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The Infinite Bad

A weekly Audio Drama, Arts and Comedy podcast
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Episodes of The Infinite Bad

Fashion Designer Charlie May has escaped city life and gone back to her roots as a West Country farmer. Join her each week as she learns the basics of living sustainably, grows her own fruit, veg and wine, delves into her family’s history and c
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Pax Fortuna is an adventure-comedy roleplaying podcast set in the fantastical merchant republic of Fortuna, brought to you by the creators of THE INFINITE BAD. The series begins this July! Early access is available for $5 patrons on patreon.com
It is 1929, ten years since the start of our heroes’ adventures. In the grand finale of The Infinite Bad, they must defeat Angela Gresley and the hordes of evil, or the world will be lost.The Infinite Bad is a Definitely Human production. Visit
There is a place in the east, a merchant city called Fortuna! On this magnificent island alone there are no kings and no knights, no lords and no serfs, only the levelling honesty of gold!Introducing the faithful THEOBOLD BRANDLEBURY, a Dwarf o
At the bottom of the world, our heroes confront their nemesis once more. With the answers to their questions and a final victory both tantalisingly close, will they have to choose between them? And what sacrifices will they have to make?The Inf
Another old English manor awaits our heroes, another lodge in the globe-spanning network of their opponents’ design. But as they return to where it all began so long ago, the familiar setting and figures of the past are disturbed by new dangers
After witnessing a series of bizarre phenomena in the blizzard, our heroes follow a vision to an observation tower. There they encounter a team of friendly faces, and get the answers they seek from an unexpected source.The Infinite Bad is a Def
Isolated in the frozen wasteland of Antarctica, our heroes once again face horrific abominations beyond their reckoning. Joy has discovered a potential exit, but escape is made difficult for Sebastian when one of the monsters gets its hands on
There is something hiding in the remote meteorological station of Little Halkirk, a scratching sound that invites Joy closer, or perhaps warns her away. When our heroes get to the bottom of this mystery they find something they could never have
At the meteorological station of Little Halkirk in Antarctica’s Ross Sea, our heroes have found some sanctuary. A storm is brewing outside, however, and threatens to trap them with whatever dangers or secrets are lying in wait in this unassumin
Our heroes have found their first sign of the horror to come: a tongue, lying in a pool of blood in the otherwise pure snow. Now the spectre of death looms over them once again as they find themselves under fire from a mysterious assailant.The
It is the spring of 1929, and Dorothy, Cornelia, Sebastian and Joy are joined by old friends as they venture into the wastes of Antarctica. In their final adventure, can they hope to stop Angela Gresley’s cult for good?The Infinite Bad is a Def
Cornelia Cavendish inspects the ship and rallies her companions in preparation for their final adventure. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
Sebastian St. Battenberg scours Argentina for a ship capable of carrying our heroes to Antarctica. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
Dorothy Taylor returns to her family home in Connecticut, before investigating a survivor of Angela's cult. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
Joy Dutton-Cavendish returns to London and investigates the passports our heroes found in Kharajah. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
The journey is at an end, but what manner of end it is has yet to be decided. As Dorothy, Cornelia and Sebastian confront the sinister cult that has plagued them for so long, Joy is faced with a final, traumatic choice.The Infinite Bad is a Def
Our heroes return to their mission, physically intact at least. The promised city of Kharajah cannot be far now, and with it the hope of a cure for Joy's supernatural condition. But the revelations are not over, and our heroes are not as alone
The horrifying revelations in the caves beneath the Indian jungle have threatened to crush Cornelia, and it is left to Dorothy, Sebastian and Joy to mount a resistance. And as the situation takes a darker turn still, it will require all of thei
Tantalisingly close to the city that promises a cure for Joy's affliction, fate has turned against our heroes once again. With their guide dead, they must now find a way out of this forbidding cave system themselves, or join him in eternity.The
The Indian jungle has proved a hardy adversary for our heroes, even with the help of their guide. And as they attempt to make it to their goal alive, the psychological effects of their ordeals are taking a heavy toll.The Infinite Bad is a Defin
The villagers that had welcomed our heroes have been hiding their secrets of their own, and their new companions are fleeing in terror. Will Dorothy, Cornelia, Sebastian and Joy be able to salvage their mission from this chaos?The Infinite Bad
The appearance of a German family and their guide have offered the hope of support and companionship in the bewildering new environment our heroes find themselves. But there is more to this small fishing village than meets the eye, and our hero
Our heroes' voyage has been struck by disaster. Memories of Joy's past threaten to break her, and Dorothy, Cornelia and Sebastian struggle to fight against nature and their own bad luck.The Infinite Bad is a Definitely Human production. Visit o
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