepreneurs is to positively impact the hearts, minds, and lives of thousands of people from the stage. He enables confidence and helps individuals overcome fear and live the life of their dreams through a shift in positive consciousness.Clinton's journey to becoming a speaker was everything but traditional. Back in 2008, after the global economic crisis, Clinton found himself at a crossroads feeling lost, confused, and with the need of re-igniting his human spirit. Just like every human, he had a desire to be happy, fulfilled, and full of life yet lacked the knowledge of how to achieve this.After a pivotal moment during a public presentation, he realized that inspiring and being of service to others, was where his purpose in life lied.Now he travels all over the world helping people awaken to their greatness, become self-actualized, and find their Ikigai.During our conversation, Clinton highlights very important topics about life and personal growth. He recommends not only surrounding ourselves with people we admire but also implementing big thinking, action, and faith in our path to success. He looks at finding purpose from a different angle as he believes this is something that is only revealed to us when we start doing the things we love, rather than chasing after it.In this uplifting episode, we cover things like how limiting beliefs are formed, how child-like confidence is a game-changer for winning in life, Clinton's process of finding his Ikigai, his magic success formula, the discovery process for when you feel stuck, the law of attraction, and so much more!Things you will learn in this episode:-The difference between academic and personal development.-The importance of surrounding ourselves with people who challenge our thinking.-Tactics to elevate every area of your life.-Why you should always follow your intuition.-How to overcome limiting beliefs and stop the cycle of negative self-talk.Connect with Clinton:Website - - - @clintonspeaks Facebook - - with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose driven-people! - mentioned in this episode:-Clinton’s top 7 principles of becoming a world-class speaker and communicator. power of 5 by Harold H. Bloomfield and Robert K. Cooper
Hello and welcome to this episode of The Ikigaia Podcast!What's the secret to being a successful and purposeful entrepreneur? What if you could use entrepreneurship as a vehicle to do purposeful work in the world?Today I'm talking to the inspiring Paul Dunn! He is the chairman and co-founder of B1G1, a social enterprise dedicated to creating a world that is full of giving. Through their platform, they help small and medium-sized businesses achieve more social impact by embedding giving activities into everyday business operations. But Paul isn't just passionate about creating a better world. He is also an entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, master presenter, and mentor within a community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs around the world.Back in 2006, Paul had an eye-opening conversation during a trip to India which made him realize two things: his privileged position and his responsibility to help others in difficult situations.After this massive purpose moment (as he describes it) Paul realized the impact that giving could have on communities around the world. Then, Paul met Masami Sato, who came to him with a transformational idea that would change the way people did business. Paul decided he wanted to be her mentor for the rest of his life. In the last 10 years and over 2700 global members later Buy1Give1 has made over 214 million giving impacts around the world. In this episode, Paul shares how he wakes up every morning filled with excitement to give businesses the power to change lives, the ripple effect in every single one of our actions, the importance of actively choosing how you could impact other people, and much more!Things you will learn in this episode:-What "we are all connected" means.-How feeling gratitude can change your perspective towards life.-Why giving to others is also giving to ourselves.-How we can change the world with one action at a time.-How to ensure our ripple effect is positive.Connect with Paul and B1G1:Website - - with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose driven-people! - mentioned in this episode:-The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R. Covey -
Welcome to this episode of The Ikigaia Podcast!Wouldn't it be amazing to live and operate in your zone of genius? That sweet spot between what you're great at and what fulfills you at work.Finding your purpose and making an impact on the world or others and still be able to make a living.Today's guest is Geoffrey Hucker, CEO, and founder at Work For Impact, a freelance platform targeting environmentally responsible and nonprofit organizations, and connecting freelancers to job opportunities within them.He is also the founder and director of Beyond The Orphanage, a non-profit organization that enables and empowers at-risk orphaned children from developing nations to become self-reliant adults.Geoff's path to purpose started 20 years ago during a trip to Ethiopia where he saw first hand the extreme and harsh conditions in which street kids lived around the country.Such disheartened reality flipped a switch inside him and encouraged him to start working towards making a positive impact in their communities which later on expanded to other developing countries.During this time, he also saw the need for hiring like-minded people willing and motivated to build a community around his core values while working in their zone of genius and serving a greater good.In this episode, Geoff gives us a deep insight into what it means to find a sense of purpose at work, and in life, we talk about what purpose and zone of genius mean to him, how millennials are looking to work for companies they believe in and stand for, the lessons he has learned in his time as a leader of these organizations, he even shares his advice on how to get started in the freelancing world, and