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LOVE POD TOUR ~> Are you worthy of love? Yes. Of course. Absolutely. But do you believe you are worthy of love? That’s an entirely different question altogether.  If you have ever questioned if you are lovable or deserving of love, you are amon
FREE WORKSHOP ~> Just believe in yourself, they said. It will be easy, they said. Good vibes only, they said. So, why-the-hell does it feel like it will take an act of god to actually believe in yourself!? If you’ve ever found yourself wonderin
JOIN MEL'S *FREE* 5-DAY CHALLENGE ~> Ok, so let’s all collectively try to not freak out.  Mel Robbins is on the show this week.  Like, THE Mel Robbins.  The Mel Robbins who’s sold millions of copies of her highly sought-after books, spoken to s
FREE WORKSHOP~> Ever find yourself *not* speaking up even though something your co-worker said just didn’t sit right with you? Or have you ever wondered if you and your partner have somewhat of a codependent relationship? Or maybe you have an o
FREE WORKSHOP ~> Don’t rock the boat. Don’t open up a can of worms. Sweep it under the rug. We have so many idioms that metaphorically express a common message: KEEP. QUIET. And if we unpack that message even further, there are a few inferences
FREE WORKSHOP ~> Tell me if any of this sounds familiar: You can’t stop ruminating about a conversation you had earlier in the week and you keep replaying the situation over and over and over… worrying about what was or wasn’t said. Or, you sta
NEW FREE WORKSHOP ~> Ever find yourself sacrificing what you want so you can cater to the needs of others? Like, you are exhausted from your day and desperately need some rest, but your bestie really wants you to come over and support her throu
NEW FREE WORKSHOP ~> How many times have you NOT spoken up because you were afraid of what someone may think? How many times have you not fought for the raise you deserved? How often have you apologized or beaten yourself up for your own body?
NEW FREE WORKSHOP ~> Have you ever wanted to negotiate a salary increase but weren’t really sure how? Or if you even deserved it? Have you had someone tell you that you are “too much”, “too loud”, or “too emotional”? And, then you shrink a litt
FREE WORKSHOP ~> Ever find yourself stressed out because of events happening at work, and when you get home you find a perfect opportunity to be critical of your partner for not putting their shoes away? Or loading the dishwasher properly? Or m
FREE WORKSHOP ~> So, your partner gives you a little nudge that *maybe* you could do something a bit differently and you Totally. Fly. Off. The. Handle. Or maybe your bestie gently suggests that you may want to try to actually DO something abou
FREE WORKSHOP ~> Remember when the Law of Attraction was all the rage and everyone thought (maybe even you) that you could simply think about a million dollars and boom! it would suddenly be in your bank account… or magically under your mattres
FREE WORKSHOP ~> What if someone told you three specific questions you need to ask yourself after every date to know if you should continue on to the second date? What if someone could outline the exact mindset you’ve been stuck in that is arre
FREE WORKSHEETS WITH THIS EPISODE ~> If you’ve been coming up empty in the dating arena and are wondering what you’re doing wrong, this two-part episode is going to be your jam. Here’s the deal: Unless you’ve had some sort of magical, utopian
FREE WORKSHEETS WITH THIS EPISODE ~> We get bombarded with messages about what true love looks like, but when we look around we don’t often see a shit-ton of fairytale romances. Or partnerships that are even happy, let alone blissful. So what d
FREE WORKSHOP ~> Ever wonder what it really takes to keep love alive long-term? Ever see happy couples and wonder what-the-hell their secret is? (I mean… Considering you’re ready to strangle your spouse… like, always). In the near twenty-four y
FREE WORKSHOP ~> What if I told you your handwriting speaks volumes (no pun intended) about your confidence, self-esteem, ability to speak up for yourself, and how much concern you take with the opinions of others? You’d be like, “Now, wait. Wh
FREE WORKSHOP ~> What if you could listen in to a coaching session where someone is being coached on how to establish much-needed boundaries with overbearing and controlling siblings? You’d be all over it, right? I mean… who hasn’t struggled to
FREE WORKSHOP ~> Have you ever found yourself referring to someone in your life by saying, “They simply don’t have any boundaries!”? Maybe it’s an overbearing boss or a parent who is all up in your business and you find yourself labeling them
FREE WORKSHOP ~> Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly heard the notion of “setting boundaries”, but have you ever wondered exactly what that means? Or maybe you drummed up the nerve to tell someone (like, your mom, boss,
NEW FREE WORKSHOP ~> If you’ve struggled with anxiety, you know how challenging and seemingly insurmountable it can be. It can feel like your racing thoughts and worry simply can’t be redirected no matter how hard you try. So, you ruminate and
FREE WORKSHOP ~> Overthinking. Chronic worry. Mentally obsessing and ruminating. Contemplating worst-case scenarios. Racing heart. Sweaty palms. No, I’m not describing a character in a horror film. I’m describing something that many of us deal
FREE WORKSHOP You have a job interview coming up, but you can’t calm your mind from thinking about the worst-case scenarios. You have a huge presentation coming up at work, and every time you think about it, your palms sweat, and your heart rac
FREE WORKSHOP ~> What if you could listen in to a coaching session where someone is being coached on their relationship to perfectionism? You’d be all over it, right? Well, you’re in luck, my friend. In this coaching episode, I work with a love
FREE WORKSHOP ~> In this week’s show, I am thrilled to bring you a “tool” episode where I share a lesser-known modality that can aid you in working with perfectionist tendencies. Um, yes, please! I hadn’t heard about Human Design until I was a
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