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In case you haven’t heard, Australia’s property market is growing - fast. So what prompted the boom and what’s keeping the momentum going? Terry Ryder, director and founder of, joins us for a valuable discussion on the 16 re
How do you know if you’ve lived - or are living - a life of purpose? In today’s episode, we chat with Nic Denshire, one of Dashdot’s Property Acquisition Managers, on his property journey and the lessons he’s learned along the way. We talk abo
The property investing journey will always vary for each person.  Some know what they want, when they want, right from the get-go, while others stay behind the fence, waiting for… something. What makes people so hesitant to get into the marke
Diving into the unknown is frightening, or at the very least, stressful. It’s during times like these that we all wish we had some sort of guide or guru to help us grasp what we’re getting into… And when it comes to property investors venturi
Have you ever heard the story of the tortoise and the hare?  If not, it’s a story about how a tortoise, slow as it is, still won a race against a hare who, being overconfident, lost a seemingly easy victory. The moral of the tale is that knowi
Did you know that the ‘Olympic fever’ goes beyond the fans’ hype and excitement for the event? For an occasion that happens only every four years with painstaking preparations made prior, it’s expected for the Olympics to have a long-lasting i
In our previous episode, we looked at the two sides of inflation to help you deliberate how you should be making investments in an inflationary environment. Now, we’ll attempt to unpack an even bigger peeve than inflation which is interest rate
You’ve probably heard about inflation in the news and have most likely subscribed to the popular belief that inflation is such a terrible thing. But, is it really? Should we be afraid of inflation? Is inflation our enemy? As an investor, whe
Helping people create a life of freedom, choice and abundance has always been our passion.  That’s why when people come to us for help, we do our best to find the best property for each one. Naturally, however, something that sounds ‘too good
Why is it that most people avoid Capital Gains Tax (CGT) like the plague? Well, it’s really all because of perspective. Capital Gains Tax is a concept people tend to have a lot of fear around because they want to avoid tax altogether when in
Have you ever created a list of things you want to accomplish but got stuck on how to get started after creating one? Well, the truth is, setting your goals is one thing, but turning your vision into reality is a whole ‘nother challenge. In t
Have you ever struggled with setting goals and achieving them? If you have, you’re not alone.  So many of us find setting good goals difficult, mainly because we don’t set the right ones, we don’t know how to get there, or more importantly, w
A lot of people talk about investing in trusts, but not a lot know about what it actually is and how it works. In this episode, we cover the 4 key benefits of investing in trusts with Archana Manapakkam, Owner & Principal of Archway Legal.  I
Looking for more ways to broaden your property portfolio? Well, property development may just be what you need. Today, we have a chat with Rob Flux, Founder of Property Developer Network and one of the go-to people who are incredibly knowledg
Scaling a successful property portfolio quickly seems far-fetched and impossible… but is it? And if it is possible, how do you go about making it a reality? Today, we’re going to hear about a real-life success story. Joining us are Dashdot cl
Asset allocation is a topic that is under-discussed in property, especially in terms of portfolio-building.  You see, while it’s a common term in traditional asset classes, it’s also an important concept to consider when talking about real est
Most - if not all - of us have a dream home we’re working towards. However, that property we want may cost more than what we can afford at the moment and so we feel stuck on what to do next...  And the thing is, none of us really want to keep
From the outside, investing in the commercial property market can appear complex and open only to those with large sums of capital. In reality though, this isn’t the case at all. The stakes may be high and there are risks involved that may put
Freedom is something most of us crave but often have a hard time achieving. Ultimately, we all want the same thing: to do what we want, when we want and with who we want. So, wouldn’t it be amazing to just have a formula especially made for yo
With so much information available for investors and those just starting, there’s a tendency to get confused over which ones will actually help you invest well... And with such a dynamic and ever-changing market, there’s just as many opportuni
Everyone’s journey is different.  You might be a business owner experiencing wins left and right or you might be a property investor trying to navigate a frothy market that has a lot of hype and hubris. Regardless of your situation, it’s impo
Every so often, financial jargon gets thrown around and while they’re all actually used in the real estate space, they’re not always used in the right context. When you talk about Return on Investment or ROI, do you actually mean Return on Cap
If you own a home, or have ever thought about it, you have undoubtedly thought about how much the repayments are going to cost... It is natural then, to start thinking… “How can I reduce my debt!?” But… what if there was a way that you could
The world of property is huge and full of ups and downs, and a lot of people are still in the fog when it comes to what is best for them and how to manage different aspects of their property journey. In this episode, we share our thoughts on t
It’s easy to mistake a cheap market for an emerging market. With multiple things to consider, how can you tell if you’re investing in the right one and not setting yourself up for a bad investment? Today, we talk about the 5 key metrics for s
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