much more!In all his endeavors, Geoff seeks to make the world a better place, one life at a time. His work focuses on shaping a world with opportunities regardless of your differences, race, religion, sexual orientation, or physical location.He strongly believes that even as individuals we can make significant changes in people's lives as long as we find meaning and purpose in what we do. Things you will learn in this episode:Why finding your purpose in life is important.How millennials are altering the landscape of social change.What a world with people working on their purpose would look like.How to love your career and work with passion.How to start working as a freelancer.How to surround yourself with like-minded individuals to make an impact.Connect with Geoff:Linkedin - for Impact - with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose driven-people! - mentioned in this episode:Work For Impact - Post your freelancer profile or your company profile if you're looking for a freelancer and you are a purpose-driven organization!Beyond The Orphanage -
What if you could combine the joy from doing something and a sense of purpose? A way of feeling that your life is valuable, that you have an impact regardless of your age or social status.Today's guest's lifework shows the great power of connecting passion with purpose. He excels at using his gifts and talents to make a lasting impact on those around him and believes that embracing our uniqueness is the path to find meaning in life.William Reed is a Japanologist and Renaissance Samurai who has spent the last 48 years living in Japan and pursuing his passion for Japanese culture. He is a bilingual professor at the International College of Liberal Arts located in the Yamanashi Prefecture, has an 8th-degree black belt in Aikido, and a 10th-degree rank in brush calligraphy and regularly appears on Japanese television, Samurai documentaries, and radio.This episode is truly fascinating as we dive deep into the meaning of Ikigai and how this concept can help you live more intentionally.We talk about Shodō or calligraphy as a way of life, the importance of lifelong learning, how to maintain youthfulness and energy, how he pivoted from in-person to remote teaching, and the online courses he has created as a result of the changes the world is experiencing.Since the COVID-19 Crisis forced many people to rethink the way that they do business, in the past 4 months, Will has not only successfully shifted his business online, but has created new opportunities and products in the process.In some ways because of the crisis, he found the focus to bring all of the elements of his IKIGAI to the same place.Things you will learn in this episode:What Ikigai is and how it shows up in Japanese life and cultureHow to turn a negative experience into positive life lessons.What Shumi is.The relationship between Shumi and Ikigai.What a Renaissance Samurai is.How Will pivoted 100% to teaching university classes online, including Calligraphy and Aikido.How he repurposed his course content for global online courses and executive coaching.How he refocused his top passion of Brush Calligraphy as a path to experience perpetual youth and longevity, creating an alternative narrative to mentally and socially destructive social media.3 online programs through which you can engage in this process: A Taste of Zen: Meet the Tea MasterNanba Dynamics for Artists and MusiciansLegendary Storytelling for Your IkigaiConnect with Will:Website - - - my brain - with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose driven-people! - mentioned in this episode:The power of Aikido - Dynamics - -
How do you find your calling when you don't know what you want? What if you aren’t even sure you have one? Do you find it yourself or does it find you?There are just those moments in life that you have a strong intuition that you have to do something. That moment when something connects within you and changes your direction.Today's guest is the warmhearted, Tino Beth. He is the founder of Quantum Feedback, an online platform that teaches people how to increase the frequency of conscious coherence in real-time self-awareness.Throughout his journey, Tino has searched for the meaning of life. His pivotal moment arrived back in 2003 when he crashed his car into the back of a semi-trailer. Being on the edge of death, he decided to do what he calls a "hard reset" where he flipped the switch and started living for a higher purpose.In this episode, we'll get into Tino's younger years when a single life event changed not only his mindset but also his trajectory. We'll discuss how we can explore our infinite potential using the power that's already within us, how to find our true calling, how to be the masters of our lives, and much more!Things you will learn in this episode:How to pick yourself up after hitting rock bottom.The role consciousness plays in our lives.What Quantum Feedback is.The magic in trusting the unknown.The power and purpose of self-awareness.Connect with Tino:Instagram - @tino.bethTino's website - with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose-driven people! - mentioned in this episode:Quantum Feedback's website - Feedback's Instagram - @quantumfeedback
Welcome to this episode of The Ikigaia Podcast!Food, glorious food! We all need it, depend on it. It is part of who we are. Who hasn’t posted a photo of their favorite dish on social media? Why do humans love it so much? Why do we let so much of it go bad in our fridges? Is it more than just fuel?Today's guest is Anjli Vyas, a Chef, brand consultant, and anthropology of food researcher from the UK. She is the founder of Bare Kitchen, a platform that brings together the sensory relationship between humans and food. Her newest venture, Revolting Vegans is another expression of her passion for the culinary arts where she encourages conversations about our relationship with food, the global food crisis, and other social and political issues related to the subject.To Anjli, food is much more than what is on our plates. It is her love language, part of her daily rituals, and her way of connecting with others.From early childhood, she was passed on the legacy of cooking and now seeks to create a meaningful impact through her work.In this episode, we discuss a few aspects of the current global situation, how to grow respect for the world behind what we eat, society's addiction to speed, and how we are living so disconnected in a connected world.Things you will learn in this episode:The power of slow living.The connection between food and human emotions.The role food plays in our lives.The concept of intentionality.How to feel aligned with the work that you do.Connect with Anjli:Instagram - @anjilivyasWebsite - with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose-driven people! - mentioned in this episode:Bare Kitchen - Vegans
