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035 Courage and Creativity: Brett Gajda – Where There’s Smoke

Released Friday, 29th January 2016
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This courage, where does it come from? And acted upon where does it go? The courage to try, the courage to express, the courage to create. To create something from nothing.

This episode of the Immigrant Entrepreneur provides no business tips, no startup techniques, and the only reason you should listen to it is if you are facing a choice, one of many choices someone makes on the path of becoming a hero. It won’t look like heroism. It will look like a difficult thing that needs doing, maybe without others knowing, maybe in a dark period of your country, that you feel compelled to do. It may not make much difference, after all, what can one person do? And who wants to be a hero, people won’t be happy until they discover your bad side, to balance things out, to make you human. They always do. So, why bother? And yet, nobody else is stepping up.
This episode is about how it looks on the other side of those choices. What happens 67 years after a hesitant choice was made, where the hero did not come home, but instead – 'sent courage' to his family.

67 years later brings us to my interview with the hero's grandson, Brett Gajda, who himself is making courageous choices. And acting on them.

I discovered Brett while listening, (like you are right now), to a podcast. His podcast has the name “Where There’s Smoke” and he started it, to let something out of himself that had to be expressed. His 12th production was called “Why do you ask?” It had movie clips, music, insights, noise and passion streamed together in the first 10 seconds that grabbed my attention. Plus the theme, that questions may be more important than answers, was my idea! They were in my head! Then I found out he was an immigrant, twice, no three times.

Brett Gajda coaches executives in speaking, presentation, sales. He recently launched his entrepreneurial venture, WHERE THERE’S SMOKE.

Brett explains how and why:

His family came to Canada from Czechoslovakia,

He ventured to America as a young man, and stayed.

He journeyed home to Czechoslovakia

He created (seemingly) from nothing – his new venture, Where There’s Smoke, discovered his business partner, and….

You’ll need to turn in next week to find out how:

Brett and Nick cemented the deal create Where There’s Smoke,

To discover your entrepreneurial spirit,

Brett uses his Czechoslovakian secret sauce,

Brett successfully created a thriving community of listeners,

And how entrepreneurs overseas can thrive.


In this part 1 presenting Brett Gajda, I set out to explore the idea: How does one create something from nothing?

My conclusion so far, is that in nothingness there is always a seed, an essential substance. If nothing else, call it courage.

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