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Josh replaced his over-the-range microwave, Kevin went to the home of Thomas Jefferson, and 37 minutes into this podcast episode, we start talking about that new Star Wars teaser trailer!
Half of this episode is talking about music and half is talking about what goes into shooting a scripted series. ENJOY!
Lots of good conversation on this week's episode! Say Goodnight Kevin is officially 5 years old, so we take some time to chat about what Kevin has learned in that time!
It's a good ole fashioned RANT as we talk through all of Spotify's grievances against Apple, who they believe is not "playing fair" by charging Spotify a fee to use Apple's platform. Here is the website if you want to read along.
The title says it all! Kevin met the This Is Us lady (the one that isn't Mandy Moore), and then we talk about how to have super great sounding audio.
This week, we talk about how Kevin avoids copyright strikes when reviewing movies! We also got a question about why so many content creators default to Apple products. AND we talk about a whole bunch of other stuff too.
And they probably don't listen to our podcast either. This week, we talk about the Oscars, how to get your friends to watch your videos (good luck), how to talk about controversial topics without alienating people, and then finally which Podcast di…
This week, Kevin shares his experience so far driving for Postmates. Also, we are joined by the ONE AND ONLY Corban Garcia. That's right– the guy who does our shownotes for the website! He tells us all about how live production works.
This week on the show, have memes become too mainstream? MEMESTREAM?!?! And we got a question about what kind of music we're into these days, so we took it as an opportunity to talk about All the Bands We've Loved Before. UPDATE: Jade the cat was f…
This week, we discuss what were doing different with our YouTube channels in 2019! Both of us have had good success so far this year and we talk about why we think that is!   Actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf
I've been thinking about switching up the Blimey Cow release schedule a little bit, so we discuss that along with a whole lot of other things THIS WEEK ON THE SHOW!
We cover a lot of ground on this episode of the podcast! Hope you enjoy this conversation.
Big news around here! I'm going to be a father! We talk about that and all kinds of other stuff THIS WEEK ON THE SHOW! Don't forget to subscribe to the SAY GOODNIGHT KEVIN PODCAST!
This week, we discuss the latest Spiderman film, our thoughts on the current state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and then we answer a question about how we go about printing shirts for our patrons. PS: I forgot to mention the actual link to Bru…
This week on the show, we answer an email about how to share a message or moral in your story.... but without being PREACHY! Tougher than it sounds! We also wax nostalgic about our college radio station days. We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!
Josh is on the road this week, so it's a KEVIN TAKEOVER! Kyle McCord (occasional editor for Say Goodnight Kevin) co-hosts and the two guys talk about Final Cut Pro X vs Premiere Pro. There is also video game talk because Kevin is a l33t gamer now.
In this episode, Kevin & Josh realize they're getting old. THEN we help a guy who wants to build a PC! And we talk about what makes a villain believable. If you love tangents, you're going to love THIS WEEK ON THE SHOW!
This week, we talk about our biggest pet peeves in movies these days. We also talk about the new Toy Story 4 teasers. AND we help a guy with 17 subscribers figure out what to do now that one of his videos has gotten 1,000 views!
This week, we talk all about content. CONTENT!!!! How do you choose what kind of CONTENT to make? What do you do when your most popular piece of CONTENT gets blocked? How do you work on multiple pieces of CONTENT at the same time?! It's content 24 …
This week, we discuss what it means that a big, boring, corporate YouTube channel is about to overtake PewDiePie on YouTube. Then Kevin shares his experience so far with YouTube Premieres!
What is the best mic to use when filming sketches?! How important is audio when it comes to video?! AND how do you speed up your editing?! FIND OUT THIS WEEK ON THE SHOW!
We talk about our feelings on the BetterHelp Controversy that is currently taking over YouTube! Then we discuss if YouTube encourages its creators to be sociopaths. Then we talk about how little we know about getting people to leave 5 star reviews …
This week on the show, we spend ninety minutes talking about our 21 favorite movies of all time. A few of them we share in common and some of them we disagree about, but this was a really fun deep dive into the movies we love and the ones that help…
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