Welcome to this episode of The Ikigaia podcast! A show where I speak with people on purpose.What does it mean to be a successful entrepreneur? What does it take to make a big idea happen? What is the purpose of entrepreneurship?Today I have an amazing guest! Influencer, writer, entrepreneur, and world traveler: Chéyan Marie.This powerhouse woman is an executive assistant by day and a passionate, multifaceted entrepreneur by night.Chéyan is the founder of Ital Living, a holistic wellness brand focused on creating a positive impact in communities around the world.She is also a curator at The Almost Vegan, where she brings awareness to the way we consume food. And last but not least, she is a poetry author currently working on a publication she plans to release this fall."We can create heaven on earth if we chose to. It's a matter of making people think that we can, because everything we believe, we can do."This intuitive woman is not your standard entrepreneur. While she knows starting a business can mean more money, she strives for more than that. She is looking to create real impact, leave a legacy, align with her visions and values, and be the change she wants to see in the world.In today's episode, we discuss the process of discovering your passions, how to create confidence around your business ideas, the entrepreneur's role in a community, and how to build one.Things you will learn in this episode:Why your passion and values should align with the work that you do.How to positively impact your audience while doing something you love.The importance of supporting creativity in society.How to stay productive in your workday.How immersing yourself in a diverse environment changes your perspective.How failure can lead to success.Connect with Chéyan:Instagram - @iamcheyanmarieWebsite - with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose driven-people! - mentioned in this
Welcome to another episode of the Ikigaia Podcast!Today, I'm having a conversation with Reiki Master and teacher Elaine Hamilton Grundy.Elaine is the founder of the Reiki center in Singapore which has been running since 2007. She is one of the pioneers in the online Reiki teaching space, has written 2 books on the subject, and recently launched her online Reiki community where she helps people find more meaning and purpose in their lives.A hobby turned into a businessElaine's professional past includes a 10-year corporate career in marketing, advertising, and market research. She admits it was never her intention to fall into the Reiki path. However, as her mother started practicing it, and while feeling skeptical about it, she started noticing the health and soul benefits of the technique.After two years of learning this self-healing practice, she decided to start teaching at other training centers. But it wasn't until 2007 that she stepped away from her corporate job to dive deep into her spiritual journey,  which led to her founding the Reiki Centre in Singapore, and the online community she leads today. Elaine is extremely passionate about empowering other people and  has found teaching Reiki  to be her life's purpose. She believes finding such purpose is an entire process we must trust, and that we should honor every single thing we go through in this journey as it prepares us for the next  step.In today's episode, we have a very candid conversation where we discuss the importance of living the present moment, the validity of purpose, and the illusion of separation as human beings.Things you will learn in this episode:How to  make a living doing something you love.How to know when it's time to change careers.What Reiki is.How to overcome old structures and resistance within your line of work.The different meanings of purpose.Connect with Elaine:Instagram - @elaikereikiFacebook - - Channel - with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose driven people! -
Welcome to episode 4 of the Ikigaia Podcast!Today I'm chatting with the inspiring Chef, Cynthia Louise.Cynthia is the creator of an online cooking academy full of plant-based at-home masterclasses, programs, and cookbooks that has students all over the world.She's also an international speaker and presenter, and works with restaurants on their food and branding, internationally.She is well known for being the creator of My Pro-B+, the world’s first living probiotic spread packed with a powerhouse of nutrients.Nobody is going to take me, I'm gonna create my ownWhen you know you have something fascinating to offer the world but no one will take you seriously, what do you do?You listen to your higher self and design your own path!Chef Cynthia started her career in Australia, back in 2004 while doing her apprenticeship in one of the many health retreats she would attend and even co-present in the future. While there, she soon realized most people interested in these workshops were suffering from different illnesses due to poor nutrition. Motivated by this, she developed a passion for guiding others through their healing crisis and started looking for media exposures.She knocked on different TV stations only to get rejected, which encouraged her to build her own studio and start supporting others with her knowledge.This visionary businesswoman has built an empire of products and services around healthy eating. She is a contributor & presenter on FMTV and Gaia TV, and hosts cooking retreats around the world.Join me as we dive deep into the process of building an online presence and brand, the importance of working in the things that we love, and the meaning of leaving a legacy.Things you will learn in this episode:How to create and launch online products based on your purpose.The power of connecting with your audience using social media.How to create a community around your true passion.What the product creation process looks like for Chef Cynthia.The difference between influencers and alchemists.How to grow your business using brand ambassadors.Connect with Chef Cynthia:Instagram - @chefcynthialouise1Facebook - - with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose driven people! -
