#961 - Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson & Michael Shermer

Released Wednesday, 17th May 2017
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point51 reviewed this episode on Mar 27th, 2018
"Shermer is more of a hack than he accuses Hancock and Carlson of being. He isn't a "skeptic", he's just a denier for the sake of denial. "
HusyInfantry reviewed this episode on Jun 30th, 2017
"Super interesting, but I suggest watching it rather than listening. It can get confusing when they have 3+ people arguing, "
Rujtu reviewed this episode on Jun 30th, 2017
"Graham and Randall make a great pair, but when Michael pushed Graham to the side, it would have been great to hear more Randall. Joe tried, but Graham's personality was a little too much for him. "
skippy2893 reviewed this episode on Jun 29th, 2017
"Fake science yuppies"
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