Welcome to this episode of the Ikigaia podcast!Have you ever found yourself in a career path that doesn't fulfill your dreams? Have you ever wondered how you can start working online even when you have zero experience in the field?Today I'm having a conversation with Darius Lukas, a digital nomad from Lithuania who has run and grown his digital business profitably for more than 4 years from all over the world.Darius is a theatre director by trade. He graduated from one of the most prestigious drama schools in the English-speaking world back in 2012 and started directing his own shows the same year.His entrepreneurial journey hasn't been a traditional one. He started teaching English in person while living in London as a way to generate some extra income.After realizing the potential in this business and building a solid customer base, he decided it was time to take it to the next level and transitioned it to the online space.But he didn't stop there. What started as a modest side hustle with just a handful of students kept growing to such an extent, that Darius decided to create a membership site which now facilitates English lessons to over a thousand students.While the entrepreneur's initial intention wasn't to become a digital nomad, his dream of achieving professional freedom led him to move to Asia where he now also works on his second project - School of Growth Writing - a program that teaches brand storytelling & journaling methods to other entrepreneurs.Things you will learn in this episode:How to capitalize on the skills you already have and start making money.What are the first steps to start working remotely.How to build a customer base and scale your online business.How a membership site will help you work smarter and leverage your time.How to stay focused on meeting your business and career goals.Connect with Darius:Instagram -  @dariuslukasFacebook - - www.dariuslukas.academyConnect with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose driven people! -
Welcome to another episode of the Ikigaia podcast!Today I'm chatting with one of the most authentic and inspiring people I know, Liv Loo.Liv is a certified personal trainer who specializes in approachable fitness for people with chronic illness. Her passion for helping people with these conditions derived from her life-long journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease she's had since she was 4 years old.In January of 2019, she founded Move to Liv Fitness in San Francisco, California intending to serve her community by making the fitness world a more inclusive and empowering place for all people with invisible conditions.Join us as we dive deep into how Liv started her entrepreneurial journey, recognized her condition, and built an awesome community around chronic illness.Things you will learn in this episode:What does it look like to start your own business?How to stay authentic in social media and build a following.How to define your non-negotiables.How to transition a physical business to the online world.Connect with Liv:Instagram - @movetolivFacebook - - with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose driven people! -
Welcome to the first episode of the Ikigaia Podcast, where I speak with people on purpose.Today, I'm joined by digital nomad, writer, tea lover, and community builder Emily Milsom.In this episode, we chat about employee advocacy and how building a life on purpose is all about finding your balance and creating your standards.Emily started her freelancer journey back in 2016 while working her regular 9 to 5 at a marketing agency in the UK. Feeling tired of doing the same thing every day and dreaming about being her own boss, she decided to take the plunge and launched The Social Boffin.Once in business, the social media expert started traveling the world to some of the most popular digital nomad destinations.Places like Greece, Bali, and Thailand witnessed her growth not only as a human being but also as a professional. Emily is sure her strongest asset is sharing her knowledge and teaching people which is reflected in her passion for public speaking and education.'Keep being brave, keep moving forward, keep learning and you'll get where you want to be'During our conversation, Emily shares a piece of advice for those starting a nomadic life.She thinks it's important to keep in mind that where you start is not where you're going to end up as long as you're always willing to grow. Allow yourself to find your criteria, set the pace for the life that you want, and understand your life is meant to be lived, not to be worked.Things you will learn in this episode:What is employee advocacy and why it's so powerfulHow to create a well rounded work-life balance when working remotely.How to know your worth, set boundaries, and work with projects you're really passionate about.The importance of learning what your client needs before establishing your offers.How to network, connect with the right people, and find job opportunities.Connect with Emily:Instagram - @emilythejoyfulnomad Linkedin - Good Mental Health Toolbox  - with the show:Instagram - @ikigaia_Website - the Facebook community of purpose driven people! -
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